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Dissertations & Theses from 2024

Adair-Russell, Rebekah R (2024) Exploring the Barriers to Mental Health Treatment Among Justice-Involved Women Living in the U.S.-México Border Region

Adewale, Adebusola Azeezat (2024) Will Consumer-Generated Reviews and Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communications Affect Subjective Norm Perceptions, Attitudes Toward Social Commerce, and Social Shopping Intentions Among Gen Z Consumers?

Adu-Gyamfi, Mary Naadanswa (2024) Analyzing the Impact of Oil and Gas-Contaminated Fluids on Soil in Eddy and Lea Counties Using Sequential Extraction

Afrin, Humayra (2024) Bcl2 Mediated Targeted Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Kidney Fibrosis and Stomach Cancer

Amador, Analaura (2024) Nationwide Practices and Perspectives on Early Literacy Activities in Daycare

Arriaga Pazos, Francisco (2024) In-Between Frame Generation for 2D Animation Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Avitia, Daniel (2024) The Role of Soft Infrastructure in Developing Sustainable Volunteer-Based Healthcare for Transient Migrants in the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez Border Region

Banuelos, Cristian (2024) Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Post Processing on the Flexural Fatigue Endurance of Additively Manufactured Ti-6AL-4V

Beggs, Scott (2024) A Muzzle for the Lamb: A Novel

Berkowitz, Ariella (2024) Conjuring the Moon

Bustamante, Amaris (2024) Resource Scarcity Caused by Environmental Changes: Driving Factor in Terrorism Attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria

Cabrera, Claudia M (2024) Teacher Language Ideologies Concerning the Reclassification of Emergent Bilingual Students in Dual Language Bilingual Education: Navigating the Levels of Power in Reclassification

Castro Cardenas, Angelica G (2024) Fundamental Reporting Differences in Nonprofit Operating Models

Cervantes-Borges, Ariana (2024) Talking About Sex: The Relationship Between Cultural Constructs and Sexual Behaviors Among Latina Emerging Adults

Chavez-Poeschel, Tristan A (2024) Dispersal and Population Structure of Euchlanis chihuahuaensis via Anemochory in the Chihuahuan Desert

Chiong, Celine (2024) Effect of the Microstructure on the Corrosion Behavior of AlCuNiMn and AlCuNiMnSi High Entropy Alloys in a 3.5WT% NaCl Solution

Contreras Guerrero, Veronica Gabriela (2024) Effect of Patient Specific Blood Biomarkers on Nanoparticle – Cell Interactions

Cota, Claudia (2024) Examining the Effects of Acute and Chronic Stress on the Interrogative Suggestibility of Young Adults

Crouse, Charles Matthew (2024) The Cost of Student Mandatory Fees: An Examination of the Longitudinal Growth in Student Mandatory Fees at Four-Year Public Universities in Texas and Their Impact on Student Retention Rates

Cuellar, Lawrance V (2024) Standing at the Back of the Bar A Narrative

Dacey, Lindsey R (2024) Water Sufficiency for Organismal Function in Dryland Critical Zones

De Leon Flores, Joseph (2024) On Hannah Arendt’s Study of Constitutionalism in the Aftermath of Totalitarianism: A Philosophical Search for the Principle to Secure the Foundations of Modern Politics

De Leon Flores, Joseph (2024) On Hannah Arendt’s Study of Constitutionalism in the Aftermath of Totalitarianism: A Philosophical Search for the Principle to Secure the Foundations of Modern Politics

Del Rio Reyes, Emiliano (2024) Using Genetic Algorithm and Geographic Information System for Equity-Driven Transportation Planning and Analysis

Dieguez, Dominic George (2024) Analysis of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Combustion Behavior in Promoted Oxygen Environments

Dodson, John G (2024) Iron Curtains: A Novel of Germany, 1989

Dorado, Zayra Naomi (2024) Biofabrication of Human Tissue-on-a-Chip Models Using Engineered Biocompatible Electrospun Scaffolds

Escobar, Melanie (2024) Assessing Urban Tree Coverage Along the U.S.-Mexico Border: A GIS Analysis of Paso Del Norte

Fukunaga, Kristi (2024) Conserving One of Hawaiʻi’s Last Endemic Ducks: Genetics and Habitat Associations of Koloa, Feral Mallards, and Their Hybrids

Galvan, Karla Jossely (2024) Prelimbic Cortex Neuronal Assemblies in Behaviors Predictive of Drug-Seeking Before and After Cocaine Self-Administration

Garcia Gonzalez, Lizbeth (2024) The Lack of Representation of Mexican Women in Films

Garcia, Lorena (2024) Workplace Bullying in K-12 Education

Garcia, Lourdes (2024) Cultivating Honor: How Indigenous Students Harness Resilience and Cultural Wealth to Thrive at a Borderlands University

Garcia, Miguel Andres (2024) Examining the Relationships Between Social Media Use Constructs and Mental and Sleep Health in Hispanic University Emerging Adults

Gleason, Liam John (2024) Bilingual Comprehension of Accented Speech and Spoken Code Switches

Godinez, Dana Victoria (2024) Laser Powder Directed Energy Deposition (LP-DED) Inconel 718: Laser Power and Heat Treatment Effects on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Guerrero, Jose A (2024) Assessing Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Properties and Its Potential Therapeutic Effect for Glioblastoma

Guerrero, Matthew Garrett (2024) Study of Morphology, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of High Entropy Alloy Systems

Guo, Wenhan (2024) Applying Multi-Scale Computational Approaches to Study Disease Related Biomolecules

Haggerty, Raquel (2024) Promoting Social Sustainability: Implementing a Dynamic Stem Driven Framework to Empower Underrepresented Communities in West Texas Schools

Hitter, Jordan Scott (2024) Feasibility Study for the Detection of Damage to Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels with Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing

Hitter, Mckenna Mae Lin (2024) Microstructural Characterization and Oxidation Behavior of Al-Cu-Ni-Mn and Al-Cu-Ni-Mn-Si Non-Body Centered Cubic High Entropy Alloys

Hoyos Echeverri, Santiago (2024) Microwave Emission Model Parameter Tuning for Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using UAV-Mounted Dual Polarization L-Band Radiometer

Hudson, Michele Lee (2024) Examination of Goal Orientation Theory Key Measures Related to High School Students’ Disruptive Behaviors

Huizar-Gonzalez, Francisco Enrique (2024) El testimonio de los niños de el parque: Discipline Practices and the Impact on Public High School Students

Husen, Amir (2024) Mechanical Stability of Body-Centered Cubic Iron in Born-Von Kármán Parameter Space Using Evolutionary Algorithms

James, Kityara U'Nae (2024) The Effects of Police Culture and Procedural Justice on Citizens' Perceptions of Police Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

Jefferson, Kate (2024) Sense of Belonging of Undergraduate African American Students at PWIS

Lamas, Stephanie (2024) A Writer in Writing

Lattimore-Staple, Christe Cherie (2024) Working in the Shadows: The Impact of Wage Theft Among Undocumented Workers in El Paso, Texas

Lindquist, Ashley Marie (2024) Academic and Ethnic Identity’s Moderating Effects on Intergenerational Conflict, Academic Motivation and Alcohol Outcomes Relationship Within First-Year Hispanic College Students’

Lomeli, David Alejandro (2024) Local Map of the Interstellar FUV Field

Lucero, Sharon A (2024) My Little Poetic/Prose Book of Words, Sayings, and Stories in Broken Spanish and a Little Bit of German

Martell, Javier Alberto (2024) Development of a Digital Engineering Testing Framework for CubeSat Applications

Meaders, Zani (2024) Our Author Is Crazy

Mensah, Godwill Asare Mensah (2024) Modeling the Spatiotemporal Variations of the Magnetic Field in Active Regions on the Sun Using Deep Neural Networks

Minjarez Oppenheimer, Natalia Irene (2024) Investigating the Production and Perception of Lexical Stress in English as a Second Language: A Cue-Weighting Approach

Monzingo, Daniel (2024) Distant Suns: Eva Peng Part I

Musil, Marek (2024) Routing Opportunities for Commercial Crossings Between El Paso and Juarez

Nichols, Elizabeth (2024) Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and QRIS: Leveraging Systems to Improve Academic Achievement of Marginalized Students

Noriega Landa, Elizabeth (2024) Combining Green Analytical Methods and Machine Learning to Develop Urinary Fatty Acid Models for Cancer Detection

Nouri, Alireza Pasha (2024) Dynamic Storytelling Algorithms Using Contextual Aspects of a Large Language Model

Ortega, Javier Hernandez (2024) Earth Abundant Catalyst for Environmental Sustainability Applications

Paniagua-Jiménez, Nezahualcóyotl (2024) Building Positive Gender Expressions Among Mexican-American College Students

Pedroza, Serena Jae (2024) Examining School-Age Children's Use of Rare Words in Expository Discourse: Applications of Computerized Analysis

Perumal, Maha Guru Shankar (2024) Energy Optimization in Pneumatic Systems Using ENS-200 Energy Saving Trainer

Pham, Hao Tuan (2024) Investigating Changes in Surface Water Chemistry Across the Llano Uplift and the Balcones Fault Zone in Central Texas Using Strontium and Uranium Isotopes

Portillo, Erin Marie (2024) Establishing the Validity of a Measure of Implicit Bias Toward People With Alcohol Use Disorders

Ramey, Herman Foston (2024) Understanding the Limits of Deep Packet Inspection for Network Traffic Classification

Reed, Afton (2024) Deal with a Dead Man

Reyes Munoz, Julio Alberto (2024) Mav Localization in GPS-Denied Environments and Synthetic Data Collection in Challenging Simulated Conditions

Rodriguez Crespo, Andrea (2024) Risk and Protective Factors Associated With the Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Alcohol Expectancies in Latina College Students

Rodriguez Gil, Eileni (2024) Synthesis of Neoglycoproteins as Potential Biomarkers for Chagas Disease and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania (Viannia) Braziliensis

Rodriguez, Luis Eduardo (2024) Prediction Modeling of Foreign Object Impact Debris on Aircraft Through Digital Engineering

Rodriguez Palomares, Isela Anahi (2024) Characterization of the Androgen Receptor H1-H3 Loop as a Putative FKBP Regulatory Surface

Sagaribay, Roberto (2024) Examining the Effects of a Week-Long Social Media Abstinence Intervention, iWeek, on General Well-Being, Mental Health, and Body Image Concerns in Latina College Students

Salazar, Laura J (2024) Becoming a Bilingual Teacher on the Border: Developing Ideological Clarity at a Hispanic-Serving Institution

Salcido Padilla, Jessica Valeria (2024) Atlas-Based Analysis of the Neural Projections From the Lateral Hypothalamic Area to the Lower Brainstem in the Adult Male Rat

Sanchez-Garciaguirre, Aitiana Ivonne (2024) Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Resilience Intervention on College Students’ Mental Illness and Subsequent Alcohol Use

Suaza Sierra, Isabela (2024) Predictive Understanding of Lake Water Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Profiles Across the Red River Basin Through Interpretable Machine Learning

Taylor, Jonathan (2024) “Inwombed” Expressions of Anxiety: Myth, Humor, and the Absurd

Torres, At-Ziry Aileen (2024) The Daughters of La Malinche: A Heideggerian Analysis of the Pazian Archetypal Masks Portrayed in Art

Trejo, Brianna (2024) Abortion Funds as Care Work: Navigating the Emotional Tolls of the Texas Executive Order Abortion Ban and COVID-19 Pandemic

Twumasi, Augustine (2024) Physics-Guided Scan Paths Optimization for Controlled Microstructure in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Vanderhoof, Heather Roxanne (2024) Mechanical Adaptations to Anterior Load and Fall Risks in Nulliparous Women With Simulated Gestational Weight Gain

Vargas Acosta, Raul Alejandro (2024) Automated Composition of Multivariable Scientific Workflows Considering Scientific Assumptions

Vaudreuil, Elena Therese (2024) Race, Severe Mental Illness, and Crime: An Intersectional Look Into Stigma and Policy Implications

Vinales Lozano, Irodiel (2024) Selective Transfection of a Transferrin Receptor-Expressing Cell Line With DNA-Lipid Nanoparticles and Synthesis of Parasite-Derived Glycans as Biomarkers for Leishmaniasis

Vojtisek, Jiri (2024) Smart Public Transportation and Mobility Hub Design in El Paso

Yang, Xue (2024) Staggered Boards and Human Capital Disclosure

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Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Aboargob, Manal (2023) Distinction Between Prejudice and Stereotyping for Negative In- Group Attitudes

Adame, Marisol (2023) The Drive

Afsha, Sharmila (2023) Impact of Clay Contamination on Rutting Performance of Asphalt Mixes

Aguilera, Javier (2023) Investigation into the Roles of EsxA N-α-Acetylation in Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Potential Host-Binding Proteins

Aguilera Nava, Miriam Maytee (2023) Optimal Route Planning Using Computer Simulation in the Context of Distributor-to-Consumer Supply Network

Aguirre-Baeza, Louisa (2023) Systematization of Central Office Support for Schools in Need of Improvement in a South Texas School District

Aguon, Roque Anthony (2023) De-colonizing Media Literacy: An Indigenous Positive Deviance Case Study of a Guam-Texas Community Empowering Civic Education for Inafa’maolek Self-determination

Agyei-Kodie, Eugene (2023) Recursive Forms for Determinant of K-Tridiagonal Toeplitz Matrices

Akter, Sharmin (2023) Effect of Self-Interaction Correction on Molecular Polarizabilities and Core Ionization Energies

Alarcon, Hugo (2023) Growth of Purple Sulfur Bacteria Allochromatium Vinosum on Solid Phase Metal Sulfides as Sulfur and Electron Sources

Aleman, Jesus M (2023) The Perpetuation of HIV Risk in Latinx Immigrations: A Cross-National Perspective

Alvarez, Guillermo (2023) Activity Patterns of Whiptail Lizards (Aspidoscelis) Found in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Alvarez Ramirez, Mariah Victoria (2023) Differences in Mental Health Outcomes and Services by Gender Identity Among Sexual and Gender Minorities During the First Shelter-in-Place Order of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Texas, 2020

Anaya, Gilbert Gregory (2023) Addressing Binational Issues for Water Quality Along the United States-Mexico Border and the Use of the 1944 Water Treaty as a Means For Developing Transboundary Aquifer Agreements

Anderson, James D (2023) Exploring the Misalignment Between State and Federal Policies: Trials and Tribulations in a West Texas School District

Andreu Garcia, Nuria Valeria (2023) Using Stable Water Isotopes and Radiogenic Strontium Isotopes to Trace Water and Its Salinity Sources in Pecos and Colorado River Basins in Texas

Anum, Andrews Tawiah (2023) Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Robust Cluster Analysis for Multivariate and High-Dimensional Datasets

Araya Torres, Claudio Andres (2023) Alteration and Mineralization of the Deep Extension of the Giant Chuquicamata Porphyry Copper Deposit, Northern Chile

Arif, Annatoma (2023) Inkjet-Printed Electrochemical Sensors for Lead Detection

Arras, Benjamin (2023) Optimizing Laboratory Curing Conditions for Hot Mix Asphalt to Simulate Field Behavior

Arvilla Villalobos, Vianey (2023) Intercomparison of Planetary Boundary Layer over El Paso-Juarez Region Using Vaisala Ceilometers

Asante, Peter Kwadwo (2023) Performance Classification of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck-Type Models Using Fractal Analysis of Time Series Data

Atiya, Salma Yazmin (2023) Telecontraception: An Evaluative Research Study on Birth Control Accessibility via Smart Phone Applications

Avalos, Denise (2023) Characterization of Potential Genes Encoding for a Glycine Transporter from Drosophila melanogaster

Avila, Antonio (2023) Diverse Impacts of Commercial EV Charging Load Infrastructure on Electric Power Grid

Avila, Jonathan (2023) Towards a Model of the Mapping Between English and Spanish Prosody

Ayala, Diego Francisco Bermudez (2023) Upcycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate by Addition of Thermoplastic Elastomer

Baca, Gloria (2023) The Role of Media in Shaping Chinese Narratives on National Rights Images

Baeza, Maribel J (2023) Increases in UVR Exposure: Local Adaptation of a Bdelloid Rotifer

Balanzar Almazan, Priscila (2023) Digitizing Work Instructions Through Technology Using Internet of Things (IoT)

Banik, Debapriya (2023) Evaluation of Maternal Patient Experience During COVID-19 Using Natural Language Processing

Bashir, Habeeb Abolaji (2023) Flexible Models for the Estimation of Treatment Effect

Bataycan, Amanda M (2023) Merging Clinical and Genomic Data in Patients With Acute Leukemia for Downstream Analysis

Beizaei, Mahsa (2023) An Approach for Verification of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Measurements

Bejarano Chacón, Nayla Paulina Paulina (2023) Examining the Association Between Emotional Intelligence, Meaning in Life, Stress, and Burnout Among Pre‐Medical Students in the United States

Bray, Jessica Reneé (2023) Do Spontaneous Trait Inferences Influence Behavioral Intentions?

Brown, Patrick D (2023) Diversity and Lifestyle in the Rotifera

Caad, Bernice J (2023) Exploring Undergraduate Research Experiences and Perceptions of Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR) Education in the Biological Sciences and (Bio)chemistry Disciplines

Camacho, Luis Alfonso (2023) Double Cantilever Beam Mode-I Testing Validation in Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing Carbon Composite

Capps, John William (2023) Demographic and Clinical Variables Associated With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Response in Depression: A Growth Mixture Modeling Study

Cardoza, Carla (2023) Encontre Mi Voz: Consejitos De Mi Madre, Testimonio Del Margen: Experiences of a Former Chicana Administrator in Student Services at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Carrasco, Omar (2023) The Impact of Language Proficiency, Attention, and Working Memory on Situational Model Updating

Castillo Fatule, Eduardo José (2023) Development of Metaheuristic Algorithms for the Efficient Allocation of Power Flow Control Devices

Castor, Michaela Dakota (2023) An Examination of LGBTQIA+ College Students and Their Past Experiences with Homelessness

Castro, Victoria Lynn (2023) Neurogenetic Function of Host Cell Factor-1

Chacon, Angelica Araly (2023) Removal of Nonylphenols From Water and Wastewater Using Alginate-Activated Carbon Beads

Chaney, Teslin Susann (2023) Phylogenetics and Integrative Taxonomy of African Water Snakes (Squamata: Colubridae: Grayia)

Chavarin, Martin (2023) Performance Evaluation of a Coupled Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Powered Desalination Pilot System

Chavez, Cynthia (2023) Reflections on Pre-Kindergarten Pedagogical Practices for Latine Preschoolers: An Autoethnography

Chavez, Emily Ann (2023) Exploring Aging Using the Selection, Optimization, and Compensation (SOC) Framework in Conjunction With Kinematic Gait and Verbal Fluency Task Analysis in Healthy Adults

Chen, Li (2023) Sulfonated Polyethersulfone Membranes for Electrodialysis Desalination and the Influence of Solvent Evaporation on Current Efficiency, Salinity Reduction, and Permselectivity

Choi, Soochan (2023) Three Essays on Anti-Consumers: Conceptualizing, Envisioning, and Expanding Based on Self-Construal and Political Ideology

Clough, Isabelle M (2023) Examining the Role of Pretrial Detention on the Juvenile Plea Process

Coffman, Candice Fawn (2023) The Power of a Story: How Emotions and Numeracy Affect Parental Decisions About the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Collins, Alyk (2023) Arming Development: Measuring the Effects of Development Aid on Armed Conflict. An Analysis on West Africa, 1990-2020

Collins, Jin (2023) A Multiple Model Approach to Bridge Deterioration Modeling

Cort, Catherine E (2023) Investigating the Roles of Plants, Fungi, and Biocrusts in Nutrient Movement Within Dryland Ecosystems

Daras, Olivia (2023) The Homecoming Game

Das, Jagannath (2023) Comparison of Different Robust Methods in Linear Regression and Applications in Cardiovascular Data

Deki, Sonam (2023) Associations Between Mental Health Outcomes and Childhood Trauma and Experiences of Violence During the First Shelter-in-Place for COVID-19 Among Sexual Minority Men Living in Texas, 2020

Delgado, Monica (2023) Integration of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Vision for Morphological Alteration Identification in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: An Analysis and Evaluation Strategy

Del Hierro, Jazmyne V (2023) Systems Thinking as a Method for Leveraging Smart Classrooms

Del Rio De Avila, Cassandra Guadalupe (2023) Analysis of the Electrostatic Characteristics of the Zika Virus Capsid Using Computational Methods

Diaz Lozano, Eva Alondra (2023) Multi-Objective Optimization Framework for Electrified Vehicle Penetration Based on Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost.

Dominguez, Daniel Rodriguez (2023) Rising Responsiveness: The Roles and Influence of U.S-Mexico Borderland Public University Board Leaders on Student Diversity

Dominguez, Omar Antonio (2023) An Optimization Procedure to Design Nozzle Contours for Hypersonic Wind Tunnels

Doris, Anannya (2023) Effect of Multiple Machine Configurations and Wall Thickness on Microstructure and Microhardness of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) Additively Manufactured Heat-Treated Inconel 718 Products

Duodu, Kwabena Gyamfi (2023) Single-Index Multinomial Model for Analyzing Crime Data

Durán, Matthew J (2023) Exploring the Impact of Negative Publicity and Organizational Justice Among Officers of a Southwest Police Agency

Eddy, Alex Christopher (2023) Partial Auto-Correlation of Low Magnitude Earthquakes From the 2016 Iris Array in Grant County, Oklahoma

Elkington, Sarah (2023) Neonatal Therapists' Perceptions of Using Integrated Collaborative Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Emmett, Derek D (2023) The Effects of an Intervention Using Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Decoding Abilities of Children

Erdogan, Sedat (2023) Ethics-Related Cheap Talk in 10-Ks

España Urresty, Rosa Elena (2023) Grid Independence Studies of Eddy-Resolving Models at the Scale of a River Reach Along a Transect in Marble Canyon of the Colorado River, Arizona

Esquivel Herrera, Katya (2023) Evaluation of Evapotranspiration Estimates Using an Existing Hybrid Machine Learning Model in a Natural and a Managed Dryland Site

Estêvão da Silva, Igor Leandro (2023) Development of Synthetic Glycobiomarkers for the Follow-Up of Chagas Disease Chemotherapy and Serological and Molecular Assays for Evaluation of Trypanosoma cruzi Infections in the U.S-Mexico Border

Faith, Jenna Lynn (2023) Investigating Seismicity and Structure of the Pecos, Texas Region of the Delaware Basin Using a Temporary Nodal Network

Farhan, Ahnaf (2023) Context-Aware Temporal Embeddings for Text and Video Data

Farr, Kendra Marie (2023) Examining Discourses in a College Readiness Program: A Qualitative Study

Favela Camacho, Gonzalo Hugo (2023) Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers’(NNESTs') Identities and Ideologies on the U.S.-Mexico Border: A Case Study

Felix Martinez, Jessica (2023) Online Food Delivery Platform Use by Restaurants

Fernandez, Aleli (2023) Exploring the Relationship Between Diabetes, Diabetes Risk, Depressive Symptoms, Chronic Stress, and Inflammatory Markers in Mexican-American Men

Flores Ramirez, Claudia Viridiana (2023) Incesante

Galey, Lucas Jonathan (2023) Development of a Cost-Constrained Intelligent Prosthetic Knee with Real-Time Machine Learning, Predictive Stumble Control

Galvan, Sierra Rae (2023) Perceived Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccination: The Role of Cues to Action, Numeracy and, Literacy

Garcia, Marc Adrian (2023) Enhancing Earthquake Detection Through Machine Learning: An Application to the 2017 Mw 8.2 Tehuantepec Earthquake in Mexico

Garcia, Marcos Adrian (2023) Viability of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy

Garcia Marquez Basaldua, Jose Carlos (2023) Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Their Practical Integration and Application with SIMIO Software

Garcia Soria, Beatriz (2023) Experiencing Transition: Bilingual Teachers’ Voices in a Dual Language Program

Giron, Hector Serrato (2023) Implementation of State of New Mexico’s Manual of Procedures PSAB Supplement 12 Capital Assets by a Southern New Mexico School District in Disposal of E-Waste in the Post COVID 19 Environment

Gomez, Manuela Alejandra (2023) El Que No Tranza, No Avanza: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Mexican American Community College Students on the U.S.-Mexico Border in Becoming Philosophers

Gonzalez, Selim Sabag Romero (2023) Advances in One-Electron Self-Interaction-Correction Methods for Accurate and Efficient Self-Interaction-Free Density Functional Calculations

Gurrola, Ayzzar (2023) The Effects of Using Baby Sign Training on the Interactions Between Mothers and Infants

Gurrola, Bianca Valentina (2023) Mechanisms of False Memories in Bilinguals

Gutierrez, Marcus (2023) Detecting Complex Cyber Attacks Using Decoys with Online Reinforcement Learning

Habib, Ahsan (2023) Green Analytical Methods for the Determination of Perfluorocarboxylic Acids (PFCAs) and Fluorotelomer Alcohols (FTOHs) in Water

Hanna, Jesse Aaron (2023) Stray Bullets

Hanzelin, Grace (2023) A Threat to Valid Guilty Pleas: The Impact of Guilt Status, Acute Stress, and Plea Knowledge on Plea-Bargaining Decisions

Hassan, Mahmudulla MD. (2023) Increasing the Efficiency and Accuracy of Collective Intelligence Methods for Image Classification

Hassan, Sahid MD. (2023) Additive Manufacturing of Composites for Sensing and Harsh Environments Application

Hayes, Justine (2023) A Million Little Griefs

Herman, Luciana Maria (2023) New Materialism, Agential Realism, and the Veteran-As-Patient Experience: Virtual Healthcare Space in Action

Hernandez, Betel Alexis (2023) Potential Interventions for Policy Support Targeting Justice Involved People With Mental Illness

Hernandez, Jose Alberto (2023) The Role of the Cholesterol Synthesis Pathway in Primitive Erythropoiesis

Holbrook, Kiana L (2023) A Noninvasive Urine-Based Method for Kidney Cancer Early Detection

Holguin, Jennifer (2023) The Ecological Effects of Nitrogen Enrichment in Aridlands

Holguin, Julia (2023) "You Kind of Have to Act Like a Robot": Latina College Students, Emotional Labor, and the Demands of Service Work

Hollowell, Kara M (2023) She Poses on a Wailing Stage

Houser, Perry Ivan Quinto (2023) Enhancing Basic Geology Skills with Artificial Intelligence: An Exploration of Automated Reasoning in Field Geology

Hridi, Mehjabin Alam (2023) The Power of Voice: The Role of Target Voice Achievement in Enhancing Quality of Life for Transgender Individuals in Gender-Affirming Voice Management Lab, El Paso, Texas, 2016–2022

Huizar, Alyssa Nichole (2023) Reflecting on the Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Education (DESJE) Program

James, Kityara U’nae (2023) The Effects of Identity Conflict and Identity Salience on Job Satisfaction and Vocational Connectedness in Minority Law Enforcement Officers

Jenkins, Jasmin Renee (2023) The Physiological Effects of Acute and Ramp Hypoxic Exposure During Simulated Flight Tasks

Karim, Afroz (2023) Interfacial Interactions Between Engineered Nanoplastics and Biological Systems: Towards an Atomic and Molecular Understanding of Plastics- Driven Cellular Dyshomeostasis

Karimi Pour, Arash (2023) Thermal Behavior of Plain and Fiber-Reinforced Rigid Concrete Airfield Runways

Kelich, Payam (2023) Computation-Assisted Molecular Discovery for Biomedical Applications: Seeking Small Molecules and DNA Sequences With High Affinity Target Binding

Kelsch, Jessica Moore (2023) Southern Rio Grande Rift Kinematics and Geochronology, Big Bend Fold Geometry, and the Use of Real Data in Geoscience Education: Contributions to the Understanding of Big Bend Geology and to Public Geoscientific Literacy

Khan, Mohieminul I (2023) Characterization of a Flex-Fuel Oxy-Combustion System Through Experimental Investigation and Computational Modeling

Knight, Colin Daniel (2023) Evaluation of the Efficacy of Synthetic Glycovaccines Against Both Murine Acute Chagas Disease and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Koenemann, Kenneth Lee (2023) A Cultural Approach to Environmental Ethics: Milton, Nietzsche, and Indian Philosophy

Kubin, William (2023) Volatility Modeling of Time Series Using Fractal and Self-Similarity Models

Ku, Pauline Juliet (2023) I Lie Awake

LaBounty, David (2023) A Life of Work

Langford, James Garner (2023) Power Transition Theory and the Determinants of Regional Integration Agreement Accession and Exit

Lares Carrillo, Luis Eduardo (2023) Additive Manufacturing of Binary and Ternary Shape Memory Polyester Blends as a Pathway Towards High Entropy Polymer Systems.

Levario, Emmanuel (2023) A Method for Measuring the Spectral Emissivity of Metal Powders at Different Temperatures and Applications in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Liang, Panfeng (2023) Nonparametric Estimation of Elliptical Copulas

Li, Zhaobo (2023) Structure Study of Small Heat Shock Protein 27

Loera Martinez, Alan Omar (2023) Design and Customization of 3D Printers for Advanced Materials Printing

Lohani, Bhushan (2023) Metal Additive Microfabrication of Semiconductor Packages With Inbuilt Thermal Management System

Lopez, Isabel (2023) How Active Rainwater Harvesting May Help Reduce Nuisance Flooding: Flood Analysis and Social Barriers to Adoption

Macias, Sergio Gerardo (2023) Geological Mapping of Ferric and Ferrous Irons in the Apache Hills, New Mexico: Applying Landsat 8 (OLI), Spectrometry, and Geographic Information System (GIS) Methods

Mac-Ocloo, Maxwell Kwesi (2023) Robust Penalized Density Power Divergence Regression With SCAD Penalty for High Dimensional Data Analysis

Mahama, Tahiru (2023) Generalized Additive Model Using Marginal Integration Estimation Techniques with Interactions

Maldonado, Jesus Tlaloc (2023) Conflict Minerals: 3TG Minerals and Low-Scale Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Malik, Adeel Ashraf (2023) Continuous Risk Assessment for Large-Scale Cyber Systems

Marin, Jesse Cristian (2023) Tess of the D’Urbervilles – A Pure Survivor an Analysis of Thomas Hardy, Victorian Women, & Modern Media

Marquez, Cory (2023) Sensing Optimization of Thermoplastics and Ceramics Fabricated Through Additive Manufacturing

Marquez, Laura Itzel (2023) Evaluation of Inconel 718 Laser Powder Bed Fusion Angled Wall Artifact

Marquez, Stephanie Nicole (2023) Quantifying the Contribution of Atmospheric and Land Surface Characteristics to the Prediction of Sub-Pixel Scale Surface Soil Moisture in the Jornada Experimental Range Through Interpretable Machine Learning

Martinez, Jane Karen (2023) Linking Decomposition Reactions in Arctic Soils to Microbial Enzyme Production

Martinez Lopez, Lizbeth Vanessa (2023) Microscopic and Spectroscopic Analysis of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Effect on Astrocytes

Martinez, Mayra Alejandra (2023) Invoking the Holocaust at the Border: Holocaust Museums, Commemoration and Community Activism in the Southwest

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McCurry, Lisha (2023) Coffee Black & Melancholy Bright

McGonigle, Michael J (2023) Essays on REITs Founder CEOs

Medina Gonzalez, Pedro Ulises (2023) A DFT Analysis and Simple Hamiltonian Modeling of a Molecular System Employed for Experimental Evidence of Quantum Teleportation

Medrano Balderas, Victor Adrian (2023) Study of Different Heat Treatments and Aging Conditions for Observing Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of LPBF Fabricated F357 Alloy

Mena, Asiel (2023) Sterically Encumbering Ligands for the Synthesis and Stabilization of Iron Nitride and Iron Oxo Compounds

Mendoza-Dickey, Hannia Elena (2023) Synthesis and Characterization of Acetaminophen-Derived Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach to Inhibit Fibril Formation

Misra, Kiran (2023) The Relative Impact of Anecdotal and Statistical Evidence on COVID-19 Vaccine Intentions

Molina, Montserrat Guadalupe (2023) Leveraging Agile Software Methodologies Within Software Development to Introduce a Novel Educational Software Methodology

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Morales, Ileana (2023) The Intersection of Urban Heat Islands and the CDC Social Vulnerability Index in Two Border Cities

Morán, Daniel Eduardo (2023) CO2-Dependent Nanoscale Organization in Bulk and Interfacial Carbon Dioxide Capture Liquids Elucidated Using X-Ray Scattering

Moreno Escamilla, Jennifer Areli (2023) Analysis of Travel Behavior at International Border Crossings: Application of Travel Surveys

Moya, Maria Fernanda (2023) Translanguaging in Science Emergent Bilingual Classrooms

Muller, David E (2023) Field Observations and Stable Isotope Analysis of Alunite at the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine, Clear Lake, California

Mungin, Anthony Jerome (2023) The Talk

Muñoz, Jair (2023) A Phenomenological Study of Disciplinary Alternative Education Program “Enforcers” on the U.S-Mexico Border: Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, Substitutes, and Campus Patrols

Najera, Sarah Nicole (2023) Psychometric Validation of an Adapted Withdrawal Intolerance Scale for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Narayanan Nair, Aruna (2023) Novel Pathways to Tailor Charge and Spin in Materials and Investigating the Impact on Sensing and Electrochemical Energy Applications

Nath, Anindita (2023) On the Predictability of Appropriate Prosody of Dialog Markers Directly From the Local Context

Negishi, Kenichiro (2023) Connectional Analysis of Brain Regions Associated with Feeding

Nieto, Zackery Ryan (2023) Enhancing Damage Tolerance of the Constituents of Sandwich Composites

Noor, Laila (2023) Study of Human Circadian Protein (hRORγ) and Lipid-Protein Interaction in Giant Virus (PBCV-1)

Nwigboji, Ifeanyi Humphrey (2023) Developing Next Generation Ecoinformatics Tools for Advancing Global Change Science

Nyaupane, Kamal (2023) Optimizing Remote Sensing Approaches for Dryland Carbon Flux Estimation

Ochoa, Cynthia (2023) A Systematic Compilation of the Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice In Education (DESJE) Program

Olgin, John Gilbert (2023) Incorporating Community Science in Improving Environmental Data Quality Through Model Based Reasoning Techniques

Orona, Viridiana (2023) Characterizing Spatial Variability in Soil CO2 Fluxes in the Chihuahuan Desert Using Geostatistical Techniques

Owusu, Noah (2023) Comparative Study of Supervised Classification Techniques With a Modified KNN Algorithm

Oyedele, Philip A (2023) Studies on Atomic and Molecular Properties Using Locally Scaled and Perdew-Zunger Self-Interaction Corrected Density Functional Approximations

Pacheco, Mayra E (2023) Developing a Risk Assessment Instrument for Immigration Cases Under Federal Supervision

Peña-Duarte, Armando Manuel (2023) Electrochemical Approaches to Life-support Resources in Space Missions and Nuclear Technologies: Hydrogen Peroxide and Uranium Films

Phillips, Jacob B (2023) A Screenplay with Critical Preface: 5150 Tarot Canyoni

Phillips, Rachel Faye (2023) Enhancing Our Understanding of Ancient Oceans Through the Investigation of Molybdenum Behavior Under Sulfidic Conditions

Pickett, Josey Marie (2023) A Qualitative Case Study of the Role of Reflective Practices in Pre-Service Dance Teachers' Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Critical Consciousness

Pinales, Briana E (2023) Characterization of Developmental Phenotypes in Zebrafish With Mutations in MMACHC

Plaza, Mona E (2023) From Teacher to Campus Leader: An Autoethnographic Study of an Assistant Principal at a New Mexico Elementary School Post-COVID-19

Potts, Chantra Vanna (2023) Coastal Frontiers: The Littoral Borderland in Alta California and the Spanish Pacific World

Poudyal, Bibhushana (2023) Re-Rhetoricizing Global Souths Contrapuntally: Borderless Transnational Feminist Design Justice

Puebla, Juan (2023) Towards Explaining Neural Networks: Tools for Visualizing Activations and Parameters

Puentes, Jorge (2023) COVID-19 Prevention, Testing, and Treatment Seeking Among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) on the US Mexico Border

Quezada, Jazmin (2023) Integrating Machine Learning Methods for Medical Diagnosis

Rabbi, Fazle MD. (2023) A Novel Approach for Defect Detection of Wind Turbine Blade Using Virtual Reality and Deep Learning

Ramirez, Brandon (2023) The Effects of Process Parameters on the Cyclical Life of Ti-6Al-4V Manufactured via Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Ramirez Burgueno, Luis Daniel (2023) Addressing the Challenges of DCOPF Based Decision-Making Algorithms in Modern Power Systems

Ramos-Muniz, Mireya Griselle (2023) A Novel Neuroinvasive Infection Modality for Francisella tularensis Elicits Neuroinflammation Resulting in Cellular Damage

Reyes, Clarissa (2023) Metrics for Comparison of Complex Networks

Reyes-Nava, Nayeli Gabriela (2023) Functional Analysis of the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptor Subunit Alpha-1 (GABRA1) Gene During Zebrafish Development

Reza, Sayed Mohsin (2023) Analyzing Software Maintenance Through Machine Learning and Mining Software Repositories Approaches

Rios, Dianna (2023) Ready or Not, Here I Come: Understanding the Cohort-Based College Readiness Experiences of Economically Disadvantaged First-Generation Latinx Early College High School Students

Rivas, Victoria (2023) Masculinity Crossing Borders: An Analysis of Acting Like a Man in Chicano Culture

Rodriguez Velasquez, Edgar Daniel (2023) Characterization and Modeling of Unbound and Cementitiously Stabilized Materials for Structural Analysis of Multilayer Pavement Systems

Rosales Cepeda, Erick Armando (2023) Challenges, Limitations, and Strengths for Optimal Predictive Maintenance Application

Ruiz, Christian Alexander (2023) Ultrasonic Non-destructive Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Polymer-Ceramic Composites

Ruiz-Ortiz, Christian (2023) Assessing How Bilingual Experience Impacts Performance in Stimulus-Stimulus and Stimulus-Response Conflict Tasks

Salas, Katalina (2023) Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Stakeholder Reasoning and Decision-Making for Water

Salcido, Briana Alyce (2023) Temporal Trends in Dryland Soil Carbon Fluxes in Response to Artificial and Natural Pulsed Moisture Events

Salinas Lopez, Silvia (2023) Traditional and Emerging Modifiable Lifestyle Risk Behaviors for Non-Communicable Diseases in a Sample of Hispanic/Latino American Adolescents Living in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

Samrose, Samina (2023) Rigid Pavement Analysis System (RPAS): An Enhanced Graphical User Interface

Santillan, Aimee Adriana (2023) Meaningfulness, Existentialism, and the Reverse Priority View

Sarah, Majd (2023) A Qualitative Case Study in ESL Education: Navigating Sexual Identities and Queerness in Language Learning on the US-Mexico Border

Sasser, Kristina Lynn (2023) Using Shallow Electromagnetic and Magnetic Techniques to Map Soil Texture and Characterize Salinity and Water Dynamics Below Pecan Orchards, El Paso County, Texas

Schaeffer, Kathleen Esther (2023) The Importance of Soil Carbon in Large-Scale Shrub Removal Practices in the Chihuahuan Desert

Schlichte, Julie M (2023) Lizard Communities in a Shifting Landscape: The Current State of Insectivorous Lizard Communities in the Jornada Basin Between Grassland, Mesquite Dune, and Creosote Bush Habitats in a Semi-Arid Landscape Undergoing Shrubification

Siddique, Iqtiar Md (2023) Bitcoin’s Technical Foundation and Its Potential for a Decentralized and Environmentally Friendly Future

Solis, Julio Hector (2023) A Mixed Method Approach to Explore Lecturers’ Pedagogical and Content Knowledge, Students’ Perspectives and Learning Experiences in Mathematics for Social Science Course

Soto, Olga B (2023) Proteomic Analysis Reveals FKBP51 and FKBP52 Interactors Implicated in Androgen Receptor-Mediated Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Stapp, William Lex (2023) What Are the Relationships Between Corporate Training Expenditures, Private Education Spending, Published Academic Articles and GDP Changes over Time

Stark, Britanny L (2023) Development of a 3D Printed Conductive Biopolymer for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

Stives, Cayleb Bryant (2023) Follow the Court: Examining Judicial Homestyle Through Extrajudicial Communications on State Court Twitter

Sullivan, Austin (2023) Effects of Witnessing Terrorist Attacks on Perceived Causes of Terrorism and Support for Security Measures

Sultana, Kazi Afroza (2023) Biomass-Mediated Metastable Zinc(II) Oxide Nanoparticles and Its Nanocomposites for Sustainable Water Treatment

Sun, Shengjie (2023) Developing and Applying Computational Methods on Biomolecules

Suttmiller, Victoria Sue (2023) The Fraternity & Sorority Experience of Latinx Students at a Hispanic-Serving Institution

Tabi Serebour, Eleazer (2023) Robust Mahalanobis K-Means Algorithm in Comparison With Other Existing Clustering Methods

Tai Ramirez, Wai Yan Elsa (2023) A Framework to Build Secure Microservice Architecture

Tayou Tayou, Raoul (2023) The Impact of Rule of Law and Property Rights on Development and Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire

Teijeiro, Antonio Emilio (2023) Towards a Spaceworthy Cots Graphics Processing Unit: Hardware Performance Counter-Based Symptomatic Fault Detection

Terrazas, Jose Armando (2023) Computational Analysis of Water Braking Phenomena for High-Speed Sled and Its Machine Learning Framework

Thoma, Julie M (2023) Whose Story, Whose Politics, Whose Pedagogy? Using Critical Social Justice Praxis to Reimagine the U.S. History Curriculum

Thoman, Kristina Michelle (2023) Illuminations

Thomason, Dina (2023) The Effect of STEM Integrated Curriculum on Design Thinking Dispositions in Middle School Students: A Mixed Methods Study

Torres, Nancy (2023) A Case Study on Promoting a Healthy School Culture to Combat Childhood Obesity and the Role of the Principal

Torres-Rivera, Valeria (2023) Exploring the Mediating Link Between Stressful Life Events, Adverse Psychological Effects, and IPV Victimization

Turnipseed, Hunter Wayne (2023) Implementation and Evaluation of Obesity Management Tools

Valenzuela, Carlos A (2023) Functional Characterization of the Human and Murine Schlafen Family Group III

Vargas, Carlos Manuel (2023) Epistemological Framing in Statistics Courses for Psychology Students

Vaughan, Eugene Richard (2023) Evolution of Forest Bitis (Macrocerastes) in Africa: Phylogeography, Population Genetics, and Potential as a Model for Batesian Mimicry

Vela, Guadalupe (2023) An Intrinsic Case Study on the Implementation of Project-Based Learning for Emergent Bilinguals and the Role of Teacher Self-Efficacy at a Dual Language Campus on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Velazquez, Brenda (2023) A Case Study on Understanding How Servingness Is Enacted Through Undergraduate Academic Advising at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Villanueva-Miranda, Ismael (2023) Modeling and Predicting Emerging Threats Using Disparate Data

Wagner, Morgan Rose (2023) The Disclosure Process Model and Formerly Justice-Involved Juveniles: A Telephonic Audit Study

Walsmith, Robert Neil (2023) Immunoreactivity of the Serotonin-Like and FMRF-Amide-Like Nervous Systems of Four Gnesiotrochan Rotifers

Warling, Adren (2023) Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in a Women’s Residential Treatment Center in El Paso, Texas

Wilson, Nicholas James (2023) Density Functional Theory Study of Dopant Incorporation Into Gamma-UO3

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Word, Truman James (2023) Characterization of Novel Self-Healing Polymer Blends for Additive Manufacturing

Wu, Yuanhong (2023) Outlier Detection in Multivariate and High-Dimensional Datasets

Xie, Yi (2023) Spatially Adaptive Estimation of Spectrum

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Ziencina, Anna Dmitriyevna (2023) Under Pressure: A Daily Diary Study of Online Social Influence and Youth Substance Use

Zuniga, Eduardo Lee (2023) Preliminary Assessment for Critical Minerals in the Terlingua Quicksilver District, Texas, and Tres Marias Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico

Zuniga, Vianney (2023) Double Tense Marking in L1 Spanish Speakers/L2 English Learners

Zunnurain, Izaz (2023) Enhancing Power System Flexibility Through Efficient Integration of Facts and Electric Vehicles

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Abrantes, Lucas Tameirao (2022) Development of Balanced Mix Design Quality Control Specifications Based on the Acceptance Limits of HMA Performance Tests

Acevedo, Angélica Rey (2022) Articulación y Desarticulación Opresora en dos Novelas una Lectura Abigarrada de La Genara de Rosina Conde y La Giganta de Patricia Laurent Kullick

Acosta, Oscar Samuel (2022) Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems for Residential HVAC Load Management

Acuña, Myriah Lorraine (2022) The Contribution of Alternative Splicing and Post-Transcriptional Mechanisms Toward the Global Control of SUMO1/2/3 SUMOylation

Ahlawat, Jyoti (2022) Nanotechnology-Based Approaches to Mitigate Environmental Pollutants’- Induced Neurological Disorders

Alexander, David (2022) Suitability of Low-Cost Additive Manufacturing for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Alvarez, Marcela Carolina Herrera (2022) Direct Potable Reuse Piloting: Optimizing Chloramination, Operationalizing Ultrafiltration, and Understanding Zero Liquid Discharge Options

Amador, Alejandro (2022) Thin Film Evaporation through Engineered Copper Micropillar Arrays

Angel Barron, Claudia Leticia (2022) Fetal Electrocardiogram Detection and Analysis from Maternal Abdominal ECG for Diagnosis of Fetal Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

Apodaca, Suzanne Annette (2022) Insights on the Behavior of Nano-Copper in the Agroecosystem: Mycorrhizal Associations with Spearmint (Mentha spicata)

Arellano, Jazmin Abril (2022) Oxygen Compatibility for Aerospace Materials

Armendariz, Sergio (2022) The Ideal Mentor: A Qualitative Study on Underrepresented Students' Perspectives on Mentoring Relationships in Engineering

Armenta, Angel David (2022) Violent Radicalization in Support for Right-Wing Authoritarian Leaders, Collective Action for White Nationalism, and Voting Restrictions

Arnal, Alexandro (2022) Region Detection & Segmentation of Nissl-Stained Rat Brain Tissue

Arrieta, Jesse S (2022) “Building the Plane as We Fly It”: Tesmonios of First-Time Mexican American Studies High School Teachers During the 2021-2022 School Year in Southwest Texas

Arteaga Muniz, Valeria Itzel (2022) Phonon Dispersions of Nonmagnetic BCC Iron at High Pressures from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and Harmonic Ensemble Lattice Dynamics

Arthur, James Ekow (2022) Time Series Classification with Multistage Modeling Using Deep Learning

Aryal, Bibek (2022) Glacier Segmentation from Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Learning

Avalos Robles, Pablo Ever (2022) A Machine Learning Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control

Aviña, Omar (2022) Tuning Nanoscale Molecular Heterogeneity to Improve CO2 Transport and Binding in CO2 Capture Solvents

Barraza, Diana Laura (2022) Substance Use Treatment and Providers for Sexual and Gender Minority Populations in a Texas-Mexico Border City

Barraza, Jorge Mario Avila (2022) Exploring the Effect of Environmental Degradation on the Shape Memory Properties of Polymers

Barua, Miroslava (2022) Optimized Learning Using Fuzzy-Inference-Assisted Algorithms for Deep Learning

Belhaj, Omar Sulaiman (2022) Land Use/ Land Cover Change Patterns and Trends in Two Dryland Regions

Beltran, Nina M (2022) Morphine-Induced Tolerance Is Reduced by the Consumption of a Ketogenic Diet, but Not a High Fat/High Carbohydrate Diet

Benson-Pedraza, Allyson (2022) Metal Accumulation in Soils, Invertebrates, and Whiptail Lizards in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Bergen, Jessica DeJohn (2022) Acadian in the Southern Imagination: Race and Identity in Reconstruction Louisiana Newspapers 1862-1877

Bernal Lopez, Leslie Alejandra (2022) Reprocessing Groundwater Resistivity Surveys in the Lower Mesilla Basin, New Mexico, and Texas

Boakye, Stephen Jantuah (2022) Digital Literacy Readiness of First-Year Composition Students

Bokati, Laxman (2022) Decision Making Under Uncertainty with a Special Emphasis on Geosciences and Education

Borrego Puerta, Edgar Alonso (2022) In vitro Characterization of Novel Compounds with Anti-cancer Activity

Bouvet-Boisclair, Benjamin (2022) An Imaginary Man

Bowman, Joely Neal (2022) Heart of Golde

Bramasco-Rivera, Elsa (2022) Material Synthesis and Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Bravo Flores, Jose Gustavo (2022) Development of Multi-Configuration Methods on Density Functional Theory Orbitals and Application on the Study of Dimers

Buamono, Hannah A (2022) Applications of Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence (μXRF) Techniques to Ore Formation Questions in Economic Geology

Bustamante, Angel (2022) Improving Efficiency at El Paso Water Canal Plant

Campbell, Wayne Alexander (2022) Using Ultrasonication for the Improvement of Grade and Recovery in Molybdenum Sulfide Flotation

Cano Escamilla, Jaime Aaron (2022) Application of the Continuum Damage Mechanics Wilshire-Cano-Stewart (WCS) Model

Cantu Gutierrez, Jesus Manuel (2022) Exposure of Candyland Red Tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) to Various Metal Oxide Nanomaterials: Full Life Cycle and Assessment of Fruit Quality

Carranza, Gilbert Thomas (2022) Processes & Toolchain for Automation of Hybrid Direct-Write 3D Printing

Castaneda, Jennifer A (2022) The Development of a Trauma-Informed Care Measure: Can Universal Precautions Address the Complexity of Trauma?

Castellanos, Mariana (2022) Spectroscopic Study of Bi5Ti3FeO15 Aurivillius Compound for Multifunctional Applications

Castillo, Andrea Lora (2022) Vagabondage

Chen, Shuchen (2022) Development of a Ph-Triggered Cargo Delivery System with EsxA Mutants

Coffman, Candice Fawn (2022) Twitter Posts, Gist, and the Perceived Harmfulness of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Contreras, Cindy Corinne (2022) The Principal’s Role in the Implementation of Professional Learning Communities: From Compliance to Change

Cortes Pliego, Carlos Adolfo (2022) Miner-Town: Self-Driving Robotics Testbed for Vehicle-To-Grid Simulation

Cortez, Javier (2022) Reference Management Software in the Classroom: Student Awareness, Knowledge, and Usage

Cruz, Daniel (2022) Oil Particle Analysis Using Machine Learning and Holography Imaging

Dankwah, Kwabena Owusu (2022) What Makes GPCRs from Different Families Bind to the Same Ligand?

De La Rosa, Alberto (2022) Online/Incremental Learning to Mitigate Concept Drift in Network Traffic Classification

De Los Ríos Trujillo, Jefferson Daniel (2022) Las nubes

Dema, Karma (2022) Low-Lying Spin-Flip Excitonic States of Mn12O12 (COOR)16 [H2O]4 Molecule (Mn12 − Ac)

De Velazquez Farfan, Ana Mayela (2022) Recortes

Dey, Sumi (2022) Forecasting Solar Flares Using Shallow and Deep Learning Rechniques

Diettze-Hermosa, Martin Sterling (2022) Effects of an 8-Week Resisted Sprint Training Program on Ice Skating Speed, Acceleration, and Measures of Athletic Performance in Male Youth Ice Hockey Players

Doll Ghelere Portas, Ana Maria (2022) Writing for Research in Brazilian Schools: The Landless Workers Movement's Education of the Countryside

Dominguez, Rene (2022) Comfort Evaluation of a Customized Additively Manufactured Headset

Dominguez, Salvador (2022) Understanding Depressive Symptoms Among Emerging Adults

Duenas, Valeria (2022) A Thematic Analysis of Resilient Experiences of People Who Use Drugs and Are Living with HIV Adhering to HIV Medicine

Edayath, Prajina (2022) Analysis of Factors Affecting Maternal Health Using Data Mining Techniques

Elahi, Mirza Mohammad Maqbule (2022) A High Performance Software Intensive Testbed for Rapid Prototyping and Controlled Testing of LTE and Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Signals

El Khoury, Raven (2022) Engineering 3D Bioprinted Cardiac Spheroidal Droplets with Cardiomyocytes and Cardiac Fibroblasts for Tissue Engineering and Drug Cytotoxicity Studies

Ellis, Cameron Conner (2022) Eluication of Lipid Metabolic Pathways in Differentiating Giardia lamblia Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Espino, Matthew Michael (2022) Ready Player?: Sex and Race in Video Games

Espinoza, Veronika Evangelina (2022) Sex and Age Differences in Approach Behavior Toward a Port that Delivers Nicotine Vapor

Estala Rodriguez, Kevin Samuel (2022) Infiltration-Controlled Combustion of Lithium and Magnesium Powders and Reactions of Lithium with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Estrada Medinilla, Hector Hugo (2022) Design of a Hemi-Anechoic Chamber for Acoustic Testing of Hearing Devices and Development of Custom-Designed 3D Printed Pinnae for Accurate Representation of the Anatomical Frequency Response

Evans, Nicholas Daniel (2022) Language Dependent Effects of Nostalgia, via Mental Transportation, among Bilinguals

Favela, Sergio Dante (2022) Direct Ink Write and Thermomechanical Characterization of Thermoset Composites

Fernandez, Juan Valentin (2022) Natural Resources Management Framework for Agricultural Irrigation Systems Optimization

Flores, Gerardo J (2022) Exploring How Morality Framing and Partisanship Influence Public Perceptions of Immigration

Flores, Kenneth Ray (2022) Achieving Safe Use of Advanced Materials in Drinking Water Through Novel Nano Analytics and Enabling Electrification Using Green Catalyst

Gainza Perez, Mariany A (2022) The Protective Influence of Mindfulness Facets on the Relationship Between Negative Core Beliefs and Social Media Addiction Among Latinx College Students

Gallegos, Avianna E (2022) Sulfonated Styrene Grafted SEBS/ABS Made by Additive Manufacturing for Ion Exchange Applications

Gallo De Urioste, Ines (2022) Indumentaria Contra La Mujer – A Translation of Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer

Gamboa, Michelle (2022) Characterization of 3D Stereolithography (SLA) Printed Polymer for Autonomous-Flow Microfluidic Devices

Garcia Carvajal, Elisa (2022) Neoglycoproteins as Potential Biomarkers and Vaccines for Chagas Disease

Garcia Monroy, Alan (2022) Evaluation and Implementation of Lean Engineering Principles for Improving a University Rocket Team

García Rentería, Juan Moisés (2022) Zapatista Maya Literacies and Decolonial Civic Pedagogies

Gardea, Martha Elizabeth (2022) Water Sourcing Strategies of Desert Vegetation in Varying Soil Textures with Vegetation Competition: A Stable Isotope Analysis

Gerardo Maceda, Yoshimar (2022) La tumba vacía

Getahun, Yohannes (2022) Nano-Engineered Soft Magnets: Potential Application in Water Treatment, Hyperthermia and Molecular (Organic) Magnets

Ge, Yulu (2022) Molecularly Inspired Organic Macrocycles Catalyzed Water Splitting Reaction for Sustainable Fuel Production

Giggie, Alexandra Maria (2022) Female Fighters: Why and How Do Women Rebel?

Gleason, Liam J (2022) Sources of Top-Down Processing in Recognition of Repeated Speech in Noise

Gomez, Manuel (2022) Effects of Eccentric Cycling Exercise on Blood Flow Patterns and Vascular Reactivity

Gomez Rivera, Abel Osvaldo (2022) Continuous Field Sensor Authentication and Process Integrity Assurance Mechanisms in Critical National Infrastructures

Gómez Torres, María Alejandra (2022) Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity Studies of Highly Reduced Early-Metal Complexes Supported by Imidazolin-2-Iminato Ligands

Gonzales, Mary Belle (2022) Using Culturally Responsive Teaching and Funds of Knowledge to Engage Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Authentic Learning

Gonzalez, Cristina (2022) Fabrication and Characterization of Germanium Functionalized Porous Nickel Oxide Electrodes for Application in Supercapacitors

Grajeda, Brian Ivan (2022) Lipid Rafts, Exosomal Vesicles and Anti-Giardial Therapies

Gulib, Asad Ullah Hil (2022) Algorithms for Exploration of Advanced Electromagnetic Concepts

Guo, Wenhan (2022) Utilizing Computational Methods to Study the Biomolecules

Gutierrez, Maximiliano (2022) Hannah Arendt and the Recreation of the Public Space at the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Border

Gutierrez, Patrick Steven (2022) Multi-Sensor Signatures from Ultrasonic Wire Embedding Used in Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Habib, Noshin (2022) Synthetic Data Generation for Intelligent Inspection of Structural Environments

Hasan, Mahmudul (2022) A Central Compact Hybrid-Variable Method with Spectral-Like Resolution

Hernandez, Hortencia Josefina (2022) Evaluation of Effect of Preprocessing Algorithms on Resting State fMRI Data

Hess, Jessica Dyanne (2022) Exploring the Anticancer Mechanism of Thienopyrazole Derivative Tpz-1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Hicks, Tori (2022) Elegies for My Past and Future Selves

Holguin, Bianka Andrea (2022) Small Heat Shock Protein 27 and Its Role in Human Disease

Holguin, Joshua (2022) Performance Evaluation of a Label Manufacturer Using Simulation Modeling

Hopkins, Patrick Vaughn (2022) Informing the Parent Component of an Acceptance-Based Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment Program Tailored for Hispanic Adolescents in the El Paso Region

Horne, Logan Miles (2022) Population Genetics of Two Sympatric Species, the Round-Tailed Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma modestum) and the Greater Earless Lizard (Cophosaurus Texanus), in the Indio Mountains of West Texas

Huda, Md Nurul (2022) Targeting Delivery of BCL-2 Family Protein Inhibitor Has the Potential to Treat Cancer and Fibrosis

Huerta, Yvette V (2022) Latina/o Students in Community College: Institutional Actions and Persistence

Hutson, Deborah Michelle (2022) Encampment

Hutson, Patricia Flores (2022) Implementing Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the First-Year Composition Classroom as an Embodied Multimodality

Ibarra, Christopher Alexis (2022) Generation of Phase Transitions Boundaries via Convolutional Neural Networks

Infante, Pedro Miguel Palermo (2022) Biology and Epidemiology of Dengue Viruses in the El Paso and the Surrounding USA and Mexico Border Communities

Ingram, Naomi N (2022) Electrothermal Plenum Thruster Simulations Varying Input Pressure and Voltage

Iturriaga, Hector (2022) Exploring Tunable Magnetization and High-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Ternary Transition Metal-Based Chalcogenides

Johnson, Alexander Irun (2022) Application of FLO-SIC to f-Electron Systems: Sixth Row Elements and Ligated Molecules

Jonas, Trent C (2022) Shooting Scars: A True Story (More or Less)

Khouzam, Oula (2022) Numerical Study of Cahn-Hilliard Equations

Kim, Jaehyun (2022) Ultrahigh Strength-High Ductility Combination Low Density Austenitic Steel: Effect of Aging Temperature and Strain Rate

Lara, Pamela I (2022) Black and Brown Carbon Optical Characterization in the El Paso – Ciudad Juarez Airshed

Latimer, Robin Marcelle (2022) Losing the Audience: A Poetry Collection

Lazarin, Robert Anthony (2022) The Qualification of Sealability and Creep Relaxation of Additively Manufactured Zytel Gaskets for PEM Fuel Cells

Lerma, Corina (2022) Teaching About Teaching: A Philosophy of Critical Literacy Through Phenomenological Ethics and Rhetorical Practices

Lewis, Joshua Matthew (2022) Method Development for Preconcentration and Quantification of Critical and Valuable Elements in Permian Basin Produced Waters

Lindley, Joseph Neil Starmer (2022) Investigation into the Economic Viability of Industry 4.0 Practices in a Small Start-Up Setting: A Case Study

Lohani, Suresh (2022) Smartphones as the Tools for South Asian International Students to Navigate Academic and Non-Academic Sites in the U.S.

López, Claudia I (2022) Self-Determination Theory and Attachment Theory: An Integrative Model to Predict Drinking Motives and Protective Behavioral Strategies in Emerging Adults

Lopez, Gema (2022) Experiences of Latinidad and First-Generation College Students in Jane the Virgin: Using Auto-Historia Teoria and Finding Coyolxauhqui

Lopez Hernandez, Alan Eduardo (2022) The Electrostatic Features of Dengue Virus Capsid Assembly

Lozano, Eduardo Elias Chaib (2022) Regulation of C-C Chemokine Receptor 7 (CCR7) Ligand-Mediated Internalization and Chemotaxis by G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase Family 4 (GRK-4, 5, 6) in Human Pediatric T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL)

Lozano, Martha Lucia Torres (2022) Hybrid Model for Making Decision Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Lugo, Jose Luis (2022) Reconstruction of As-Built Civil Infrastructure Using LiDAR to Support Digital Twin Visualization

Maldonado, Donna (2022) Family Disruptions and Maternal Health in COVID Times

Maltz, Jonathan Albert (2022) The Strain

Manzanares Vega, Carlos Felipe (2022) Productivity and Quality Evaluation in Assembly Using Collaborative Robots

Marcos-Hernandez, Mariana (2022) Rational Design of Composite Nanomaterials for Water Treatment Applications

Mariscal, Daisy H (2022) Novel Interlaminar Reinforcement to Enhance the Impact Damage Resistance of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Márquez, Alba Jazmín Leyva (2022) High-Temperature Valve Design for a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine Hybrid System Utilizing Smart Materials

Martinez Acosta, Alejandro (2022) Intelligent Autonomous Inspections Using Deep Learning and Detection Markers

Martinez Ruiz, Armando (2022) Validity and Reliability of the Apple Series 6 and 7 Smartwatches and Polar H-10 Monitor on Heart Rate

Martinez, Sebastian (2022) Constructing Meaning through Textual and Visual Elements in the First-Year Composition Classroom

Martinez, Valeria Veronica (2022) Implementation of Structure from Motion (SfM) Technology for Educational Lessons

Mata, Jesus Javier (2022) 3D Printing Of ceramics and Polymers for Engineering Applications

Mather, Zaira Elizabeth (2022) Mathematical Modeling of Potassium Modulated Viral Infection

Ma, Yangcheng (2022) Autoantibody Against Tumor-Associated Antigens as Diagnostic Biomarkers in Hispanic Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma

McDaniel, Joseph Lee (2022) Chihuahuan Desert Rock Pool Community Assemblages: Patterns of Taxonomic Diversity

Mendoza, Hector Rafael (2022) Preventing Civil War: The Role of Independent Courts

Meneses Brassea, Bianca Paola (2022) A Case Study in Design, Construction, and Operation of a Meromictic Solar Pond in Texas, USA

Meraz, Vanessa Judith (2022) Phonon Thermodynamics of bcc Zirconium with Machine Learning

Meza, Alberto (2022) Compact Electrospray Propulsion Systems for Small Form-Factor Satellites: An Orbital Performance Survey & Platform Design

Miah, Mohammad Sujan (2022) Game-Theoretic Deception Modeling for Distracting Network Adversaries

Minhaj, Tanzila Bint (2022) Optimization of Lattice Structure Using Machine Learning Approach

Monroy, Isaac (2022) Security Analysis and Implementation of DNP3 Multilayer Protocol for Secure and Safe Communication in SCADA Systems

Morales, Marcos Alan Banda (2022) Influence Evaluation on Near-Road Concentrations of PM2.5 During COVID-19 Pandemic

Moreno Huízar, Hugo Javier (2022) La Tela, Un Fluir

Mossayebi, Ali (2022) Acute Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Blood Glucose and Energy Metabolism in Overweight/Obese Population

Navarro, Gilberto III (2022) Modulation of Non-diffracting Hermite Gaussian Beams and Nonlinear Optical Microscopy for Nanoscale Sulfur Imaging

Nevarez, Stephani (2022) Femtosecond Laser Machining of Drilled Holes in Silicon Nitride

Newbolt, Travis Michael Moore (2022) Diverse Effects of EV Charging Infrastructure on Electric Power Distribution Systems

Noufal, Mohamed Fathi Ali Sanad (2022) Rational Design of Precisely Tailored Electrocatalysts for Efficient and Durable Electrocatalytic Devices

Nuñez, Jesus Rolando (2022) Faculty Experiences Teaching in an MBA Program in the Context of Covid-19 a Sensemaking Approach

Oberheide, Kristin (2022) The International Student Border Commuter Experience: An Investigation on the Southern U.S. Border

Olivas, Alyssa Nicole (2022) The Mobility and Cognitive Mechanisms Involved in Altering Gait Speed in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Olivas, Pablo Patricio (2022) Traveling Epistemology, or an Intersection between Epistemology and Ethics through the Lens of Pragmatism

Olmos, Rubyann (2022) Evolution of the Magnetic Properties on van der Waals Layered Magnets via Pressure

Ontiveros-Arrieta, Hilda (2022) Students’ Perceived Value of Women’s and Gender Studies and Chicana/o Studies at a Hispanic Serving Institution: A Quantitative Analysis of “The Studies” in Higher Education

Ortega Castillo, Angel Guillermo (2022) CAD-Based Aerial Trajectory Generation and 3D Mapping for Close-Quarter Inspection

Ortega, Debra Jazmin (2022) Cryogenic Flow Boiling Heat Transfer on Additively Manufactured Liquid Rocket Engine Cooling Channels

Palomo, Jason Michael (2022) Only the Eyes: A Novel

Parks, James Susen (2022) Practical Applications of Pressure-Fed LOX/CH4 Rocket Engines

Patino Avila, Adriana Isabel (2022) The Real Face of Borderline Personality Organization Within Intimate Partner Violence

Peatross, Walker Daniel (2022) Climate Change: The Final Crisis of Capital

Peña Uribarri, Lauren (2022) Ink: A Study of Cholx Literacies

Perales, Jaime Alfredo (2022) The Role of Map Kinase Phosphatase-5 in Cardiac Adaptations to Endurance Exercise

Piña, Anna Elisa (2022) Tools to Advance Environmental Monitoring, Wetland Restoration and Education in the Desert Southwest

Portillo, Carlos (2022) Establishing the Construct and Concurrent Validity of Psychological Cumulative Stress and the Moderating Effect of Protective Factors to Drinking Outcomes

Portillo, Denise Nicole (2022) The Use of Person-First Language in Diabetes Care & Research. How Far Have We Come Since ADA & ADCES Recommendations?: A Systematic Review

Pozo, Erik Arturo Josué Fernández (2022) Recuerdo que no Quería Ser Otro

Prieto, Sergio Andres Godoy (2022) Diario Nb

Pruitt, David Daniel (2022) Investigating the Effects of Decoupling Cache and Core Speed on Power, Throughput, and Energy

Queen, Chelsea Sierra (2022) Predictive Utility of the El Paso Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument - Revised (EPPRA-R)

Quezada, Jorge Esding (2022) Fabrication,Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of CrVNbTaW High Entropy Alloy Coatings Using Magnetron Sputtering

Quezada Simental, Orlando (2022) Electric Power Grid Resilience Under Extreme Weather Events

Raj, Anand (2022) Contribution of a Higher Educational Institution towards Advancing Sustainability in the West Texas Paso Del Norte Region

Ramírez Chávez, Daniela (2022) Classification of Nuclear Pastas through Alpha Shapes Model

Ramirez-Valle, Orlando (2022) Impact of Agricultural Practices on the Consumptive Water Use of Irrigated Annual and Perennial Crops of Northern Mexico and the U. S. Southwest

Ramirez-Valle, Orlando (2022) Impact of Agricultural Practices on the Consumptive Water Use of Irrigated Annual and Perennial Crops of Northern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest

Ramos, Sonia Lizet (2022) The Experience of Immigration and Aging on the Health of Older Adults in the El Paso, Texas, Border Region

Ramsey, Adam (2022) Remember When We Tore Each Other Limb from Limb?

Regis, Jaime Eduardo (2022) Material Synthesis and Machine Learning for Additive Manufacturing

Reyes, David (2022) Analyzing and Quantifying the Impact of Software Diversification on Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) Based Exploits

Reyes, Hector Alejandro (2022) Metrological Challenges of Practical Computer-Enhanced Measurements

Reyes, Jacqueline Andrea (2022) Reflectance Spectral Characterization and Taxonomy Applications of Spacecraft Materials to Aid Space Situational Awareness

Reyes Pulido, Homero (2022) Pressure-Induced Phase Transition and Electronic Structure Changes in Equiatomic FeV

Reyes, Victoria Isabel (2022) Fabrication and Characterization of Iron-Based Catalysts for the Dehydrogenation of Fossil Fuels

Robertson, Tanya Marie (2022) Rhetorical Conversations: Race, Class, and Gender in the Works of Jacqueline Jones Royster and Shirley Wilson Logan

Rodriguez, Alejandro (2022) Structural and Biochemical Studies on Disease Associated Proteins: Heat Shock Protein 60 and HIV Capsid

Rodriguez, Lesley Vanessa (2022) The Perception of Tap and Trill in Spanish-English Bilinguals

Rodriguez, Leticia E (2022) An Improved Bio-Based Activated Carbon for the Water Treatment of a Lagoon in Northern Mexico Based on Life Cycle Assessment Methodology

Rodriguez, Miguel Gonzalo (2022) Optimization of Quantum Circuits Using Spin Bus Multiqubit Gates for Quantum Dots

Rodriguez, Minerva (2022) Long-Term Effects of Juvenile Fluoxetine Exposure on Autophagy Induction and Phosphorylated Tau in the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of Male Mice

Romero, Rebecca Alexandra (2022) Investigation of Refractory High Entropy Alloys for Extreme Environment Applications

Romero, Tania Maria (2022) Del Arbolito Una Cuadra Al Lago (One Block Away from the Little Tree)

Roy, Austin Nicholas (2022) Understanding the Role of Small Mammals in Arctic Biogeochemical Cycling

Sagaribay, Roberto (2022) The Effect of Brief Exposures to Fitspiration Images on Motivation to Exercise and Body Image Concerns in Latinx College Students

Sagredo, Andres (2022) Enhancement of Fabrication Procedures by Modularization

Saha, Amit Kumar (2022) Analyzing the Supply Chain Operation of a Fast-Food Restaurant Using Simulation Modeling and Developing a Cost Estimation Optimization Model in the Disruption Period

Salais, Shayla (2022) Looking at Latino Communities: Legal Cynicism, Acculturation, and Their Willingness to Cooperate with Police

Sanchez, Aitiana Ivonne (2022) Self Stigma of Seeking Psychological Help as a Predictor of College Students’ Alcohol Use and Consequences during COVID-19

Sanchez-Garcia, Georgina (2022) Trauma and Resilience Among Migrant Children from Mexico and the Northern Triangle Eroute to the United States

Sánchez Orozco, Jason Edén (2022) COVID Synergy: A Machine Learning Approach Uncovering Potential Treatment Combinations for SARS-CoV-2

Sanchez, René Ubaldo (2022) A Comparison of Spatial-Temporal Gait Variability in Over-Ground and Treadmill Walking in Children with Autism

Sanchez, Sheralyn Sarah (2022) Understanding Mental Health Related Factors and High-Risk Behaviors among Emerging Adults through the Lens of the Social-Ecological Model

Sanchez Zambrano, Cesar Yahir (2022) Development of an Automated Electronic Prototyping System

Santos Diaz, Kamalen Maria (2022) Preliminary Transportation Asset Management Framework for the Electric Road System

Saru Jimmy, Evelyn (2022) Rethinking Metaphor in the Rhetoric of Alzheimer’s Disease

Schwanke, Laura (2022) Reducing Children’s Exposure to Traffic-Related Pollution: Evaluating Policies and Strategies Used by Texas School Districts

Scott, Derek Travis (2022) Characterization and Evolution of the Professor Valley Pennsylvanian Salt Body (Paradox Basin, UT) Using Gravity and Magnetotellurics

Sepulveda, David Abraham (2022) Characterization of 3D Printed Parts Containing Integrated Functionality via Ultrasonically Embedded Wires

Sepulveda, Jesse A (2022) 21st-Century Learning: An Autoethnographic Study of a Principal Opening a New Elementary School to Support Children in a Border Community

Severson Lopez, Andrea Marie (2022) Unlaced: The Dress Reform Movement of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Shoemaker, Marni E (2022) Inflammaging: Inflammatory Biomarkers Associated with Nutrition, Metabolism and Muscle Tissue Oxygenation Relative to Sarcopenic Status in Older Adults

Singh, Kenneth C (2022) Hydrothermal Alteration Targeting and Geophysical Mineral Exploration of Eureka and Sylvanite Mining Districts, Southwest New Mexico

Smith, Arlene (2022) A Comparative Evaluation of Oxidation and Combustion Phenomena in Ti-6al-4v Exposed to Earth Re-Entry and Arc-Jet Test Environments

Soto, Beatriz Irene (2022) Interoperability in an Electrified Pavement System: A Model-Based Systems Engineering Perspective

Spinella, Sydne Rose (2022) Context Dependence of Warming Induced Shifts in Alpine Soil Microbial Functions

Stevens, Ashley Nichole (2022) Vatra

Stunz, Elizabeth Anne (2022) Landscape Genomics of the Tussock Cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum) and the Dwarf Birch (Betula nana) in North Central Alaska

Swain, Risa Mia (2022) Two Novel Piperidone Compounds Display Antiproliferative Effects on Human Prostate and Lymphoma Cancer Cell Lines and in vitro Investigation of Thiophenecarboxylate Anti-Cancer Activity

Tafere, Melaku S (2022) Magnetic Structures of Sawtooth Olivines Mn2SiX4 (X = S, Se) Determined Through Neutron Powder Diffraction

Takyi, Edward (2022) Two-Step Single Qubit Gates for Superconducting Qubits

Tavakoli, Hamed (2022) Integration of Genetic Isothermal Amplification on Low-Cost Hybrid Paper/Polymer Microfluidic Biochips for High Sensitivity Point-of-Care Disease Diagnosis

Taylor, Hunter Cole (2022) Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process, Structure, and Properties: Holistic Approach to Establishing Metallurgical Quality

Taylor, Natalie Elise (2022) Centering Silence: Graduate Student Instructors Negotiating Quiet in the Writing Classroom

Terán López, Cynthia Carolina (2022) Testimonios of First-Generation, Multilingual, Latina Doctoral Students at the U.S.-México Border

Terrazas, William Campillo (2022) The Influence of Violence, Policing, and Substance Use Stigma on Sexual and Substance Use Risk Engagement in Substance Using Men Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

Tewari, Pooja (2022) Examining Social Determinants of Health and Cervical Cancer Risk and Outcomes in Ecuadorian Women

Thimbriel, Roberta M (2022) Exploration and Analysis of Attitudes and Determinants Toward Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U) Among Minority Women

Thomas, Allison Denise (2022) Shades of Blue

Thomas, George C (2022) High School Career Guidance: From the View of a Street-Level Bureaucrat

Tippit, Adrian (2022) Essays on Employee Litigation Risk

Tito, Marilyn Noraya Ccoyure (2022) Criadero

Torres, Angel (2022) Inhibiting C-C Chemokine Receptor 7 Activation of T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by a CCL19/Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-3β Antagonist

Torres, Benjamin E (2022) Authoritarian Regimes and Public Goods Structure and Survival

Torres, Fernando Sotelo (2022) An Unmanned Surface Vehicle: Autonomous Sensor Integration System for Bathymetric Surveys

Trejo, Melissa Lisette (2022) Criminalization and Citizenship: How Racial Discrimination Affects U.S. Immigration Policy

Tsuboi, Naoko (2022) Who Said What to Whom?: Contextual Memory Processes in Bilinguals

Urenda Castañeda, Denisse (2022) A Computationally Efficient Wald Test in M-Estimation

Valadez Mesta, Brenda Leticia (2022) Development of a Custom, 3D-Printed, Multi-Microphone, Noise-Cancelling, Hearing Protection Device with a Magnetically Attached Printed Ear Canal for Sound Localization Preservation

Valdes Bracamontes, Carolina (2022) Variations in Copper Form Exposure Differentially Modulate Zea Mays (Corn) Physiological Responses

Valdez, Karen Rocio (2022) Survey of Fleas and Ticks for Rickettsia rickettsii and Rickettsia typhi and Surveys of Humans and Wild Animals for Serological Evidence of Infection by These Rickettsiae in Rural and Urban Areas of El Paso, Texas and Other Areas of Texas

Valenzuela Garay, Nohemi (2022) Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate Controls on Pedogenic Calcium Carbonate Distribution in Dryland Critical Zones

Valenzuela Mendoza, Gerardo Ivan (2022) Equity Driven Data Analysis for Public Transportation Planning

Valladolid, Ariztbe (2022) A Valve Design for a SOFC/GT Hybrid System Utilizing Smart Materials

Valle, Cesar Luis (2022) Pioneering Concepts for 3D Electromagnetics

Varela, Richard (2022) Teachers’ Perspectives on Decolonizing U.S. Curriculum for Latinx Through Ethnic Studies Programs at the Middle and High School Levels

Vaudreuil, Elena Therese (2022) Mental Illness Labeling in Justice-Involved People

Vazquez, Omar (2022) Trade Study Analysis of the Janus Moon Lander Vehicle

Vazquez-Raygoza, Leonardo Demetrio (2022) Identifying Particulate Matter Spatial Variation in the El Paso Del Norte Region Using Land-Use Regression Modeling and Data Obtained From a Network of Low-Cost Sensors

Vazquez Reyes, Salvador Vazquez (2022) Characterization of EsxA:EsxB Heterodimer Membrane Interaction with a Novel POPC/POPG Liposome Model

Vega, Angel (2022) All-in-One Multi3D System: Exploring Potential of 5-Axis Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing

Vera, Adam J (2022) Biology and Ecology of Aedes (Stegomyia) Aegypti in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Villanueva, Sarah J (2022) Veteran Workplace Identity: Conceptualizing and Measuring Veteran Identity in the Organizational Context

Wang, Yilu (2022) Not All I-Deals Are Same: Examining a Process Model Linking Content-Specific I-Deals to Employee Performance Outcomes

Wessel, Jacob (2022) A Comparable Analysis of Civilian and Military Airfield Runway Design Procedures

White, Evan Marcus (2022) Radio Frequency Fingerprinting and Its Application to SCADA Environments

Williams, Rachel Lynn (2022) So I Was, 'Like', Totally Buggin’ – Evidence for the Role of Attention on Entrainment from Discourse Particles

Wozniak, Sophia Corinne (2022) Making Aid Work: Assessing the Impact of Regional Similarities on State Development Through a Transaction Costs Approach

Xie, Yixin (2022) Developing and Applying Computational Algorithms to Reveal Health-Related Biomolecular Interactions

Xu, Honglun (2022) Efficient Approaches to Steady State Detection in Multivariate Systems

Xu, Jiahao (2022) Determination of Oxidation-Reduction Potential and Iron Chemistry for Solutions Generated During the Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Copper

Yang, Jinxin (2022) Effects of CEO Social Networks on Firm Innovation Strategy

Zhang, Xiaojun (2022) Understanding the Anticancer Mechanism of Oridonin Using Proteomics Approach

Zuniga, Isaac E (2022) Continuous Moisture Measurement During Pavement Foundation Construction: Laboratory Measurements

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Abdullah, Sharmin (2021) Computational Study of Grain Structure Evolution in Cdte/CdS via Molecular Dynamics

Abu-Issa, Ahmad (2021) Post Processing of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6al-4v and Binder Jetted 17-4 Stainless Steel

Acevedo, Flor del Rocio (2021) ¡Sí Se Puede!: Understanding the Experiences of Latina Students During Their Doctoral Journey at a Hispanic-Serving Institution

Acevedo, Joshua (2021) “The Complete Disregard for Our Children’s Lives, the Targeting of a Community That Can’t Fight Back:” Families’ Testimonios on Resisting School Closures on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Aditya, Abhilash (2021) 3D Printing of High Viscosity Fluids and Its Application in 3D Printing of Prosthetic Teeth

Aguilar Araoz, Edgar (2021) Refugio en familia

Ahsan, Ariful MD. (2021) Rational Design of Multifunctional Nanocatalysts for Environmental Remediation and Energy Conversion Technologies

Ale, Tolulope A (2021) Utilizing Computational Approaches to Study Tubulin-Tubulin Electrostatic Interactions

Alonzo, Matthew (2021) Engineering Cardiac Tissues with Three-Dimensional Bioprinting for Biomedical Applications

Alvidrez, Celeste Anahi (2021) The Physiological Factors of Diabetes and Their Effect on the Cognitive and Emotional Functioning in Older Populations: A Secondary Data Analysis

Amankwa Asare Mensah, Godwill (2021) Modeling the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Active Regions on the Sun Using Deep Neural Networks

Amezcua Winter, Karsten Dieter (2021) In the Search for Novel Treatments for Chagas’ Disease Using Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology

Anto, Eric (2021) Refined Moderation Analysis with Binary Outcomes

Anum, Andrews Tawia (2021) A New Algorithm for Robust Affine-Invariant Clustering

Armendariz, Emerson Roland (2021) Development of a Laser Solder Process for Use with Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Electronics Prototyping in Embedded Sensing Applications

Atwah, Wissam (2021) Land Use and Land Cover Change Impact on Sustainability in the United Arab Emirates: A Big-Data Approach Using Google Earth Engine

Avila, Alondra (2021) The Influence of Emotion Regulation, Maladaptive Coping, and Criminal Thinking on Maladaptive Behavior

Avila, Jaleen Gabrielle (2021) Increasing Parents Knowledge on Reducing Child Lead Exposure through Education Provided by Community Health Workers in El Paso, Texas

Ayanwale, Abdulahi (2021) Examination of the Association Between C - Reactive Protein(CRP) and COVID-19 Infection Severity and Length of Hospitalization

Babcock, Brett Michael (2021) Adaptive Lean Manufacturing Implementation for Organizations with Rapid Leadership Turnover

Baca, Jesus (2021) Geotechnical Aspects of Martian Regolith Simulant JSC Mars-1

Ballard, Sarah Marie (2021) Bridge Prioritization and Preservation Along Route 66

Berrout Ramos, Laura A (2021) Interval Estimates: How to Make Them More Adequate and How to Use Them in Economic Analysis and Decision Making

Billah, Kazi Md Masum (2021) Multiscale and Multimaterial 3D Printing: Impact of Feedstock Properties and Processing Parameters on Printed Parts

Bonura, Kimberlee Bethany (2021) Collateral Damage (A Novel)

Briones, Fernie (2021) Level of Service for Parking Facilities Based on Search Time

Brown, Joshua I (2021) Landscape Population and Evolutionary Genomics of Several Closely Related Species of Mallard-Like Ducks

Buschmann, Zachary John (2021) Two Developments for Efficient and Accurate Density Functional Theory Calculations

Candelario Burgoa, Francsico Javier (2021) Addressing Security and Privacy Issues by Analyzing Vulnerabilities in IoT Applications

Castillo Fatule, Eduardo José (2021) Development of Metaheuristic Algorithms for the Efficient Allocation of Power Flow Control Devices

Castro Pérez, Jesús (2021) Impact of Geomaterial Properties and Roller Parameters on Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values Using Lumped Parameter Modeling

Caudillo, Olympia (2021) A Mixed Methods Study of Impostor Phenomenon in a Hispanic Serving Institution

Cebak, Nicole (2021) "And Some, I Assume, Are Good People:" A Closer Look at Hispanic Immigration and the Code of the Street

Centeno, Victoria Lissette (2021) Fabrication and Testing of Advanced Composites for Extreme Environments

Cereceres, Patrick A (2021) An Investigation of Upper Extremity Motor Impairments in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Motor Planning Vs Motor Execution

Chaturvedi, Parth (2021) Molecular Dynamics of Nucleic Acids, Proteins, and Their Complexes: From Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Descriptions to New Methodologies

Clavell, Alicia (2021) Calving

Conley, Aaron (2021) Reconstructing the Transition from Laramide Contraction to Rio Grande Rift Extension

Contreras, Albert James (2021) The Return of State vs State Competition

Contreras, Lisett (2021) In Vitro Investigation of Tumor Selective Piperidones as Therapeutic Agents Against Leukemia Cancer Cells

Cordova, Sergio (2021) Magnesiothermic Combustion Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Silicon and Oxidation Kinetics of Magnesium Particles

Cruz, Hector (2021) Digital Twin Technology Applications for Transportation Infrastructure - A Survey-Based Study

Cruz Jimenez, David (2021) El Último Invierno en Eagle Pond

Cryer, Billy J (2021) Motivation and the Young Writer: Reimagining John Dewey’s Theory of Experience

Cuevas, Caréy Vanessa (2021) ¿Y Los Condones? The Rhetoric of Birth Control in the Latinx Community of the United States

da Silva, Felipe Batista (2021) Discrepancy-Based Analysis of Measurement Sampling Points in Compressive Sensing

Del Castillo, Hector Patricio (2021) Novel N-Derivatized-7-Nitroindolines for the Synthesis of Photocleavable Crosslinkers, and for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

Del Rio, Joshua (2021) Sprint Kinematic Performance Changes upon Returning from a Declining Period in Track and Field Sprinters

Del Rio, Michelle (2021) Stability of Blood Lead Levels in Children with Chronic Low-Level Lead Absorption

Deng, Chaoyi (2021) Effects of Coated/Uncoated Copper-Based Nanoparticles and Compounds on Rice (Oryza sativa) and Soybean (Glycine max) Plants

Dodd, Timothy Brian (2021) Modern Ancient: A Thesis of Poetry

Dominguez Tuda, Marisol (2021) Global Analysis of the Hydrologic Sensitivity to Climate Variability

Donegan, Nikki T (2021) Articulating the Importance of Broader Relevance in Cures: From Definition to Actualization

Dong, Hangyu (2021) Phase Transformation and Strain Hardening Mechanisms in Advanced Engineering Steels

Dong, Yongteng (2021) Thermodynamic Modeling of Aqueous Fe-Cu-As-Sb-Bi-H2SO4 Solutions and Its Application for Redox Potential Determination in Copper Electrorefining from 25°C to 70°C

Drozdova, Anna Dmitriyevna (2021) Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Impacts of Friendship Stability and Homophily on Justice-Involved Juveniles' Offending and Substance Use

Eibedingil, Iyasu Gebrezgabher (2021) Drought, Dust Storm, and Particulate Matter Pollution and Their Interaction at the Cascade of Spatial Scales across the Western United States

El Bekri, Sokaina (2021) Measuring the Significance of Precautionary Savings: Empirical Evidence from the PSID

Enriquez, Vanessa (2021) Molecular and Cellular Characterizations of Glucosylceramide Transferase (Synthase) in Giardia lamblia

Episcopo, Nathan Christopher (2021) A Study of the Frustrated Honeycomb Battery Material NA2NI2TEO6

Escobedo Baeza, Eben Roberto (2021) Validation of Computational Model of a Piezoelectric Flow Rate Sensor

Escudero, Atzimba Casas (2021) Cell Bioprinting: a Novel Approach for Alpha Cell to Beta Cell Transdifferentiation

Esquivel, Armando (2021) Application of Machine Learning in Flood Depth Prediction

Falola, Babatunde Olukunle (2021) Structural Microheterogeneity in Ionic Liquid/Solvent Mixtures Influenced by Solvent Polarity and Ion Concentration

Farrell, Christopher (2021) Vision Zero and the Bay Area Response: Traffic Fatalities and Perceptions of Pedestrian Safety in Local Politics and Public Policy

Ferguson, Robert Edwin (2021) Combustion of Hydroxylammonium Nitrate Based Monopropellants

Fernandez-Delgado, Olivia (2021) Synthesis of Fullerene Derivatives for Diverse Applications: From Catalysis to Photovoltaics

Fernandez-Rivera, Julisa Jazsmine (2021) The Latinx Community, Anti-Black Racism and Forward-Looking Collective Moral Responsibility

Fiagbe, Roland (2021) High-Dimensional Random Forests

Fiddler, Regina (2021) Poems of My Soul(s)

Flores Avila, Alejandra (2021) Linking Plot and Landscape Level Phenology

Gade, Priyanka (2021) Molecular Mechanism of DNA Bisintercalator Antibiotic Resistance

Gallardo, Brenda R (2021) Writing Inside and Outside the Rhetoric of Containment: An Analysis of Writing Strategies in First Semester Students Transitioning to the First Year College Composition Classroom

Gamon, Ariel Alejandro (2021) Microstructure and Hardness Comparison of Inconel 625 Alloy of Various Additive Manufacturing Processes Following Heat Treatments

Garcia, Aimee Viviana (2021) Geophysical Studies of the Characteristics of Fluvial and Desert Soils in Rio Grande Valley of West Texas and Southern New Mexico

Garcia Contreras, Angel Fernando (2021) Interval Constraint-Solving Strategies for Solving Dynamical Systems

Garcia, Heriberto Jose (2021) What Factors Impact First-Generation Latinx Students’ Bachelor's Degree Attainment?

Garcia, Jose Antonio (2021) Tectonomagmatic Evolution of Northwestern Mexico, and Applications of Machine Learning in Economic Geology

Garcia, Roberto (2021) Downscaling of GOES-16's Land Surface Temperature Product using Epitomes

Garcia, Rodrigo (2021) Determination of Faculty and Staff Parking Permit Prices on University Campuses

Garcia, Sunny Lorene (2021) Crystal Flowers

Garcia, Valeria (2021) A Proposed Mechanism for Stimulant-Induced Behavioral Sensitization Involving the Transporter VMAT

Garcia, Victor M (2021) New Generation of Performance-Engineered Asphalt Mixtures Based on Balanced Mix Design Concept

Giorgio Chiecchi, Eraldo Enrico (2021) Josue

Golam Hyder, A. H.M (2021) Evaluation of Electrodialysis Desalination Performance of Novel and Conventional Ion Exchange Membranes

Gonzales, Rubi Guadalupe (2021) A Critical Analysis on Mexican Americans Associated with Gangs Living in San Antonio, Texas

Gorbett, Dessaray Monique (2021) Development of a Measure Assessing Perceptions of E-Cigarettes: A Mixed Methods Approach

Guenaga, David L (2021) An Exploration of Passive Seismology: Applying Seismic Methods for Traditional and Exotic Source Characterization

Guo, Jiye (2021) Understanding the Chemical Weathering Rate and Element Mobility of Soils: Using U-Series, Nd-Sr Isotopes Ree and Quantum Chemistry Computational Simulation

Gutierrez Hernandez, Andres Eduardo (2021) Supercritical CO2 Recompression Closed Brayton Cycle Analysis

Hajjar, Souraya (2021) Key Performance Indicators of Health CTE Students at For-Profit Colleges and Public Community Colleges

Henriquez, Gabriela (2021) Impact of Xenobiotics on Neuronal Outcomes

Hernandez, Francesca Julia (2021) A Longitudinal Study of Interprofessional Education in Graduate Students from Rehabilitation Sciences

Hernández García, Nathaly Carolina (2021) Experiences of Latin American Au Pairs in El Paso, Texas: Perceptions and Challenges in a Border Context

Hernandez, Genevieve (2021) The Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing Battery and the Nih Toolbox® Cognition Battery: A Correlation Analysis on Working Memory

Herrera-Molina, Estrella de Jesus (2021) Associations between Exposure to Air Pollution after a Dust Event and Hospitalizations

Huapaya Cárdenas, Giancarlo (2021) Game[R]Over

Hu, Chengyang (2021) Structure-Property Relationship in High Strength- High Ductility Combination Austenitic Stainless Steels

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Ibarra, Andrea F (2021) Evaluation of the Cytotoxyc Effects of LMDF5-7 on a Human T-Cell Leukemia Cell Line

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Ramirez, Sandra (2021) Wailing for My Cultura: Disenfranchised Grief among Mexican Americans Navigating a Bicultural Identity

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Rethorn, Matthew J (2021) A Philosophy of Bilingualism: How History and Science Inform Its Ethicality and Future

Reyes, Carlos Sebastian (2021) How Does Land Cover Classification in Google Earth Engine Compare with Traditional Methods of Land Cover Classification? What Are the Tradeoffs?

Reyes Portillo, Jose Trinidad (2021) Microgrid Design and Component Replacement Analysis

Reza, Elizabeth Irene (2021) Synthesis and Characterization of Functiona Materials for 3D Printed Composites

Rico, Diego Adrian (2021) Angelo, Angelo, Angelo

Rios, Andres (2021) Hardware for Quantized Mixed-Precision Deep Neural Networks

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Rivera, Nora K (2021) The Rhetorical Mediator: Understanding Agency in Indigenous Translation and Interpretation Through Indigenous Approaches to UX

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Rocha, Sandra (2021) Achieve Scholarship: A Policy Process Case Study

Rodriguez, Carlos Emilio (2021) Rooting for Spices

Rodriguez, Felipe (2021) Comprehensive Study of Human Pathogenic Trypanosomatids: From Chemotherapies to Disease Ecology

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Rubio Hidalgo, Aldo (2021) Fabrication of Alloy 625 Through Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing, Characterization and Mechanical Performance

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Ruiz, Sarah Leticia (2021) Determination of Perceived Calorie Content of Common Foods

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Salmon, Owen Frederick (2021) The Effects of a Combined Multi-Stressor Environment and Fatigue on Pistol Shooting Performance

Sandoval, Edith (2021) Identification of Leishmania spp. and T. cruzi Parasites in Bats Captured in El Paso, Texas Region: Bats as a New Reserviour

Santillano, Paola Michelle (2021) Building Energy Model Simulation of a Single Building in Comparison to a Broader Building Stock

Saucedo, Laura Isabel (2021) 8th Position BODIPY Chemistry

Schinella, Marco (2021) Collige et Impera: The United States Reengagement in Libya

Senthilkumar, Jeevarathinam (2021) A Integrated Approach of Deep Learning and Augmented Reality for Pneumonia Detection in Chest X-Ray Images

Serrano, Guillermo N (2021) Synthesis and Characterization of Tin (Sn) Incorporated GA2O3

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Teller, Ross C (2021) Student Learning Behaviors in a Biology Gateway Course: A Mixed Methods Examination of an Adaptive Courseware Environment

Teshera, Mark Scott (2021) Strike-Induced Chemosensory Searching, Kleptoparasitism, and the Possibility of Chemical Crypsis in Rattlesnakes

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Velázquez, José Antonio (2021) Engaging the Disengaged: The Zone of Proximal Distance between Deliberately Silenced Educators and Preferably Unheard Latino Immigrant Parents

Veliz, Oscar Samuel (2021) Selecting Robust Strategies When Players Do Not Know Exactly What Game They Are Playing

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Wilhite, Jennifer (2021) Rewriting the Graduate Experience: A Study of the Writing Experiences of University of Texas at El Paso Graduate Students across Disciplines

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Zhyvotovska, Tetyana (2021) The Role of Translation in Multilingual User Experience

Zuniga Herrera, Arahim Alejandro (2021) Evaluation of Changes in Behavior and Use of POU Systems in the Paso Del Norte Region

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Abdullahi, Mustapha Maikudi (2020) Intra-trade among African Economic Bloc: A Comparative Study of East African Community (EAC) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) 2008–2018

Aboud, Jad Gerges (2020) Effect of Flow Velocity and Geometry on the Signal from a Piezoelectric Flow Rate Sensor

Abrokwah, Michael (2020) Two Essays on Executive Compensation

Acheampong, Gilbert Danso (2020) Positivity-Preserving Segregate-Flux Method for Infiltration Dynamics in Tumor Growth Models

Acosta, Edgar Josue (2020) Development of a MEMS Fabrication Process on Soi to Study High Strain in Transition-metal Dichalcogenides

Aguilar, Christopher Michael (2020) Early Detection of Asthma via Enhanced Resolution of Small Airways Using Ultra-Low Frequency Impulse Oscillometry

Aguilera, Juan (2020) Associations of Traffic Related Air Pollution with Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Health Outcomes in At-Risk Populations from El Paso, Texas

Aguirre, Nancy (2020) RPAS: An Enhanced Finite Element Code for the Mechanistic Analysis of Rigid Pavements

Alam, Md Shamsul (2020) Density Functional Calculations on Single Molecular (1D) and Van Der Waals Bi -Layered (2D) Magnets

Alarabi, Ahmed Bilkhayr (2020) The Effect of Waterpipe/Hookah on Platelet Function and the Impact of Inhibition of Gβγ Subunits on Hemostasis and Thrombogenesis

Alcantara, Carlos (2020) Evaluating Flow Features for Network Application Classification

Alidrees, Abdulaziz (2020) Forecasting Consumer Consumption Behavior of Water Bottles Using Generlized Linear Model for Supply Chain Resilience

Alvarado Navarro, Elizabeth (2020) Does the Type of Housing a Child Lives in Predict Blood Lead Level?

Alvarenga, Rocio (2020) New Perspectives on Faculty Stress: Its Relationship with Work Engagement, Teaching Effectiveness, and Program Preferences to Manage Stress

Alvarez-Primo, Fabian A (2020) Fabrication, Development, and Characterization of HiPco SWCNT-Alginate Hydrogel Composites for Cellular Product Applications

Amoako Dadey, Afua Kwakyewaa (2020) Robust Estimation and Inference for Multivariate Financial Data

Anguiano Chavez, Enrique (2020) Tram System Automation for Environmental Spectroscopy and Vegetation Monitoring

Arellano, Jessie Socorro (2020) Who Is Willing to Speak Up and Why? Examining Individual and Organizational Predictors of Employee Voice Behavior in Higher Education Institutions

Arico, Chenoa Dara (2020) Elucidating the Regulatory Mechanisms for the Cholesterol Catabolic Pathway Transcriptional Repressor KstR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Arnal, Alexandro (2020) Toward Automated Region Detection & Parcellation of Rat Brain Tissue Images

Arthur, James Ernest Ekow (2020) Using Machine Learning on an Imbalanced Cancer Dataset

Artus, John Garard (2020) A Survey of the Current State of the Practice in Bridging the Gap Between Engineering Ontologies and Modeling Profiles for Engineering Applications

Aryal, Bibek (2020) Glacier Segmentation in Satellite Images for Hindu Kush Himalaya Region

Asadi, Mojtaba (2020) Assessment of Hydraulic and Structural Behavior of Inundated Pavements

Asante, Peter Kwadwo (2020) Lévy Processes: Characterizing Volcanic and Financial Time Series

Astromovich, Julia Michelle (2020) Application of Non-Seismic Methods to Analyze and Model the Geometry of the Northern Margin of the Onion Creek Salt Diapir, Paradox Basin, Utah

Aun, Jacob J (2020) The Intersection of Food Deserts and Food Assistance Deserts in El Paso County, Texas

Ayala, Jonathan (2020) What Others Say About Us

Ayala-Marin, Yoshira M (2020) A Role for MEK3 in the Oncogenesis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia: Inactivation of MAPK P38 Promotes Cell Proliferation Through Enhanced Degradation of Mutant MEK3

Ayivor, Fredrick (2020) Prediction and Classification of G Protein-coupled Receptors Using Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms

Bailey, Clair Henry (2020) Fluvial Interactions of the Jurassic Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation with the Gypsum Valley Salt Diapir, CO

Barrera, Luis Alfonso (2020) Synthesis of Nanotemplated, Glucose-Derived Adsorbents for the Removal of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants from Water

Basak, Anjon (2020) Abstraction Techniques in Security Games with Underlying Network Structure

Battu, Anil Krishna (2020) Structure-property-performance Evaluation of Refractory Metal Incorporated Gallium Oxide Thin Films for Extreme Environment Applications

Belekeh, Chowaing Chagra (2020) Understanding the Digital Lives of Transnational Students: A Case Study

Belmont, Alejandra (2020) Accurate Replication of an Ear Pinnae Geometry for Use in Acoustic Testing of Spatial Cues and Sound Localization

Bernal, Justin Luis (2020) Classification of the Subalgebras of the Algebra of All 2 by 2 Matrices

Bhuiyan, Al Masum MD. (2020) Predicting Stochastic Volatility for Extreme Fluctuations in High Frequency Time Series

Biney, Francis (2020) Comparing Predictive Performance of Statistical Learning Models on Medical Data

Blackburn, Michelle (2020) Beyond Perry's Black Ships: The Emergence of United States-Japanese Diplomatic Relations, 1840s-1870s

Bobis Munoz, David (2020) SIGNÆ

Bolla, Pradeep Kumar (2020) Formulation Strategies To Enhance Solubility And Permeability Of Small Molecules For Drug Delivery Applications

Bonney, Derrick Kwesi (2020) General Penalized Logistic Regression for Gene Selection in High-Dimensional Microarray Data Classification

Buendia, Lucero (2020) Low Weight Design of a Pressure-fed System for a Small Payload Launch Vehicle

Byers, Kirsten (2020) A Comparative Study of the Impact of Depth in Deep Learning Architectures

Cabrera, Juan Luis (2020) Love, the Other and the City: Critical Analysis of the Ethics of Alterity in a Capitalist Society

Cadena, Marlynn (2020) Identification of Interkingdom Interactions of Cryptococcus Neoformans in Pigeon Excreta Using Next Generation Sequencing

Calvo Jr, Luis Carlos (2020) The Dynamic Transition of a Vertical Take-Off and Landing Drone

Cano, Isabel Angelica (2020) Morphological Production Accuracy Patterns in Younger and Older Spanish-English Bilingual Children

Capps, John William (2020) Adiposity and Arterial Stiffness: Associations with Prefrontal Cortex Hemodynamic Response and Response Inhibition

Carachure, Israel Garcia (2020) Ketamine Pre-Exposure Does Not Influence Later-Life Responses to Reward-Related Stimuli in Female C57BL/6 Mice

Cardenas, Alan (2020) At the Mercy of the Mexican Supreme Court: The Implications of Party Capability on Indigenous People’s Cases

Cardenas, Mario (2020) Development of Advanced Statistical Methods for Multivariate Classification

Cardoso Smith, Juliana de Almeida (2020) A Mixed Methods Approach to Studying Risk Perceptions Among Latina Patients in the Emergency Department: Gender Roles and HIV Risk Behaviors

Carrizal-Dukes, Elvira (2020) Towards a New Cholx Consciousness: The Visual Rhetorics of Cholx Artistas as a Method for Social Justice Movements

Castellano, Alejandra (2020) The Effect of K2CO3 Concentration in Kerosene Emulsions on Spray Droplet Sizes for a Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generator

Castillo, Elias (2020) A Performance-Based Analysis of Balanced Mix Designs

Castillo, Estefania (2020) Graduate School Application Accessibility for International Students

Caylor, Jordan Rigdon (2020) Shallow Seismic Modeling of the Hydrothermal Plumbing System Beneath Old Faithful Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park

Cervantes, Gerardo (2020) Using Prosody to Spot Location Mentions

Chavez Atayde, Luis Angel (2020) Additive Manufacturing of Engineered Material Systems for Energy Applications

Chavez, Emily Ann (2020) The Influence of Over-Ground Versus Treadmill Walking on Gait Mechanics in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chavez, Greg (2020) Everything In

Chou, Chien-Chun (2020) Design and Additive Manufacturing of Shape Recovery Polymer Lattice Structure

Chowdhury, Mehrin (2020) Design and Operability of a Pressurized Oxy-Combustion System

Chowdhury, Moinul Morshed Porag (2020) Autonomous Trading Strategies for Dynamic Energy Markets

Chung, Seungwon (2020) Supercritical Processed Decellularized Extracellualr Matrix as Regeneration Therapeutics Applying 3D Printing

Cisneros, Audrey Fay (2020) Microlevel Movements Matter: Persuasion, Identity Performance, Performative Agency, and Resistance in Egypt on Twitter During the Egyptian Arab Spring

Clark, Kylah Moneek (2020) Predicting Competency in Motivational Interviewing Through an Objective Empathy Task

Cleetus, Carol M (2020) 3D Printed Alginate-Based Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Scaffolds for Wound Healing

Clough, Isabelle M (2020) The More You Know: How Adolescent Defendants' Age, Gender, and Psychosocial Maturity Influence Mock Jurors' Perceptions

Conde, Daniel A (2020) Association of a Repetitive Manual Task on Inflammatory Biomarker Expression, Heart Rate Variability and Rating of Perceived Exertion

Cooper, Nicolas (2020) Burning

Corona Ayala, Christian Waldemar (2020) Regulation of Schlafen 11 Expression

Corrales, Christian (2020) Brokering Social Capital: A Qualitative Case Study on How a Hispanic Serving Institution Fosters Social Capital for First-Generation, Latinx, On-Campus Student Employees

Costa, Crystal (2020) Assessing Cervical Cancer Knowledge Among High-Risk Women Living in the US-Mexico Border Region in El Paso, TX

Cruz, Bryan (2020) Insulin Restores the Neurochemical Effects of Nicotine in the Mesolimbic Pathway of Diabetic Rats

Cubillos, Nicholas Ryne (2020) Association and Predictive Abilities of Jump and Throw Tests to Track Performance in Division I Athletes

Dankwah, Kwabena Owusu (2020) Integration of 3D Structural and Sequence Features to Predict GPCR Ligand Binding

Davizon Castillo, Yasser Alberto (2020) Mathematical Modeling, Optimal Control and Stability Analysis for Dynamic Supply Chains

Deaguero, Isaac Giovanni (2020) To or Through the Skin: A Rational Design of Transdermal Drug Delivery

De La Rosa, Angel Moiseis (2020) Development and Characterization of Perovskite Solar Cells for Tandem Device Configuration

Delgado, Jose Armando (2020) Development of Software Tools and Experimental in Situ Electron Spin Resonance for Characterizing the Magnetic and Electrocatalytic Properties of Transition Metal Chalcogenide Crystals

Diaz, Carlos Manuel (2020) Computational Advancements towards Scalable Density Functional Calculations with and without Self-Interaction Correction

Diaz, Clarissa Katelyn (2020) Sensory Integration and Its Role in Behavioral Plasticity in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Docherty, Ashley (2020) Women in the Legislature's Impact on Economic Growth and Women's Labor Force Participation

Dolsa, Gabriela M (2020) Discourses of Coloniality in the Understanding and Practices of Translanguaging Pedagogy

Draper, Hanah Kaye (2020) Structural Analysis of Deformed Caprock Associated with a Salt Shoulder at Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Colorado

Durán, Juan Carlos (2020) Linear Time Vs Now Time: Towards a Critical Conception of Time in Marx, Benjamin and Rosenzweig

Elliss, Sephonnie (2020) The Effect of Curriculum- and Classroom-based Physical Activity Breaks on Academic Performance in Elementary School Children in Southern New Mexico

Emerson, James David (2020) Behavioral Ecology of a Desert Ambush Predator: Assessing Movement Patterns, Habitat and Microhabitat Use, and the Innate Feeding Response of Eastern Black-Tailed Rattlesnakes (Crotalus ornatus) in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Encerrado Manriquez, Angela Marisol (2020) Method Development for the Analysis of Fatty Acids in Adipose Tissue Using Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Esparza Hernandez, Alan Alberto (2020) Thermoanalytical Studies on the Decomposition of Energetic Ionic Liquids

Estorga, Ignacio (2020) Principals’ Perceptions of Their Preparedness to Lead Inclusive Schools for Students with Disabilities: An Action Research Study of a Principal Preparation Program on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Fathi, Aria (2020) Extracting Mechanical Properties of Compacted Geomaterials Using Intelligent Compaction Technology

Fernandez, Andres Enriquez (2020) UAV Parameter Estimation Through Machine Learning

Flores Ramirez, Francisco Javier (2020) Juvenile Fluoxetine Treatment Mediates an Anxiogenic Phenotype that Is Ameliorated by Its Re-exposure in Adulthood

Fontes, Hilda (2020) Synthesis and Characterization of Material Systems for 3D Printed Smart Structures

French, Katherine L (2020) We Are All Green: Stereotypes for Female Soldiers and Veterans

Galindo, Kayla Irene (2020) The Effects of Eating a High Fat Diet on Sensitivity of Rats to Methamphetamine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference

Garcia, Victor Higareda (2020) Uranium Series Dating and Geochemistry of Fault Zone Precipitated Secondary Carbonates: Insights into Paleo Fluid Sources, Tectonics and Climate in the Rio Grande Rift

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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Abdullah, Sharmin (2019) Microstructure Evolution of Chalcogenide Materials via Molecular Dynamics

Abrefa, Emmanuel Kofi (2019) Confidence Intervals for the Expected P-value

Acosta Carrasco, Carlos Felipe (2019) Additive Manufactured Ear Pinna for Spatial Cue Preservation in Custom Hearing Devices

Acosta, Griselda Valdepeñas (2019) Towards Analytical Techniques for Systems Engineering Applications

Acuna, Rosabril (2019) Generation, Identification and Characterization of Novel Monoclonal Antibodies Against CTLA-4, PD-1 and BTLA for the Treatment of Cancer

Adisa, Ishaq Olarewaju (2019) Potential of Nanoscale Elements to Control Fusarium Wilt Disease in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), Enhance Macronutrient Use Efficiency, and Increase Its Yield

Agüero, Ángel (2019) Cantor Sets, Cantorvals, and Their Topological Structure

Aguilar, Angela Christina (2019) Nonlinear Optics for Nanoparticle Tracking and Materials Characterization

Aguilar Calderon, Josue Rolando (2019) Low-valent Synthons of Titanium: Investigations on Structure-reactivity Relationships

Aguirre, Daniela (2019) Deciduous Shrub Encroachment Effects on Tundra Soil Properties

Aguirre, Diego (2019) A Novel Set of Weight Initialization Techniques for Deep Learning Architectures

Ahmed, Rawia (2019) Spurring Tensions at the Workplace and the Moderating Role of Psychological Resilience: A Paradox Theory Perspective

Akter, Tahmina (2019) New Porous Semiconductor Nanocomposites as Dye-Sensitized Photocatalysts

Alfaro-Diaz, Richard Alexander (2019) Exploring Dynamic Triggering of Earthquakes Within the United States & Quaternary Faulting and Urban Seismic Hazards in the El Paso Metropolitan Area

Alqahtani, Labdan (2019) Mineral Exploration Investigation in the Northern Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

Alvarez, Miriam Josephine (2019) Under The Skin: Psychophysiological Consequences of Racial Discrimination

Alvidrez, Mariana (2019) From Mistakes, We Learn: Variations in Teacher Dis/Position Toward Errors in Mathematics Classrooms

Amfo, Esther Kesewa (2019) Earthquake Magnitude Prediction Using Support Vector Machine and Convolutional Neural Network

Anil Kumar, Shweta (2019) Exploration and Optimization of Biomaterials and Cells Required for the Fabrication of a “Cardiac Patch”

Anum, Andrews Tawiah (2019) Robust Statistical Inference for the Gaussian Distribution

Aranda Barroso, Michelle Alejandra (2019) Molecular Mechanism of Neurodegeneration Induced by 4-Nonylphenol

Arguelles, Rossana Villegas (2019) Artificial Intelligence in the Assessment of Transmission and Distribution Systems under Natural Disasters Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques in a Knowledge Discovery Framework

Arras, Benjamin (2019) Quantifying Early-Age Concrete Mechanical Properties and Curing Conditions Utilizing an Automated System

Avila Rodriguez, Nancy Selene (2019) Computer-Aided Classification of Impulse Oscillometric Measures of Respiratory Small Airways Function in Children

Badhan, Antara (2019) CFD DEM Analysis of a Dry Powder Inhaler

Banerjee, Paulami (2019) Creating Spaces for Conversations on Conservation: A Case Study of Joint Forest Management in East Sikkim, India

Baral, Raju (2019) Dimensionality of Magnetism in Trirutile CoTa2O6 and Its Derivatives

Barraza Alonzo, Francisco Javier (2019) Perder Así

Begum, Khodeza (2019) GPCR-PEnDB: A Database of Protein Sequences and Derived Features to Facilitate Prediction and Classification of G Protein-coupled Receptors

Blush, Jennifer M (2019) Cross-language Sense Priming

Bokati, Laxman (2019) Decision Making Under Uncertainty with Applications to Geosciences and Finance

Bray, Jessica R (2019) The influence (or Lack Thereof) of Stereotypes on Spontaneous Trait Inferences

Butler, Tiffany Nichelle (2019) Directory of Services and Resources to Support Breastfeeding Initiation, Exclusivity, and Longevity in the El Paso Texas Region

Camacho Barranco, Roberto (2019) Time-Reflective Text Representations for Semantic Evolution Tracking and Trend Analytics

Camacho Lopez, Diana Carolina (2019) Testing and Characterization of a Miniature Solenoid Valve for a Cold Gas propulsion System of a 1U CubeSat Demonstrator

Camberos Rangel, Diana Minerva (2019) Analyzing Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

Campbell, Aleli (2019) Bioprinted MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells, An In Vitro Model for Drug Discovery

Canaba, Karina Chantal (2019) Theorizing the Experiences of Chicana Faculty at a Hispanic-serving Institution

Cano Escamilla, Jaime Aaron (2019) A Modified Wilshire Model For Creep Deformation And Damage Prediction

Cano, Jose Carlos (2019) Shining Light on An Amygdala – Brainstem Connection Important for Attention Processing

Cano, Mariel (2019) Masculinity in the Kitchen: Gender Performance in the Culinary Arts Industry

Capt, Tallen A (2019) Urban Water Demand in Arid-regions: Modeling and Forecasting Climatic and Economic Effects

Cardoso Smith, Juliana de Almeida (2019) The Implications of Gender Roles on HIV Risk Behaviors and Latinas' HIV Risk Perception Among a College Sample

Carrete, Israel Alejandro (2019) Development and Characterization of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)-cotton Natural Fiber-reinforced Composites from Waste Materials

Castellanos, Barbara Samantha (2019) HSPG2 Mediates Mandibular Jaw Joint Development

Castillo Fatule, Eduardo Jose (2019) Applications of A New Genetic Algorithm to Solve The Centralized Carrier Collaboration and Multihub Location Problem Considering Environmental Impacts

Ceniceros, Julio Eduardo (2019) MESACS: A Multi-Method Environmental Study over The Arctic Chukchi Sea

Cervantes Martínez, Iván Alonso Cervantes (2019) Electronic Tuning of Dimolybdenum Complexes Through Symmetry Manipulation of Formamidinate Ligands in Their Second Coordination Sphere

Chauhan, Swapnil Singh (2019) Code Smells Quantification: A Case Study on Large Open Source Research Codebase

Chavez, Mayra Consuelo (2019) Assessing Spatiotemporal Exposures to Transportation Pollutants in Near-Road Communities Using AERMOD

Chen, Jing (2019) The Augmenting Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing Performance

Ciubuc, John (2019) Raman Computational and Experimental Studies on Label-Free Biological Investigations

Collins, Jin A (2019) Towards Multiple Model Approach to Bridge Deterioration

Covarrubias, Jazmine Marisol (2019) Adaptive Microphone Array Systems with Neural Network Applications

Cram, Ana Catalina (2019) A Coupled Modeling Framework for Allocation Design in Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes to Optimize Biofuel Feedstock Production

Crawford, Christa (2019) Soot & Shadow

Cruz, Daniel Pedro (2019) A Method for Iron Determination During Copper Electrometallurgy and Its Application to the Calculation of Current Efficiency

Dalton, Cora Evelyn Gannaway (2019) Stratigraphic and Structural Characterization and Evolution of Exposed Megaflaps Flanking Salt Diapirs

Daugherty, William Ramon (2019) Black River

Davila Diaz, Martha C (2019) Anfibia

Deatrick, Kyle Thomas (2019) Sequence Stratigraphy, Diagenesis, and Depositional Facies of an Exposed Megaflap: Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group, Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Colorado

Dechi, Benard Owusu (2019) Bayesian Analysis of Ordinal Outcomes Through Latent Variable Approach

Decker, Warren (2019) Still in Kushimoto (A Novel)

Delfin, Rafael A (2019) Stratigraphic Response of the Differential Rise of the Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Jurassic Entrada Formation, Paradox Basin, Colorado

Delgado, Denise Natalia (2019) Let's Talk About What We Otherwise Risk Ignoring: Sexual Health among Women Who Have Sex with Women

DeSantis, Dominic Louis (2019) Movement Ecology of a Cryptic Ambush Predator: Integrating Radio Telemetry and Tri-Axial Accelerometry to Evaluate Spatial Strategies and Activity Patterns by Western Diamond-Backed Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox)

Diaz-Cabrales, Jorge Angel (2019) Direct Write 3D Printing of Functional Ceramics

Diaz, Roberto Jesus (2019) Scientific Islanders: Pacific Peoples, American Scientists, and the Desire to Understand the World, 1800-1860

Dillard, Sean (2019) Nietzsche and the Aestheticization of the Natural Sciences

Dimuzio, Noemi (2019) Disciplining the Female Body through Fitness: "Women Participating in CrossFit and Perceptions of the Body"

Doering, Maralyn (2019) Stratified Access on The Border: Examining Experiences of Reproductive Care

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

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Aboagye, Prince Osei (2018) On Numerical Stochastic Optimal Control via Bellman's Dynamic Programming Principle

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Abusal, Deyaaldeen (2018) Technical Project Management: Union of Systems Engineering Processes with Project Management Processes

Acevedo, Ricardo (2018) An Examination of Student Self-regulation Learning Strategies in Online Courses at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Acosta, Ana (2018) Impact of Patient Demographics and Health Insurance on Hospital Discharge Planning

Adzo, Fumador Esenam (2018) Cerium Levels in Fine and Coarse Airborne Particulate Matter in El Paso, Texas - A Geospatial and Temporal Investigation

Aguila, Eduardo (2018) Association of Opioid Metabolism with Aberrant Drug-Related Behaviors among Non-Malignant Chronic Pain Patients

Aguilar, Daniela Ivette (2018) Testing of a 1-N AF-M315E Thruster

Aguilar, Michelle (2018) Language Attitudes Toward Mexican Spanish-accented and Standard Varieties of English

Aguirre Polanco, Aurora (2018) The Process of Adoption of Disruptive Innovations in Local Health Care Agencies Delivering Primary Care

Akhter, Anjuman Ara (2018) Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Hydraulic Design Procedures of Bridges

Alizadehmojarad, Aliasghar (2018) Computational Modeling of Ring DNA-carbon Nanotube Sensors

Alkhatib, Mohammed Qassim (2018) Superpixel-based Hyperspectral Unmixing with Regional Segmentation

Allen, Keighton (2018) Small Industrial and Commercial User Demand for Electricity in El Paso, Texas

Almesleh, Najwah Alssaeidi Ahmed (2018) Geostatistical and Geospatial Distribution of Multiple Metallic Elements in Agricultural Regions of The Mid-Continental Usa

Alvarez, Anthony M (2018) Grenvillian Tectonomagmatic Evolution of Southwestern Laurentia; Virtual Tour of Multidimensional Orders of Scale; Two Methods to Describe the Vastness of Time; Math Concepts Utilizing Google Earth; Systematic Approach to Motion Analyses; Mathematics and Earth Science-Based Knowledge and Learning Trends: A Multi-Tiered Investigation and Rationale

Amador, Manuel (2018) Does a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Affect Exercise Induced Improvements in Insulin Sensitivity, Metabolic Flexibility, and Myokine Expression in Mexican-American Males?

Amparan, Aldo Ivan (2018) Brother Sleep

Anchondo, Teresa Mercedes (2018) Geographic and Multilevel Influences of School Environments on the development of obesity and Physical Activity Among School Children in a U.S.-Mexico Border Community

Andrade, Salvador Canales (2018) Improving Time-of-flight and Other Depth Images: Super-resolution and Denoising Using Variational Methods

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Asiri, Ohood Omar H (2018) Anaphora Resolution in Spanish-English L2 Learners An Analysis of Different Discourse Context

Avila, Mayra Lizette (2018) La Pena Negra: Mexican Women, Gender, and Labor During the Bracero Program, 1942-1964

Ayivor, Fredrick (2018) Integrated Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting and Classifying G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Barraza, Elisa Guadalupe (2018) Speech Recognition in Noise Performance in Younger and Older Spanish-English Bilinguals' L1 And L2

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Bean, Maranda Lee (2018) A Mixed Finite Element Method for the Coupling of Linear Elasticity and Stokes Flow

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Bird, Nestor Javier Bonilla (2018) Insights into the Interaction of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles with Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.): The Role of Lignin on Copper Uptake and Translocation

Borges, Adonis de Carvalho (2018) The Impact of Animacy and Positioning on the Production of Second Language Referring Expressions

Bustamante, Arturo Schiaffino (2018) Data-driven Predictive Framework for Modeling Complex Multi-physics Engineering Applications

Cabrera, Diana Alejandra (2018) Assessing Corrosivity of Galvanized Soil Reinforcements from Electrochemical Tests

Campos, Jorge Luis Navarrete (2018) Evaluation of Recycled Gypsum Application Dosages to Enhance the Water Infiltration Rate at Water Retention Ponds

Cappelle, Malynda Aragon (2018) High Recovery Inland Desalination: A Technical and Economic Performance Evaluation of Zero Discharge Desalination and Other Technologies

Carre, Jessica Rose (2018) Differentiating Darkness: Decision-making Differences Between Psychopathy and Machiavellianism

Carrera, Diana Berenice Montes (2018) Constitutive Model Development for Additive Manufacturing

Castro, Joel Gerardo (2018) A Machine Learning Approach to Rendering 3D Stratigraphic Models of the Hueco Bolson, Western Texas and Northern Mexico

Cervantes, Jose Pablo (2018) Gravitational Analysis and Fault Identification Within an Active Rift Basin: The Mesilla Valley Bolson in Western Texas - Southern New Mexico

Chacon-Robles, Brenda (2018) Improving Instructional Leadership: A Multi-Case Study Perspectives on Formal Evaluations

Chowdhury, Arifur Rahim (2018) Design and Experimental Study of a High Pressure and Supercritical Methane-Oxygen Burner

Chugh, Srishti (2018) Photo-induced Charge Transport in Graphene and Semiconducting WSe2 Integrated with Zero-dimensional Materials for Enhancing Optoelectronic Device Characteristics

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Costa, Matthew A (2018) Trace Metal and Metalloid Behavior in the Submicron Scale Components of Coal Fly Ashes: Insights From Combined Microscopic and Microbiological Studies

Coviello, James C (2018) 'Framing' Equity: Using Frame Analysis to Explore Superintendents' Attempts to Implement Policies for Equity

Crain, Grace Margaret (2018) Biologically Available Phosphorus in Biocrust-dominated Soils of the Chihuahuan Desert

Crisafulli, Joseph Anthony (2018) The Sitting Bull

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Acuña, Myriah Lorraine (2017) The Contribution of Alternative Splicing Toward the Global Control of SUMO1 Sumoylation

Aditya, Abhilash (2017) Optimization of Collagen Microneedle Using Taguchi Method

Aguilar, Isaac Jaime (2017) An In-Depth Evaluation of Shear Box Compactor for Hot Mix Asphalt

Aguilera, Javier A (2017) Investigation into the Role of N-Terminal Acetylation of ESAT-6 in Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Aguirre, Dennis Jason (2017) Grito!: Cultural Nationalism and the Chicana/o Insurgency in New Mexico, 1968-1979

Aguirre, Katherine Marie (2017) Monitoring and Blunting Coping Style Effects on College Student Processing of Health Information Via Social Media

Aguirre, Rodolfo (2017) Molecular Dynamics Study of Poly And Monocrystalline CdS/CdTe Junctions and Cu Doped Znte Back Contacts for Solar Cell Applications

Ahmed, Syeed Ehsan (2017) Imaging Live Drosophila Brain with Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy

Akter, Sharmin (2017) Self-Interaction Corrected Polarizabilities of Small Molecules

Alahmoradi Akbarabadi, Majid (2017) Developing a System Dynamics Model of the El Paso Water Resources System

Alcantara, Ilse (2017) Quasi-Static Fracture Toughness Testing of 7075 Aluminum for Spacecraft Separation Joint Applications

Alonzo, Matthew (2017) Spectroscopic Analysis of Neurotransmitters: A Theoretical and Experimental Raman Study

Amador, Leonardo Orea (2017) Empathic Experience Design for Cognitive Impairment

Anderson, Andrew (2017) Depositional Controls and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lacustrine to Marine Transgressive Deposits in a Rift Basin, Lower Cretaceous Bluff Mesa, Indio Mountains, West Texas

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Arellano, Carla E (2017) Sonogram in Medias Res

Arias Ugarte, Juan Gustavo (2017) Studies of Air Pollutants and Their Impact on Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases in the El Paso Del Norte Region with Emphasis on Mobile Emissions

Armendariz, Elda (2017) Advanced Placement Versus Dual Credit: The Long-Term Effects of Advanced Academics on Post-Secondary Success and Completion at a Public Four-Year Research University in a Border City

Arrieta, Edel (2017) Comprehensive finite element modeling of Ti-6Al-4V cellular solids fabricated by electron beam melting

Aryal, Arjun (2017) Studies of Direct Solar Irradiance and Aerosol Optical Depth Using an MFRSR and a Microtop Sunphotometer in the El Paso-Juarez Airshed

Bane, Jessica Adriana (2017) Feasibility Study and Optimization Analysis of Using a PVT Collector for a Reverse Osmosis Based Water Desalination Plant

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Baron, Alejandra Paola (2017) The Creation of the Border Crisis: How the Media Influenced the Situation at the U.S./Mexico Border in 2014

Barraza, María Ivette (2017) Estimating the Coefficients of a Linear Differential Operator

Begum, Khodeza (2017) Computational Methods for Prediction and Classification of G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Belcher, Travis (2017) Improving the Regression Rate of an HTPB Hybrid Rocket Fuel Grain

Bhoi, Rahulkumar Kantibhia (2017) Characterization & Extraction of Extracellular Matrix From Porcine Adipose Tissue

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Ramirez, Adriana (2017) Comparison of Extruder Systems for 3D Printer Filament Fabrication

Ramirez, Christopher (2017) Flexible Analysis of Creep Rupture Database and Accelerating the Acquisition of Creep Rupture Data

Ramirez-Homs, Enrique (2017) Study of Electron Gas on a Neutron-Rich Nuclear Pasta

Rangel, Pablo (2017) Safety Airway for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using a Gas Particles Behavior Analogy

Rayon, Alex Michael (2017) Analysis of Gesture Frequency and Amplitude as a Function of Personality in Virtual Agents

Rea, Patrick (2017) Cycling of Gypsiferous White Sands Aerosols in the Shallow Critical Zone at White Mountain, New Mexico

Renteria Marquez, Anabel (2017) Risk Mitigation in the Supply Chain Caused by Multiple Phase-in and Phase-out Components Using SIMIO Simulation

Reyes, Luis Ernesto (2017) Healthcare Utilization Awareness and Labor Monitoring Methodology: A Theoretical I.M.S.E. Approach to Risk Minimization and Human Metrics Capturing in the Nursing Workforce

Reyes Schuldes, Jesus Gerardo (2017) Three Dimensional Finite Element Model for Residual Stresses in Parts Manufactured by SLM and EBM

Reyna, Angela M (2017) With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Navigating Through Year One of the Principalship

Rincon, Julio (2017) Complementary Charged Molecular Imprints of West Nile Virus Antibodies

Rivera, Luis Eduardo (2017) Dual enrollment participation in the United States: Findings from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009

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Rodriguez, Melanie Lorie (2017) Racial Injustice in Houston, Texas: The Mexican American Mobilization Against the Police Killing of Joe Campos Torres

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Rosero, Jorge Arturo (2017) Design of a Feed System for an Oxy-Methane High Pressure Combustor

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Sabandal, Paul Rafael B (2017) The Neuromodulatory Mechanisms That Monoamines Control Simple and Complex Behaviors

Salaices Gomez, Berenice (2017) Impact of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Asphalt Shingles on Laboratory and Field Performance of Texas Asphalt Concrete Pavements

Salas, Consuelo Carr (2017) Commodified perception of culture: A rhetorical inquiry of food advertisement narratives

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Sanchez Garcia, Diego Armando (2017) Household Water Consumption in El Paso, Texas: Perceptions and Behaviors towards Water in Urban Households

Sandoval, Armando (2017) Experimental Investigation of Cryogenic Convection and Boiling in Traditionally and Additively Manufactured Rocket Engine Cooling Channels

Sandoval, Vanessa (2017) Investigating a University Classroom Where the Participants are Purposely Invited, Included, and Engaged Through Liberating Structures

Seelig, William George (2017) Seismic investigation of the Kunlun Fault: Analysis of the INDEPTH IV 2-D active-source seismic dataset

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Sharmin, Nazia (2017) Time Degradation of Perovskites

Silva, Jorge Luis (2017) Pyroelectric Ceramics as Temperature Sensors for Energy System Applications

Soto, Alberto (2017) Optimization of Neural Network Architecture for Classification of Radar Jamming FM Signals

Stone, Ariel Grace (2017) Using Dynamic Risk to Predict Violent Recidivism in "Real Time": Applying a Framework for Proximal Assessment of Risk of General Recidivism to Predict Violent Outcomes

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Ventura, Karen (2017) Bimetallic Centers with Open Coordination Sites and Magnetic Nanocomposites for Water Remediation

Ventura Luna, Tania Alejandra (2017) Design Optimization for Heat Dissipation in Polymver Additive Manufacturing with Joule Heating

Ventura Pérez, Alan Efrén (2017) Alá es primero: Faith and Culture on the Mexican-American Border

Viera, Julian (2017) Emergent Bilinguals' Engagement in an Online Mathematics Course Utilizing an Intelligent Tutoring System

Villalobos, Janelly (2017) Biochemical Characterization of Wild-Type Hsp27 and Point Mutation S135F That Leads to Neurodegenerative Disease

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Vizcaino, Maricarmen (2017) The Effect of Yoga Practice on Glucose Control, Physiological Stress, and Well-Being in Type 2 Diabetes: Exploring a Mechanism of Action

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Aalipur Hafshejani, Behzad (2016) A new test for the mean vector in high dimensional setting

Abdoh, Hussein Ali Ahmad (2016) Product market competition, corporate investments and risk

Abedin, Faisal (2016) Studying grazing behavior of Cafeteria roenbergensis with two-photon microscopy

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Aboud, Jad Gerges (2016) Design of a thermal management system for an oxy-methane direct power extraction combustor

Abu, Saiful (2016) Forecasting customer electricity load demand in the power trading agent competition using machine learning

Abushalah, Yousf Milad (2016) Seismic modeling, rock physics, avo and seismic attribute analysis for illuminating sandstone facies of the Late Ordovic Ian Mamuniyat Reservoir, R-Field, Murzuq Basin-Libya

Acosta, Igi G (2016) Bio-politics of state repression: A case study of the Indignados social movement in Ciudad Juárez, México

Acosta-Zamora, Arturo (2016) Flame front structures studies of highly turbulent reacting flow over a backward facing step using KHz OH-CH planar laser induced fluorescence

Adleman, Sarah Abigail (2016) Echoes

Agee, Nikki A (2016) Animating composition: 3D computer-generated imaging & technical communication classes

Aguila, Andrea (2016) Prevalence of dental caries in Mexican-American children and adolescents attending Rawlings Dental Pediatric Clinic in El Paso, Texas

Aguilera, Efrain (2016) Creating multi-functional g-code for multi-process additive manufacturing

Aguilera, Juan (2016) Prevalence of risk factors for metabolic syndrome in uninsured Hispanic adults from low income communities in El Paso, Texas

Akundi, Satya Aditya (2016) Information entropy measures applied to hierarchial complex technical and soci-technical systems

Alaniz-Bouqayes, Nora (2016) Mapping decisions of reporting asset misappropriation within an accounting department using behavioral, cognitive, and cultural traits

Alexander, Olga (2016) A mother's love: A personal journey of self-discovery, self-love and unyielding perseverance

Alvarez, Cesar Alberto (2016) Treatment of dissolved metals for direct potable reuse

Alvarez, Miriam Josephine (2016) The impact of bicultural identity on perceptions of self-efficacy

Anchondo-Rivera, Anessa (2016) Esta con la partera: A qualitative feminist perspective of women's birthing experiences in El Paso Texas

Apodaca, Suzanne Annette (2016) Modulation of the physiological and biochemical effects of copper nanoparticles in kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) by kinetin

Aquilina, Susannah Estelle (2016) Art, culture making, and representation as resistance in the life of Manuel Gregorio Acosta

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Azani, Paola (2016) Effects of fabrication conditions on mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V fabricated by powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Bailey, Callum Peter (2016) G-code generation for multi-process 3D printing

Balal Varnosfaderani, Esmaeil (2016) A discretionary lane changing decision model based on fuzzy inference system

Balcazar Soto, Paola Nayeli (2016) Development of a measure of positive and negative aspects of dog owners' attachment to their pets

Banuelos Chacon, Luis Carlos (2016) High fidelity localization and sensing for cattle analytics

Barrios, Ana Cecilia (2016) Effects of citric acid coated and uncoated cerium oxide nanoparticles in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plants

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Berry, Eric Alan (2016) A spatially variant metamaterial design process for transformation electromagnetic devices

Bezares-Cruz, Juan Cesar (2016) Environmenal impact assessment and removal of endocrine disrupting compounds in municipal wastewater treatment

Bhatta, Surendra (2016) DFT study on the structure and properties of VSc2N@C 68

Bianco, Shannon Lee (2016) Raising Ebenezer

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Ranadive, Dilata (2016) Financial Decision-making and the Normalization of Deviance

Ray, Stephanie (2016) National evaluation for development and exploration potential of mineral commodities in produced waters

Renteria Marquez, Ivan Arturo (2016) Modeling of Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Rotary Ultrasonic Motors with the finite volume method

Reyes, Nidia Mariana (2016) Construcción de subjetividades identitarias y su relación espacial: tres representaciones teatrales del feminicidio en Ciudad Juárez

Reyes, Stephanie Marie (2016) Examining the role of threat processing in memory consolidation and prejudice formation

Reyna Cruz, Joaquin Andres (2016) A semantically-enabled trust model for collaborative environments

Rios Ibanez, Ana Cecilia (2016) Microstructural characterization of high velocity oxy fuel coatings of Inconel 718 and iron aluminides

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Rocha Gutierrez, Carmen Raquel (2016) Improving the engineering properties of PLA for 3D printing and beyond

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Rodriguez Murillo, Marco Antonio (2016) Hagiografía del fuego

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Salinas Lopez, Silvia (2016) A comparison of the 2013 AHA/ACC/TOS guideline for the management of overweight and obesity in adults to clinical outcomes of a Promotora-Led Mi Corazon Mi Comunidad intervention among Hispanics

Salome, Melanie Rebecca (2016) A critical analysis of the rhetoric of education reform in the United States

Sanchez, Luis Eduardo (2016) Development and testing of oxygen/methane torch igniter technologies for propulsion systems

Sanchez, Maria Cristal (2016) Effects of controlled-whole body vibration training on reducing risk of falls in people with multiple sclerosis

Sandford, Heather (2016) Nutrition knowledge among a predominantly Hispanic college population

Sarkar, Sayan (2016) Essays in accounting and finance

Sarker, Rashedul Hasan MD. (2016) Investigation on pyroelectric ceramic temperature sensors for energy system applications

Schleicher, Karly Meillyn (2016) Cross-language conceptual activation and development through text passages

Schocker, Nathaniel Scott (2016) Synthesis of neoglycoproteins/neoglycopeptides and their immunological evaluation in the context of Chagas disease

Schwartz, Chavah I (2016) Music and what it is like: What a phenomenology of perception tells us about the experience of music

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Sequeira, Emmanuel (2016) Development of efficient simultaneous confidence bounds for linear mixed models with applications in alcohol research

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Sinclair, Heather Marie (2016) Birth City: Race and Violence in the History of Childbirth and Midwifery in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Borderlands, 1907-2013

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Stapleton, Evan Marie (2016) Out vile jelly: The consumption of violence in King Lear and The Winter's Tale

Starke, Adam Robert (2016) The gateway grade: The ninth grade academy practice in terms of student performance

Stone, Justin David (2016) The weightless machine

Suro Maldonado, Beatriz (2016) The efficacy of brief individual and group interventions among light and intermittent smokers

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Talavera, Nicholas Alexander (2016) 3-D structure of colombia from 1-D constrained joint inversion of receiver functions and surface wave dispersion

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Tarin, Gabriela (2016) Predicting the water quality of shallow Arctic ponds using remote sensing

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Thimiri Mallikarjan, Jagadish (2016) Systems engineering approach to solve drug violence problem

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Trillo, Jesus Eduardo (2016) Design of a 500 lbf liquid oxygen and liquid methane rocket engine for suborbital flight

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Valdez, Jose A. (2016) CdTe doped with Zn grown on Si(111) and Si(211) using the closed space sublimation method

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Wandermurem, Luciene Soares (2016) Entering the world of university: The literacies and identities of Latino/a youth in their transitions from high school to college

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Xu, Zhenning Jimmy (2016) Three essays on Big Data Analytics, Traditional Marketing Analytics, knowledge discovery, and new product performance

Zuverza Mena, Nubia (2016) Bioavailability of metal/metal oxide nanomaterials and their effects on the physiology of plants

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Acevedo, Joshua (2015) Piecing elections together in the 21st century: Social media, outreach strategies, & community engagement

Acosta, Alma Rosa (2015) The effects of sign on speech segmentation in infants

Afrin, Samia (2015) Design optimization and optical characterization of a high temperature solar receiver

Afrose, Naznin Jahan (2015) Spectral radiation analysis of premixed oxy-syngas and oxy-methane flames

Agail, Abdusalam Ali (2015) Lithospheric structure and stress field orientations in the northern Libya and east-central Mediterranean region

Alexander, Sha-Renae (2015) A comparative assessment of electrophysiological and behavioral performance in individuals with aphasia responding to spoken and written sentence length commands

Alexander, Victoria (2015) Monolingual and bilingual intervention outcomes in a bilingual child with autism

Alfaro-Diaz, Richard A (2015) Dynamic triggering in the Coso geothermal field, 2004-2013

Allen, Warren Harding (2015) Reinterpretation of the Mesozoic thrust complex of the southern Spring Mountains, Nevada

Alvarez, Juan M (2015) Comparison of blood lead levels between children in an urban setting and children in a rural setting

Ambriz, Steven Daniel (2015) Design and development of the portable build platform and heated travel envelope for the Multi3D manufacturing system

Andrade, Eduardo (2015) Acoustic emission characteristics of damage accumulation in Kevlar® 49 composites

Archuleta-Lucero, Amber (2015) Faculty and student interactions at the community college: An examination of the interaction order

Armendariz, Jessica (2015) Acculturation, psychological distress, and smoking in Latinos living with HIV/AIDS

Arslan, Faruk (2015) Three essays on global ICT phenomenon: Productivity paradox, organizational ICT use, and privacy in social networks

Babarinsa-Ochiedike, Grace Olutayo (2015) Challenges in assessing college students' conception of duality: the case of infinity

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Ramirez, Anthony R (2015) Comic book fandom: An exploratory study into the world of comic book fan social identity through parasocial theory

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Ruiz Gaistardo, Esau (2015) Neighbor discovery in ad-hoc networks

Ruiz, Michelle Lynn Wurster (2015) Creative based entrepreneurship: The impact of acculturation on opportunity engagement: The case of recent Mexican immigrants to the United States

Saenpoch, Petcharat (2015) Peer review in a graduate writing class: Case studies of first- and second - language students

Saenz Rojo, Elias Daniel (2015) Recession prediction for US border economies. Can probit models predict recessions at an MSA level including bi-national variables?

Saenz Rojo, Laura Mariel (2015) Predicting recessions using the yield spread: The Mexican northern border case

Salazar, Jessica G (2015) Microscopic and spectroscopic analysis of cadmium telluride

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Sanchez, Stephanie Michelle (2015) Skin detection in hyperspectral images

Sandoval, Priscilla L (2015) Sustainable river-basin salinity management: Treatment of natural brine springs for recovery of purified sodium chloride and other valuable minerals

Santana-Melgoza, Victor (2015) Dating across difference: A rhetorical analysis of interracial same-sex relationships in targeted media outlets

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Shantha-Kumar, Sanjay (2015) Reaction of liquid aluminium-samarium alloys with B4C at ultra high temperatures

Shirazi, Shahabaldin (2015) A rapid approach for considering nonlinear response of flexible pavements under FWD and estimation of remaining lives of pavements

Shuvo, Mohammad Arif Ishtiaque (2015) Hybrid nano-structure for enhanced energy storage devices

Silver, Melissa Rose (2015) A comparison of maze frequency and type across language and speaker: A look at English and Spanish narrative retells

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Varela Jimenez, Luis Alejandro (2015) Development of a novel hybrid unified viscoplastic constitutive model

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Zarate, Lucina Rodriguez (2015) Visual arts teacher preparation

Zubia, Emmanuel Zubia (2015) Evaluation of small molecules on the excitatory amino acid transporter 3 (EAAT3) for the treatment of OCD

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Acosta, Yassel (2014) Two-photon microscopy for biomedical studies

Aghvami, Seyedmohammadali (2014) Integrating two-photon microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy for studying the interaction of Caféteria roenbergensis and CroV

Aguirre, Brandon Adrian (2014) Growth and analysis of micro and nano CdTe arrays for solar cell applications

Aguirre, Oswaldo (2014) Multi-objective border patrolling optimization using game theory and evolutionary algorithms

Akosa, Josephine Sarpong (2014) Resampling-based multiple comparisons for generalized linear models

Alam, Mohammad Shafiul (2014) Combustion synthesis of molybdenum silicides and borosilicides for ultrahigh-temperature structural applications

AlHakeem, Donna Ibrahim (2014) Solar PV power generation forecasting using hybrid intelligent algorithms and uncertainty quantification based on bootstrap confidence intervals

Alikaj, Oliana (2014) Albanian-English bilinguals' learning contexts and emotions: A cross-cultural perspective on second-language acquisition

Al-Riyami, Said M (2014) The effects of biculturalism, bicultural identity integration, and emotional ambivalence on attitudes toward diversity

Al-Salmi, Laila Z (2014) Digital biliteracy: Digital technologies as homes for Arab immigrant children's biliteracy development

Alva, Julia Sandoval (2014) Thermal Ecology of Urosaurus ornatus (Ornate Tree Lizard), in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert on Indio Mountains Research Station, Texas

Alvarado, Ramon (2014) On moral supervenience

Amarasekara, Sathya (2014) A new bivariate distribution with applications

Ambati, Venkata Naga Pradeep (2014) Examining the role of attention in steering using a dual task paradigm

Amerikheirabadi, Fatemeh (2014) Electronic structure and charge transfer excited states of endohedral fullerene containing electron donoracceptor complexes utilized in organic photovoltaics

Andresen, Christian Gerardo (2014) Monitoring and understanding decadal scale changes in hydrology, productivity and carbon balance in Arctic tundra ponds

Armour, Linda Kay (2014) Long-term deformation in the southern Río Grande Rift as inferred from topographic and uplifted terraces

Arredondo, Sujehy (2014) Relationship between intimate partner violence and alcohol use among Hispanic women in the border region

Avila, Gustavo A (2014) Biochemical characterization of four distinct proteins

Azari, Houman (2014) Simulation of heat and mass transfer in Suns River solar distillation

Badhan, Antara (2014) Numerical prediction of collection efficiency of a personal sampler based on cyclone principle

Barnes, Kyle Eugene (2014) Analyzing stress drops of earthquakes near Wellington, New Zealand

Barton, Jay Houston (2014) Frequency selective surfaces for extreme applications

Barulina, Maria (2014) Essays on financial constraints, export, and entrepreneur gender in Latin America

Bean, Maranda (2014) A block preconditioner for a mixed finite element method for Biot's equations

Beltran Perez, Oscar (2014) Social determinants affecting the mental health of HIV infected Latino men who have sex with men living on the U.S. - Mexican border

Benavides, Yvette D (2014) Rolodex of Saints: A collection of short stories

Bhusal, Shusil (2014) The study of dielectric properties of the endohedral fullerenes

Bhuyan, Mohammod Khairul Kabir (2014) Cell releasing system using light responsive photovoltaic devices

Block, Tobias (2014) The Changkufeng and Nomonhan incidents – The undeclared border war and its impact on World War II

Blow, Julie (2014) A pilot study examining the impact of a brief health education intervention on food choices and exercise in a Hispanic college student sample.

Borges, Cristobal A (2014) Unspoken prejudice: Racial politics, gendered norms, and the transformation of Puerto Rican identity in the twentieth century

Bowen, Joshua Scott (2014) Development of a variable stiffness locally adjustable and repairable low-cost energy storage and return carbon fiber prosthetic foot: A feasibility study

Briones, Janette C (2014) An intelligent system for high resolution radar systems

Bugarin, Luz Irene (2014) Numerical investigation of impact of relative humidity on droplet accumulation and film cooling on compressor blades

Bujanda, Arturo (2014) Impacts of transportation infrastructure proximity and accessibility on real property values

Cabrera Maynez, Luisa Alejandra (2014) Design and development of a High Velocity Oxy-Fuel thermal spray gun

Cabriales Navarrete, Jose Alonso (2014) Psychographic characteristics and health behaviors in young adults

Cameron, Marissa Elizabeth (2014) Modeling tidally driven Coulomb failure at strike-slip linea on Europa

Cardenas, Jesus Alvaro (2014) Smart grids: A paradigm shift on energy generation and distribution with the emergence of a new energy management business model

Carrasco, Jose Humberto (2014) Reading highly interactive electronic storybooks vs. minimally interactive electronic books: Relative influence on time on task, narrative retell, and parental perceptions

Carrick, Tina Louise (2014) Impacting earthquake science and geoscience education: Educational programming to earthquake relocation

Carrillo, Juan Rene (2014) The influence of protest songs on the U.S. public: A Vietnam War perspective

Ceniceros, Isaac Aaron (2014) Through the eyes of the dead others

Chacon, Jason Michael (2014) The sumoylation of the non-structural protein 1 of the influenza a virus plays a dual role during viral infection

Chen, Chu (2014) Political rights and reported accounting numbers: An international study

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Garcia, Cesar Roman (2014) 3D printed spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials

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Rodriguez, Daniel (2014) Hydrogen generation from ammonia borane and water through the combustion reactions with mechanically alloyed Al/Mg powder

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

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Adame Melendez, Juan Carlos (2013) BOD5 and COD data analysis from the Northwest and Robert R. Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plants, using descriptive statistics and basic statistical process control

Adkins, Gary (2013) Utilizing cyber espionage to combat terrorism

Aguilar Bonavides, Juan Clemente (2013) Automatic elucidation of GPI molecular structures with grid computing technology

Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia F (2013) Traducción, el cuerpo y la sombra. Jane: A Murder de Maggie Nelson

Aguirre-Covarrubias, Sandra (2013) Portraits of success: A mixed-method study of the enrollment, persistence, and success experiences of female graduate engineering students at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Aguirre, Katherine Marie (2013) Predictors of resilience among Hispanic adults: Stepwise analyses from late adolescence to adulthood

Ahmed, Mahamud (2013) Determinants of condom use and HIV prevention among East African immigrants in Minnesota

Alarcon, Jennifer Lorie (2013) The impact of interpersonal communication on breastfeeding

Alay G., Gebregiorgis (2013) Seismic reflection exploration of geothermal reservoir at Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon, Nevada

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Almeida Loya, Sergio Fabian (2013) Integration of memristors with MEMS for dynamic displacement control

Al-Zou'bi, Mazin Moh'd (2013) A systematic approach to manage missing data in pavement management systems

Amato, Krista Naomi (2013) Comparative characterization of nickel-base superalloys fabricated by laser and electron beam melting technologies

Anderson, Katie (2013) Influences of ecological light pollution on advertisement calls of Spea multiplicata (Ambphibia: Aanura: Schaphiopodidae) in rural and urban populations in the northern Chihuahuan Desert and an evaluation of hybrid S. bombifrons x S. multiplicata calls

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Azari, Hoda (2013) Optimization of stress wave-based nondestructive methods in identifying deterioration in concrete structures

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Basurto, Luis (2013) Upgrades to NRLMOL code

Bedoui, Adel (2013) Comparison of Bayesian nonparametric density estimation methods

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Acosta, Adrian (2012) Natural rights and equality; the case of injustice in the Senate

Acosta-Zamora, Arturo (2012) An experimental investigation on LOX/LCH4 reaction control thrusters

Afrin, Samia (2012) Numerical analysis of single tank thermocline thermal storage system for concentrated solar power plant

Aguilar Cruz, Jorge Luis (2012) Vámonos al baile! Corridos, regionalism & cultural symbolism: An expressive narrative approach to Los Tigres Del Norte

Aguirre, Nancy Alexandra (2012) Porfirismo during the Mexican Revolution: Exile and the politics of representation, 1910–1920

Aguirre Nunez, Anuar Jesus (2012) Implementation of evolutionary algorithms in the power industry and aviation security

Aguirre, Oswaldo (2012) New multi-objective evolutionary game theory algorithm for border security

Aguirre Polanco, Aurora (2012) Employers' perceptions of factors related to the workforce development of community health workers in El Paso, Texas: A descriptive study

Alaqtash, Murad Mohammad Suleiman (2012) The application of fuzzy granular computing for the analysis of human dynamic behavior in 3D space

Alarcon Valenzuela, Hugo (2012) DNA-carbon nanotubes composites as gene sensors

Al Sabty, Laith A (2012) Selection of sustainable rigid pavement using the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

Alshrif, Naima Mohamed (2012) Role of human protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) in the redox regulation of anthrax receptor 2 (ANTXR2)

Alvarado, Manuel (2012) Applications of density functional theory in materials science and engineering

Alvardo, Laura A (2012) Parasocial interaction between Latino newscasters and their viewers: A cultural pluralism perspective

Andujo, Luis J (2012) Synthesis and characterization of novel pyridyl Silver (I) lipid complexes

Anwar, Farhana (2012) Numerical modeling of cadmium sulfide/zinc cadmium telluride solar cell

Ardha, Vishwanath Reddy (2012) Measurement and analysis of turbulent syngas/air and methane oxy-combustion

Arizpe, Grisel Edith (2012) Analysis of air quality impacts on Sunland Park, New Mexico by Puerto Anapra, Mexico

Arocha, Zita (2012) Adios, Cuba

Arriaga, Daniel (2012) Microelement localization in leaves in Populus spp. and tolerance mechanisms to boron-salt toxicity

Attilio, Leilani Manuel (2012) Correlates of Hepatitis C Virus among injection drug users and their sex partners in Cd. Juarez

Avila, Barbie (2012) Mathematics and science integrated instruction: With the emphasis on the types of mathematical knowledge

Awale, Satyen S (2012) Carrier collaborative network: Hybrid hub-location and algorithm

Baghmar, Gaurav (2012) Transparent and amorphous tungsten-titanium-oxygen nano-coatings

Barnes, Curtis J (2012) Distortion, disparity, and dubious data: The impact of accountability on instructional practice

Barragan Cervantes, Rodrigo Giovan (2012) News coverage of the Sergio Hernández case in newspapers of the border region

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Bean, Maranda (2012) An immersed interface method for a 1D poroelasticity problem with discontinuous coefficients

Becerra-Davila, Fernando (2012) Ozone studies in the Paso del Norte region

Betancourt-Roque, Jesus (2012) Instrumentation, control and Torch Ignition Systems development for LOX/Methane propulsion research

Bezdek, Pavel (2012) Analytical and numerical solution to the partial differential equation arising in financial modeling

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Saavedra, Juan Alejandro (2012) Identification of rework station location to enhance reworkability using design for disassembly

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

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Abujnah, Rajab Emhemed (2011) Asphaltene as light harvesting material in dye sensitized solar cell

Acosta, Derek Joseph (2011) Validating the Nike+ Wireless Sport Kit for estimating pace, distance, and energy expenditure during treadmill walking and running

Acosta Herrera, Pedro Renato (2011) Development of an expert system to aid in the selection of sustainability design engineering methods

Adams, Richard (2011) Residential recycling study

Agail, Abdusalam Ali (2011) Nummulites biofabrics as tool for quality evaluation of the Eocene Jdeir Formation reservoir NW offshore, Libya

Agarwal, Neelam (2011) Beyond accommodations: Perceptions of students with disabilities in a Hispanic serving institution

Aguilar Bonavides, Juan Clemente (2011) Computational tool for automated large-scale GPIomic analysis

Aguirre, Adrian (2011) Patterns and controls of erosion along the Barrow Environmental Observatory Coastline, Northern Alaska

Aguirre, Arthur Alexander (2011) Fan commitment and its transformation into communitas through the process of proxemic exchange

Alamailes, Abubaker Ali (2011) Adaptation of low impact designs to the desert southwest

Alawneh, Mohammed Y (2011) Software and hardware techniques to aid in automating and troubleshooting hybrid systems that fabricate three-dimensional electronics

Aleti, Meghana (2011) The influence of Schwartz's values on teacher's Internet usage: A quantitative study of cross cultural value differences between European nations

Alkhatib, Mohammed Qassim (2011) Automated detection of dust clouds, sources, and direction from NOAA-AVHRR satellite imagery

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Alvarado, Luis A (2011) Assessing measurement invariance in the presence of testlets

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Alvarez, Francisco (2011) Combustion of lunar regolith mixed with energetic additives: Thermodynamic calculations and experimental studies

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Ambure, Sunny Sharad (2011) Novel photovoltaic device for targeted drug delivery

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Anderson, David Brian (2011) Building kites: Stories

Arias Ugarte, Renzo Nelson (2011) Metal catalyzed activation of E-hydrogen bonds, E = silicon, germanium, tin

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Baca, Yvette Aguilar (2011) Bilingual homonym disambiguation at the discourse level

Barud-Zubillaga, Alberto (2011) Urban development under extreme hydrologic and weather conditions for El Paso-Juárez: Recommendations resulting from hydrologic modeling, GIS, and remote sensing analyses

Beas, Carlos Guillermo (2011) Effects of the usage of parallel hardware architectures in the simulation of artificial neural networks training process

Beaven, Persis Samanta (2011) Metaphors, metonymies, modes and linear algebra

Bebber, Gloria Leticia (2011) Drowning in the depths of climate change: An exploration of polar bear rhetoric

Bene, Edina R (2011) An investigation of the effect of repeated testing and extra incentive on neurocognitive performance in non-concussed adults

Bhandari, Churna Bahadur (2011) Magnetic-Field Induced Stability in Two-Flavor Color Superconductivity

Bradford, Christopher Linn (2011) Design and CFD optimization of methane regenerative cooled rocket nozzles

Brady, Jerald James (2011) Development and testing of an unmanned aircraft system for environmental science

Bulathsinhala, Priyangi Kanchana (2011) Estimating the effect of dust and low wind events on hospitalizations for asthma while adjusting for hourly levels of air pollutants

Burger, Melissa (2011) The world in pictures: Aesthetics and visual culture in the art classroom

Camacho Araujo, Ingrid B (2011) Airborne lead in El Paso, Texas, 1977–1999

Campsall, Jeanine (2011) Tom Regan and the Problem of Conflicting Rights

Cangioni, Carole Louise (2011) A three essay dissertation on: Immigrant entrepreneurs

Cannon, J. Matthew R (2011) The East Jhomolari Fault System and the Timing of East-West Extension in NW Bhutan

Carbajal Franco, Guillermo (2011) Preparation and characterization of iron oxide and hydroxide based nanomaterials

Cardenas, Ana Lourdes (2011) La vida en un click

Cardenas, Rolando (2011) Software development for a three-dimensional gravity inversion and application to study of the Border Ranges Fault System, south-central Alaska

Carrizales, Ruben (2011) Cognitive constructs in linear algebra; metaphors, metonymies, modes

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Robalin, Carly Ruth (2011) Speech-language pathologists' reports of interprofessional collaboration and exposure during graduate school

Robert-Segura, Crystal A (2011) “Dancing on the corpse's ashes”: Analyzing the emotional use of music and genre by At the Drive In and how it communicates border identity

Robertson, Tanya Marie (2011) And Then it Clicked

Robinson, Nathaniel V (2011) Impact of science and engineering graduates on key economic indicators

Roman Alvarado, Juan Pablo (2011) Rio que teme al mar

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Romero-de la Cruz, Oscar (2011) Seismological studies in south central Alaska and northern Mexico

Roy, Chandan Kumar (2011) Synthesis, microstructure and thermal analysis of gadolinium oxide - hafnium oxide coatings

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Samala, Ravi K (2011) Psychophysical similarity based feature selection for nodule retrieval in CT

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Santacruz, Humberto (2011) Mixed-signal distributed feature extraction for classification of wide-band acoustic signals on sensor networks

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Schmersal, Larissa A (2011) Group decision making in the jury context: A combined theoretical approach

See Tao, Hoong Yan (2011) Pressure-dependent nanohetero-epitaxy of cadmium telluride on silicon(100) and SOI substrates using the close-spaced sublimation technique

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Tonos De Leon, Johanny (2011) Identification and characterization of FKBP52-specific inhibitors for the treatment of prostate cancer

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Ventura-Luna, Grisel (2011) Identifying and understanding user preferences in generic tools for planning

Vidana Bencomo, Jose Osiris (2011) Methodology to convert a transportation planning origin-destination matrix into a microscopic traffic simulation origin-destination matrix

Vikas Haridas, Mudavakkat (2011) Fabrication and characterization of nanocrystalline yttrium oxide thin films for electronic device applications

Villamarin Ramirez, Carlos Andres (2011) Digital image processing based on sparse representation and convex programming

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Viswakula, Sameera Dhananjaya (2011) Distributional properties of inversions and segmentation algorithms for RNA sequences

Viveros, Ijtsuri Anayantzin (2011) Transferability of child labor norms: Examining the link between foreign direct investment and child labor practices in developing countries

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Yeh, Li-Hao (2011) The role of cross-language activation in syntactic ambiguity

Zavala, Jaidee K (2011) Gender differences in the processing of acute and repeated stress

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Acosta, Oscar (2010) On relational quantum mechanics

Aguirre Holguin, Valeria (2010) Signature matrices: The eigenvalue problem

Alamillo, Miguel Angel (2010) 12 bit charge redistribution digital to analog converter for the residence time fluxgate magnetometer

Albrechtsen, Justin Scott (2010) Intelligent tutoring for interviewing to detect deception: Can investigator be trained to elicit and detect accurate cues to deception?

Aldalinsi, Mustafa Abushaala (2010) Probabilistic analysis of concrete fracture

Almeida Loya, Sergio Fabian (2010) Resistive switching of tin dioxide for memristor applications

Al-Tabaa, Najwa Heather (2010) Beyond “infinite jest”: Post-postmodern solidarity in 9/11 narratives

Alvarez, Julia Laura (2010) Atopy in U.S. – Mexico border elementary school children: A pilot study

Alvillar, Monica Victoria (2010) Popular plotlines and passionate conversations: Interpreting the “Sex and the City” breast cancer storyline

Anand, Tejaswini (2010) Reclamation of salt from brine springs

Anchondo Munoz, Brenda Cristina (2010) Isolation, characterization, and molecular cloning of DNase IIIβ from Drosophila melanogaster

Anchondo, Teresa M (2010) Neighborhood deprivation, neighborhood acculturation, and the retail food environment in a U.S.-Mexico border urban area

Aranda Luna, Suzan (2010) Application of copper and zinc isotopes to fingerprint metal sources and identify attenuation mechanisms in the Abandoned Waldorf Mine Area, Clear Creek County, Colorado

Aranda Luna, Suzan (2010) Application of copper and zinc isotopes to fingerprint metal sources and identify attenuation mechanisms in the abandoned Waldorf mine area, Clear Creek County, Colorado

Areas da Luz Fontes, Ana B (2010) An investigation of the individual differences in cognitive factors that contribute to bilingual lexical disambiguation

Arias Ugarte, Juan Gustavo (2010) Use of the CMAQ and WRF-Chem models to investigate tropospheric ozone and particulate matter in the El Paso-Juarez airshed

Ariaz, Samantha Kamille (2010) Vocabulary acquisition of bilingual students through the implementation of dialogic shared storybook reading techniques

Arvizo, Alvaro (2010) Rare's implementation strategies of environmental conservation in Indonesia

Ashmus, Roger Allan (2010) Synthesis and conjugation of terminal α-galactose containing mono-, di-, and trisaccharides for immunization experiments

Barnes, Courtney (2010) Bayesian nonparametric regression with a flexible error term distribution

Benker, Stevan Christian (2010) Results of new petrologic and remote sensing studies in the Big Bend region

Black, Kathleen (2010) Closing the achievement gap: Impact of inclusion upon achievement rates of students with special needs

Block, Douglas (2010) Central bank independence: Rules, practices, and outcomes

Bradford, Patricia Brannon (2010) The acquisition of colloquial speech and slang in second language learners of English in El Paso, Texas

Brazier, Pearl W (2010) Ontology-driven discovery of scientific computational entities

Bueno, Murilo Tadeu Domingues (2010) The role of sumoylation of LEDGF/p75 in HIV-1 infection

Bustos Deaza, Diego Javier (2010) La nina de la columna

Cabriales, Jose Alonso (2010) Smoking cessation, reduction and motivation change in a predominantly Hispanic sample

Calzada, Ivan (2010) Low complexity wavelet packet compression of bayer images for communication over wireless sensor networks

Camarena Garces, David Rafael (2010) Mestizaje: Piro Indian and Spanish Vecino in Socorro, Texas from 1744 to 1813

Camilletti, Catherine Rieman (2010) Social understanding and the effect of social pressure on children's suggestibility

Carbajal, Hector (2010) Recasting the role of memory in the history of rhetoric: The case of nineteenth and twentieth century autobiographies by rhetors of color

Castellanos, Carlos David (2010) Sensitivity analysis of the Johnson-Cook plasticity model for hypervelocity impacts: A hydro-code study

Castillo, Karina (2010) Oxidation of dibenzothiophene to dibenzothiophene sulfone using metal nanoparticles supported on silica

Castro, Nathan Jonathan (2010) Synthesis and manufacture of photocrosslinkable poly(caprolactone)-based three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Cesarco Eglin, Laura (2010) Sastreria

Charles, Jacky S (2010) Forecasting tourist arrivals to the Bahamas using error correction models

Chavan, Ameet (2010) A subthreshold reconfigurable architecture for harsh environments

Chavan, Ameet (2010) A subthreshold reconfigurable architecture for harsh environments

Chavez-Flores, David (2010) Conversion of racemic ibuprofen to (s)-ibuprofen

Chenna, Vasukumar D (2010) Component replacement analysis for electricity distribution systems using evolutionary algorithms

Chew-Smithart, Selfa Alejandra (2010) Race, gender, and citizenship: The removal of Japanese and Japanese Mexicans from the United States/Mexico borderlands during World War II

Chilukuri, Aditya (2010) Quality assesment in bone scaffolds through internet based robotic using intelligent data mining

Conklin, Deidre LeaAnn (2010) Crossing the Line: Influences on Foreign Intervention in Secessionist Conflicts

Cormack, Ailbhe (2010) A survey of variables influencing speech-language pathologists' use of evidence-based practice in clinical settings

Crocker, Lynnette (2010) Characterization of mantle/crust interactions using lead isotope analyses of lavas in the southern Rio Grande rift, New Mexico

Cruz-Campa, Jose Luis (2010) Simulation and optimization of ultra thin photovoltaics

Cueva Chacon, Lourdes Miriam (2010) Protean storytellers: Journalists' identities in an uncertain future

Daniels, Christie Lynn (2010) Remapping evil: Locating, spatializing, and depicting morality

Dashley, Tami Kay (2010) Using prediction and classroom voting via clickers to address secondary school students' overreliance on the representativeness heuristic

Davalos, Angel de Jesus (2010) Identifying influential observations through the intraclass correlation coefficient

Davila Rangel, Jose Gabriel (2010) Engineering design educational model: From skills to objectives

De Baca, Isela (2010) The effects of self management, education and their combination on glucose control among Hispanics visiting a community health clinic

Delgado, Angel Ernesto (2010) Multidisciplinary collaborative model for complex biomedical engineering design projects

Devaram, Prashanth (2010) E-quality: Using dimensional index values towards improving classification accuracy

Diaz, Alejandra (2010) A positive deviance inquiry of communicative behaviors that influence the prevention of Hispanic teenage pregnancy

Diaz, Aryzbe (2010) Investigation of cadmium telluride nanohetero-epitaxy growth on silicon(100) substrates for mercury cadmium telluride infrared detector applications

Dowling, Winifred B (2010) The border at war: World War II along the United States-Mexico border

Duran, Carlos (2010) Effects of pedestrian crossing on roundabout capacity

Emerick, Nicholas Andrew (2010) Social disorganization and the spatial distribution of homicide in El Paso

Emmert, Sonny (2010) The composition of wet deposition in El Paso, Texas

Enger, Paul Thomas (2010) The mediated hero: Superman in the post 9/11 era

Enriquez Carrejo, Jose Luis (2010) Spectroscopic analysis of tungsten oxide thin films for sensor applications

Enriquez, John (2010) Enthalpies of mixing of water and alkoxyethanols

Escudero Ayala, Christian Rene (2010) Studies of earthquakes stress drops, seismic scattering, and dynamic triggering in North America

Eslick, Brian Eugene (2010) BAGC.m: Three dimensional gravity modeling software with an application in Southern Death Valley, CA

Estrada, Edson F (2010) Computer-aided detection of sleep apnea and sleep stage classification using HRV and EEG signals

Fernandez, Norma Patricia (2010) The sunk cost fallacy and individual differences in health decisions

Flores, Daniel Jacob (2010) Circularity and causation in dispositionalism

Flores, Pedro (2010) PWiseGen: A genetic algorithms-based framework for pairwise test set generation

Forero-Quintana, Angelica (2010) Breaking the silence: A health narratives approach to understanding tuberculosis in El Paso, Texas

Galicia Cabrera, Luis David (2010) Decision support tools for Bus Rapid Transit corridor planning

Garcia, Chance Paul (2010) Development of a micro-catbed for miniature thrusters

Garcia, Mario Ivan Garcia (2010) Assessing annual and seasonal spatial variability of ambient PM10 using linear regression analysis in a United States-Mexico urban sprawl

Garcia-Martinez, Israel (2010) Microwave assisted solid-supported organic synthesis: A novel methodology to obtain 2,3-disubstituted-1,4-naphthoquinones

Garcia-Rios, Sergio I (2010) Ni de aquí ni de allá: Transnationalism and political participation in Latino/a communities

Garcia-Rivera, Jose A (2010) Evaluating the role of evolutionarily conserved regions of LEDGF/p75 in HIV-1 infection

Gomez, Carlos F (2010) An investigation on pulsing performance of mN class bi-propellant thrusters

Gonzales, Leslie D (2010) Faculty inside a changing university: Constructing roles, making spaces

Gonzales, Manny (2010) An ab initio study of the elastic properties of important group IV diborides at high temperatures

Gonzalez, Christina Marie (2010) Iron and manganese based nanomaterials for the removal of selenite and selenate from aqueous solution

Gonzalez Esparza, Gabriel Angel (2010) Synthesis and self-assembly of chemotherapeutic cisplatin analogues

Gonzalez, Pilar (2010) A case study on the integration of internet technology with mathematics and science content for teachers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

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de Heer, Hendrik (2009) Project L.E.A.N.: An after -school health and exercise program for elementary school children in El Paso, Texas

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Garza, Cesar (2009) Examples of hyperbolic knots with distance 3 toroidal surgeries in the S3

Gaytan Guillen, Sara Marisela (2009) Additive layer manufacturing of titanium-aluminum-vanadium by electron beam melting from powder particles: Solid, mesh and foam components study

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Keith, Joe Allen (2009) Perceptions of school leadership capacity and student achievement

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Pallares, Carolina (2009) Educational levels and political literacy: The case of adults enrolled in the INEA program in El Paso, Texas

Pal, Rituraj (2009) PDI, reactive oxygen species stress and polyphenolic phytochemicals: Implications for neurodegenerative diseases

Parga, Clemente Jose (2009) Correlation between microstructures and oxidation resistance in zirconium-niobium-titanium alloys

Parimi, Sowmya (2009) Electric power distribution optimization using evolutionary algorithms

Patel, Kantibhai Motiram (2009) The association of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) among Mexican Americans (MA)

Peng, Yanlei (2009) A retrospective study of dust storms and respiratory hospitalizations in El Paso, Texas using a case-crossover study design

Puebla, Karina (2009) Effects of build orientation, aging, and pre-conditioning on mechanical properties for stereolithography-manufactured ASTM type I specimens using a design of experiments approach

Quintana, Joel (2009) Hybrid optical network using incoherent Optical Code Division Multiple Access via optical delay lines

Quintero Soltero, Oscar (2009) Microstructural characterization of overaged GTD-111 HP turbine buckets

Ramirez, Cristina Victoria Devereaux (2009) Claiming the discursive self: Mestiza rhetorics of Mexican women journalists, 1876–1924

Ramirez, Jon (2009) Analysis of cluster compute nodes with varying memory hierarchy distributions

Ramirez, Oscar (2009) Implication for the role of leptin-induced signaling as a negative regulator of dendritic cell function

Raparla, Mrudula (2009) Study of the structural and electronic properties of aluminum nano clusters by DFT

Reza, Layra E (2009) Aluminum hydride compounds: A theoretical and experimental spectroscopic study

Rodriguez, Cesar H. (2009) A critical analysis of immigration and terrorism in the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 through political rhetoric

Rodriguez, Hugo (2009) Analysis of shallow seismicity and stress fields in southeastern Alaska

Rodriguez, Ramon P. (2009) Three essays on the quantification, validation, and application of Gray's accounting values

Rodriguez, Ruth (2009) Nutrient dynamics in a created desert wetland: Implications for the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

Roeder, James Roger (2009) Assessment of super-resolution for face recognition from very-low resolution images

Romo, Luis C (2009) Zinc telluride deposition using close space sublimation to create back contacts for cadmium telluride solar cells

Rosskopf, John J (2009) Cis-acting signals for replication of Nodamura virus RNA1

Ruiz, Mario (2009) Optimization of a strapdown inertial navigation system

Ruvalcaba, Mario A (2009) An investigation on the mixing hydrodynamics of a gas-solid fluidized bed

Sanchez, Critina Solis (2009) Geography of pesticide exposure in the Lower Valley (El Paso County, Texas)

Sanchez, Lourdes (2009) Career pathways and demographic profiles of university presidents in the U.S.: 2000–2008

Sanchez Urbina, Israel (2009) Optimizing flow of plastic PBT with 45% glass and mineral fiber reinforcement in an injection over mold process using Taguchi, CPK and mold flow simulation software approaches

Santiago, Claudia (2009) Resistivity and conductivity studies of the Rattlesnake Springs, New Mexico watershed

Sarcar, Amritam (2009) Runtime assertion checking for JML on the Eclipse platform using AST merging

Schiek, Cara Gina (2009) Characterizing the deformation of reservoirs using interferometry, gravity, and seismic analyses

Schmersal, Larissa Angelique (2009) Pre-existing attitudes about the legal system: The thirteenth juror?

Seidler, Yolanda Cora (2009) Deterring bonds: Why she can't leave

Senapati, Rajeev (2009) Discrete element modelling of silicon nitride ceramics: Crack formation and propagation in indentation test and four point bending test

Serna-Cardona, Francisco Javier (2009) Revision of the ant genus Procryptocerus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae: Cephalotini)

Servin Meneses, Christian (2009) An optimization approach for the cascade vulnerability problem

Seymore, Monica Lynn (2009) In defense of the value of visual arts in public education: An examination of scholarly arguments for functionary pedagogy and intrinsic fulfillment

Silva-Santisteban, Cesar (2009) Farsas de la memoria y otros relatos

Sookbirsingh, Rudy (2009) Salt separation processes in salt cedar Tamarix ramosissima (Ledeb.)

Soto, Cynthia (2009) Mexican-American concepts on gender and identity: A teacher's perspective in a fifth grade classroom

Soto, Miguel (2009) An analysis and overview of selected original compositions

Staub Garland, Caroline (2009) A comparative analysis of attitudes toward and responses to email and postal direct mail advertising

Stem Joseph, Michelle R (2009) Computational modeling studies of the structures and properties of organotin(IV) and stannyl-thioether systems with comparisons to X-ray crystallography

Sun, Xi (2009) An impedance model approach for adaptive cruise control

Taylor, Thomas J (2009) A tobacco consumption diary to assess the factors associated with smoking in a light smoking college population

Thapalia, Anita (2009) Zinc and copper isotopes as tracers of anthropogenic contamination in a sediment core from an urban lake

Tinajero, Roberto Jose (2009) Hip hop rhetoric: Relandscaping the rhetorical tradition

Tirado, Cesar (2009) Integrated finite element analysis program to evaluate pavement performance and predict non-destructive testing response

Tonde, Mahesh Pandurang (2009) Retrofitting a stereolithography system within a laminar flow hood

Torres Escobar, Brenda (2009) Transition metal catalysts for hydrodesulphurization reactions applied to petroleum industry

Tovar, Jesus Felipe (2009) Studies of prompt gamma and neutron yield due to 2.5 MeV neutrons using GEANT4

Trejo, Adrian (2009) Impacting testing of high temperature ceramics through the use of a vitiated heater for hot and cold fire collisions

Upton, John H. (2009) The role of RNA secondary structure in replication of Nodamura virus RNA2

Urenda Castaneda, Julio Cesar (2009) Multiplicative Riesz decomposition on the ring of matrices over a totally ordered field

Uribe Tinoco, Maria Nicte-ha (2009) Understanding deviant behaviors through coercion and social support theory

Valaparla, Sunil K (2009) Experimental study of the response of semiconductor detectors for EDXRF analysis

Valenzuela, Maria G (2009) Survey research on communication and language for English language learners and native English speakers enrolled in a college course on statistical literacy

Vargas Duarte, Gerardo (2009) An experimental study of the hydrodynamics of mutliphase flow in fluidized beds

Vargas, Jorge Ivan (2009) A characterization of pseudo-orders in the ring Z(n)

Vemuri, Venkata Rama Sesha Ravi Kumar (2009) Fabrication and characterization of zirconium oxide thin films

Ventura, Julieta Angelica (2009) High temperature oxidation behavior of niobium-molybdenum-silicon-boron-chromium alloy

Verdin, Berenice (2009) Characterization of high resolution range and Doppler chaotic LADAR

Villalobos Aragon, Alejandro (2009) Using chromium stable isotopes to monitor chromium reactive transport: Oxidation experiments and field studies

Villanueva Jaquez, Delia (2009) Multiple objective optimization of performance based logistics

Villarreal Alvarez, Sergio (2009) A lingering grudge in the face of a power transition; the French-Canadian sovereignty movement in perspective

Wambuguh, Dennis (2009) By-product synergy in the textile industry: Indigo waste recovery in the denim finishing process

Wangmo, Phuntsho (2009) Education, Infrastructure, and Income Performance in Arkansas

Watiti, Tom Wanjala (2009) Vision-based virtual mouse system

Wazalwar, Gandhar (2009) Methodology to develop a minimum cost acceptance sampling plan for highway construction

White, Katherine R (2009) Attention allocation and the variability of the stereotype priming effect

Yehdego, Daniel T (2009) Pressure induced phase transformatrion of tin dioxide an ab initio constant pressure study

Yichoy, Mayte (2009) Lipid uptake and metabolism in the parasitic protozoan Giardia lamblia

Zelenak, Stephanie (2009) The effects of program model and language on science TAKS scores among fifth graders

Zhu, Yingjun (2009) Remote control of multiple robots: A wireless sensor network and virtual reality approach

Zuniga, Cynthia R (2009) Estimating variation in stiffness and volume change of clays from geochemical and index properties

Zuverza-Mena, Nubia (2009) Exploring poly(ethylene glycol) as a suitable material for peripheral nerve regeneration scaffolds manufactured by stereolithography

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Abruzzi, Geoffrey (2008) Three screenplays

Adame, Michelle (2008) Cadmium telluride deposition on cadmium telluride(211) and silicon(211) substrates by the CSS technique

Aguilera, Veronica (2008) Error-reduction vs. trial and error training in aphasic individuals: An examination of categorization and typicality effects

Ahmed, Mahbub (2008) Investigation on the flame dynamics of meso-combustors

Aleti, Kalyan Reddy (2008) E-quality control: A support vector machines approach

Anderson, Linda Maria (2008) MySpace use as a potentially dysfunctional Internet behavior

Andrs, David (2008) Adaptive hp-FEM for elliptic problems in three dimensions on irregular meshes

Araujo Saenz, Yamira Alejandra (2008) The ethnomedical context of tuberculosis in a northern Ecuadorian province

Arcaute Cantu, Karina (2008) Stereolithography of poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels with application in tissue engineering as peripheral nerve regeneration scaffolds

Areas da Luz Fontes, Ana B (2008) Developing lexical competition resolution mechanisms through reading experience

Arnold Cote, Katherine Nicole (2008) Regional real property valuation forecast accuracy

Arrigucci, Annette Christine (2008) Student performance with and attitudes toward electronic distributed assessment in first-year composition classes

Ayarza Riveros, Luis Carlos (2008) Itinerario

Baeza, Mario Ivan (2008) Synthesis and characterization of acetylenic derivatives of the actinide extractant (aryl)-N,N-di-(alkyl)carbamoylmethylphosphine oxide (CMPO)

Baeza, Salvador (2008) Evaluating the hydrological impact of sediment deposition on arroyos and drainage structures in El Paso County, Texas

Baki, Musa (2008) Molecular simulation, application, synthesis and characterization of layered double hydroxide in search of anionic clays

Barragan, Dante E (2008) Optimal placement of sensors for network lifetime extension in Wireless Sensor Networks with dynamic routing

Beltran, Oscar (2008) Investigation of the anti-mycobacterial and cytotoxic effect of three medicinal plants used in the traditional treatment of tuberculosis in northern Mexico and the Southwest United States

Berthelot, Anne (2008) The impact of entrepreneurial motivation on venture performance

Blidgen-McKinley, Bonnie Faye (2008) Inequities of power and privilege: African American educators' anti-hegemonic counter-narratives: A grounded theory study

Bolanos, Marcos Efren (2008) A PDA based recording system to investgate heart rate variability signal characteristics and blood glucose levels in healthy and type 1 diabetic individuals

Brickey, Gregory D (2008) The effect of hand positioning on maximum push-up performance in adults

Burgos-Monzon, Ximena (2008) Association of overweight and obesity with inflammation and blood pressure in United States-Mexico border elementary school children

Camacho, Gabriel Rene (2008) El concepto de la frontera en el “Quijote” desde el punto de vista chicano

Camacho, Nayeli (2008) Wear analysis on retrieved ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene tibial components from total knee replacements

Camilletti, Catherine Rieman (2008) Attorneys' and jurors' perceptions of juvenile offenders' culpability

Cardon, Keith Preston (2008) Xenoliths from the Cima Volcanic Field, the seismic structure of an active plate margin, and the fate of the Walker Lane

Castaneda Chavez, Alejandro (2008) Extracting trust network information from scientific Web portals

Chaganti, Venkata R (2008) Study of structural and spectroscopic properties of small zinc sulfide clusters by DFT

Chang, Jefferson Castillo (2008) Seismic evidence and tectonic significance of an intracrustal reflector beneath the inner California Continental Borderland and Peninsular Ranges

Chapman, James Benjamin (2008) Structural relationships and crustal deformation in the Saint Elias Orogen, Alaska

Chen, Chih-Hung (2008) CMOS RF front-end design of a very narrowband transceiver with 0.18-μm

Contreras, Sergio (2008) Regional electricity demand in the United States

Cordova, Gabriel (2008) A distributed reconstruction of EKG signals

Cordova, Hector (2008) Analysis of a parallelized neural network training program implemented using MPI and RPCs

Cortes, Antonio (2008) Enhancing test data generation using constraint programming

Croft, Chris (2008) Factors influencing Big 12 Conference college basketball male student -athletes' selection of a university

Deason, Charlotte Cecille (2008) Harold Pinter's use of the five senses in “The Caretaker” and “A Slight Ache”

Deemer, Sarah E (2008) Relationship of leptin, resting metabolic rate, and body composition in pre-menopausal Hispanic and non-Hispanic White women

De La Cruz-Bechtel, Rose Marie (2008) Unlocking creativity in the classroom

De la Parra, Eloisa (2008) Sombras blancas

Dena Ornelas, Oscar S (2008) Fast approximate migration of ground penetrating radar using Kalman estimators and determination of the lithospheric structure of Lake Baikal, Russia

Dharmannola, Sashi Kanth (2008) Simulation of frequency selective fading channels

DiBenedetto, Joseph Nicholas (2008) Paleoclimatological implications of fossil tortoise bones

Dow, Pauline A (2008) Dual -language education: A longitudinal study of students' achievement in an El Paso County, Texas school district

Dubcova, Lenka (2008) Novel self-adaptive higher-order Finite Elements Methods for Maxwell's equations of electromagnetics

Edupuganti, Pradeep (2008) Effect of resistance training in the improvement of hamstrings to quadriceps (H:Q) strength ratio in males and females

Elgendy, Mohamed Moustafa M. A (2008) Condition assessment and data integration for GIS-based storm water drainage infrastructure management systems

Elizalde, Edith (2008) The role of help resources in users' solution patterns: Comparison of methods

Enriquez, Jesus A (2008) Lossless compression of Bayer array images using mixed-lattice lifting transforms

Escobedo, Arev Gabriel (2008) Investigation of cadmium telluride(111) epitaxial growth via close-space sublimation

Esparza, Oscar Armando (2008) Development of a multidimensional fatalism measure

Farnum O'Leary, Christine J (2008) Motherhood: Portrayals in American literature

Fernandez, Alvaro (2008) Moving from rocks to hydrologic systems: Are copper, iron, and zinc isotopes fractionated during weathering?

Fierro, Karen Patricia (2008) Hedonic housing prices in Ciudad Juarez

Flickinger, John (2008) No trail of crumbs: Serving remedial students at the community college level

Flores, Daniel (2008) Evaluation of an image processing algorithm for scene change detection

Flores Guerra, Jesus (2008) Homography based multiple camera detection of camouflaged targets

Flores, Martha Isabel (2008) Visual images and ASARCO in El Paso, Texas

Foster, Nichole Michelle (2008) Drought evaluation using tree-ring based reconstructed streamflows for rivers in New Mexico

Garcia, Nancy (2008) Analysis of number and mass concentration of coarse and fine particulate matter measurements within a heavy-duty diesel truck stop

Garibay, Jose Luis (2008) Guideline for pulverization of stabilized bases

Gautam, Biraj (2008) Guidelines for using local material for roadway base and subbase

Gomez, Clarissa Sara (2008) In-vivo delivery of DNA vaccines using metallo-lipid nanoparticles

Gonzalez, Eugenia C (2008) Effects of language priming on timed scholastic tests administered to Spanish -English bilinguals

Gonzalez, Veronica (2008) The role of protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) in oxidative folding

Gorlamari, Kranthikkumarreddy (2008) Synthesis and self-assembly of coordination lipid polymers

Guerrero, Cynthia (2008) Cervical cancer risk behaviors in women attending a dysplasia clinic in Chihuahua City

Guerrero, Francisco Jesus (2008) Death Valley reconstruction: New piercingpoints in the Panamint Mountains and Resting Springs Range

Guerrero Gomez, Gricel Celenne (2008) Lumpy demand characterization and forecasting performance using self-adaptive forecasting models and Kalman Filter

Gutierrez, Robert Daniel (2008) Mainstream and marginalized: The framing of Black athletes in “Glory Road”

Hanson, Brenda Sue (2008) The affective, behavioral, and cognitive correlates of club drug use among Hispanic college students

Haque, Nazmul (2008) Screening the phytoremediation potential of native plants growing on mine tailings in Arizona, USA

Herber-Valdez, Christiane R (2008) Understanding a Hispanic Serving Institution beyond the federal definition: A qualitative analysis of Mexican American student perceptions and experiences

Hermosillo, Jesus Manuel (2008) Acoustic-based localization in Wireless Sensor Networks using MISO least squares estimators

Hernandez, Juan Pablo (2008) Nonylphenol activates the constitutive androstane receptor and causes sexually dimorphic changes in p450 expression

Hernandez, Lorraine (2008) Evaluating the perceptions and history of Papanicolaou smear screening among Mexican women in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México

Hernandez, Yvette (2008) Peer capital: A network of support in dual language settings. A case study approach

Hincapie, Jaime Omar (2008) Shallow geophysical techniques applied to archaeology, economic geology, and groundwater resources

Hincapie, Juan F (2008) 23 Idiotas

Hogue, Samuel F (2008) Perspectives of White/non -Hispanic male superintendents of majority -Hispanic school districts in Texas

Houser, Russell John (2008) An examination of wind band transcriptions

Huerta-Hernandez, Claudia I (2008) Spectral reconstruction for Megavoltage X-ray sources from attenuation measurements

Hunt, Ginny (2008) The effect of the Texas Student Success Initiative on grade 5 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) failures

Jimenez Hernandez, Angel Mario (2008) Design for manufacturing systems from automotive industry perspective

John, Sheline Anna (2008) Runtime verification of composite Web services

Jolly, Kevin Weston (2008) I'd be helping if we weren't so committed: The application of the investment model to the study of alibis

Jordan, Terri K (2008) A comparison of the profiles and career pathways of public school superintendents and corporate chief executive officers

Jurado, Monica C (2008) Quantifying anisotropy in asphalt concrete pavements using an ultrasonic method

Kakarlapudi, Purushotham Raju (2008) High temperature oxidation response of niobium-20 tungsten-10 chromium alloy in air

Katta, Kiran Kumar (2008) Phase change cooling applications: Engine cooling

Khatun, Salma (2008) An integrated geological and geophysical study of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, Colorado and a geophysical study on Tamarix in the Rio Grande River basin, West Texas

Kumar, Swati (2008) Optical and vibrational spectroscopic studies of synthetic Maya pigments as a function of concentration of indigoid dyes

Lackey, Eric David (2008) The Other Side of the River

Lang, Elizabeth Burford (2008) Shakespeare and the interhuman: The mimetic chrysalis of Buber's between

Langman, Jeff B (2008) A multi-tracer study of saltwater origin, cross -formational flow, and the geochemical evolution of groundwater in the Southern High Plains aquifer along the Western Caprock Escarpment, east-central New Mexico

Lechuga Espino, Julia (2008) The cross cultural variation of probability judgment accuracy: The influence of reasoning style

Lei, Hao (2008) Allocating emergency response vehicles to cover critical infrastructures

Leija, Carlos Ivan (2008) An Artificial Neural Network with reconfigurable interconnection network

Lin, Dong (2008) Model-based cluster analysis using Bayesian techniques

Looi, Kok Sun (2008) Using proteomic approach to identify tumor -associated antigens as biomarkers in hepatocellular carcinoma

Lunsford, Steven Scott (2008) Public corrections: The discipline of Lynne Truss

Lytle, Rebecca E (2008) An analysis of selected works of Vítězslava Kaprálová

Marentes, Cynthia P (2008) Campesina cuentos: A rhetorical analysis of female farmworkers' narratives of marginalization, resistance, and empowerment

Martinez, Israel (2008) Pressure-induced phase transition in ZnS: An ab initio study

Martinez Rey, Nancy Elvira (2008) Synthesis and toxicity of substituted-1,4-naphthoquinones

Mattaparthy, Jaya Vinay (2008) Cognitive work analysis for design of instructional practice in engineering education

McElroy, Mathew S (2008) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lending patterns along the Texas-Mexico border

McMullen, Mary Katherine (2008) Wrestling power: George Herbert's struggle for spiritual union

Mendoza, Nydia Judith (2008) Children's chronic illness and family poverty in the El Paso/Juárez border region

Moss, Steven Phillip (2008) Experimental study for asphalt emulsion treated base

Nakayasu, Ernesto Satoshi (2008) Molecular characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi and shed vesicle components involved in host immunomodulation and cell invasion

Nemeth-Jesurun, Nancy (2008) The third life: Sixteen Holocaust survivors in El Paso

Novela, George (2008) Testing Maquiladora forecast accuracy

Ortega, Isaac Joseph (2008) Learning and student satisfaction: Interviews on the affects of accent on student perceptions of instructors

Pedregon, Cynthia A (2008) The correlation between social desirability and endorsement rate of test items using the SNAP and NEO-FFI

Perez, Adriana Evangelina (2008) Application of integrated remote sensing and GIS technologies to geoenvironmental issues in far west Texas and southern New Mexico

Perez, Luis Ernesto (2008) A Virtual Supermarket for Remote Sensing Data and Images

Perez, Oriana (2008) Help-seeking behavior among a sample of persons with obsessive compulsive disorder on the U.S.-Mexico border

Perry, Harriet Harris (2008) Partnering districts and schools for improvement: A study in educational sociology

Petla, Harita (2008) Computational design of ultra-high temperature ceramic composite materials

Portillo, Benedict I (2008) High temperature oxidation behavior of the niobium-tungsten-chromium system and response of boron additions

Potes, Cristhian Mauricio (2008) Assessment of human muscle fatigue from surface EMG signals recorded during isometric voluntary contractions by using a cosine modulated filter bank

Prado, Estelle Regina Dutra (2008) Assessing Community Health Workers' effect on self-reported dietetic behaviors and constructs of two models of individual behavior

Pruss, Nicole (2008) The effects of using a scripted or unscripted interview in forensic interviews with interpreters

Ramirez, Alejandra (2008) A study of the interaction of thioindigo dye, with several inorganic host materials

Ramirez, Amanda Christine (2008) Microstructural properties associated with adiabatic shear bands in titanium-aluminum-vanadium deformed by ballistic impact

Rascon Antillon, Luis Jacobo (2008) Novel elemental CSS reactor: Design and application to zinc cadmium telluride deposition

Rayas, Giancarlo (2008) Determinism in power signatures of electronics for health monitoring

Reneau, April Christine (2008) Determining basic voice classification of high school choir students

Renova, Elvia Paola (2008) Simulated annealing algorithms for the optimization of particulate composite structures analyzed by X-FEM

Reyes, Keith (2008) Filicide as child sacrifice in the Judeo-Christian worldview in the United States

Reyes, Rosanna (2008) Cultivation theory and stereotypes of Latinidad in “Desperate Housewives”

Riccillo, Claudine Marie (2008) Equivocality in the university research office: Examining the organizing processes of the research administrator in interpreting and acting on equivocality in informational inputs

Rocha, Claudia Sarah (2008) Gottfredson and Hirschi's low self-control theory: An empirical test using Hispanic university students

Rodriguez Chavez, Mario Arturo (2008) Fabrication and analysis of patterned and planar cadmium telluride-based solar cells

Rodriguez, Griselda Flores (2008) Exploring dialectic tensions in teachers' relationships in school settings

Romo, Carlo Andre (2008) Gender stereotypes in Spanish language television programming for children in the United States

Ross, Stephen James (2008) Processing facial similarity: Utilizing denotative and connotative information to understand facial similarity judgments

Rubio Medrano, Carlos Ernesto (2008) A formal approach to specifying access control security features of Java modules

Rumpfhuber, Eva-Maria (2008) An integrated analysis of controlled- and passive source seismic data

Sabnis, Anup Kedar (2008) Impact of moisture variation on strength and deformation of clays

Salama, Mohamed Feras (2008) Diversification strategies, financial leverage, and excess value: The role of information asymmetry and corporate governance

Sanchez, Alfonso (2008) We don't want to and you can't make us: UN Security Council reform and peacekeeping efficacy

Sanchez, Miguel Angel (2008) A fuzzy approach to solve the stereo correspondence problem using phase correlation

Santiago, Lynn Marie (2008) Study of air-borne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in El Paso, Texas

Segovia Villarreal, Santiago Eduardo (2008) Linking worker health and well-being with business performance measures in the maquiladora manufacturing industry in the US-Mexico border region

Servo, Denise Kay (2008) Theory of Planned Behavior constructs as mediators of behavior change associated with a brief alcohol intervention

Sherrill, Ursula Rose (2008) The restoration of wetland functions at the Rio Bosque Wetland Park, El Paso, Texas, USA

Smith, Brooke A (2008) Social recognition memory and the cross-race effect

Smith, Patricia J (2008) A relationship-based approach to understanding the role of race cues in third-person perception

Somanathan, Muthuveer (2008) An initial Operating System adaptation heuristic for Swap Cluster Max (SCM)

Soroa-Koury, Sandra (2008) Consumers' responses to mobile advertising: A normative social behavior perspective

Srikantaiah, Sanjay (2008) A model of Lean-Sigma to enhance a manufacturing system through integrating Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma approaches

Super, Mathew Anthony (2008) Why you might steal from Jay-Z: An examination of filesharing using techniques of neutralization theory

Talamas Ugalde, Lucet Vanessa (2008) Effect of platelet rich plasma on marrow stromal cells differentiation seeded on three dimensional scaffolds

Taylor, Jennifer Hilda (2008) The N400 ERP: Semantic vs. evaluative incongruities

Telless, Stephen Edward (2008) A jurisprudence of doubt: The Roberts Court and the future of abortion in the United States

Topp, Lisa Dawn (2008) An evaluation of eyewitness decision making strategies for simultaneous and sequential lineups

Uhl, Elizabeth Rose (2008) Prosecutorial perseveration: A reaction to public commitment?

Upadhyayula, Lata Neelima (2008) Recovery of signals from non-uniform samples: An application to wireless sensor networks

Vazquez Astorga, Gabriel (2008) A hybrid approach to enhance an automotive manufacturing process using QFD & VSM techniques

Vazquez Astorga, Gabriel (2008) A hybrid approach to enhance an automotive manufacturing process using QFD & VSM techniques

Vazquez Quino, Luis Alberto (2008) Relation between the patient dose and the image quality for commercial imaging devices

Veisi, Maryam (2008) Accelerated mix design of stabilized subgrades

Venkatakrishnan, Priya (2008) Effect of redox-cycling agents on nitric oxide synthase activity in vitro and modulation of protein expression in vivo: NO nitric oxide synthase in mitochondria

Villa, Michelle Lynn (2008) Attitudes on deception in mother-child dyads: A preliminary investigation

Villa, Sandra M (2008) Correlation between reading skills and mathematics performance: An analysis of Stanford Achievement Test scores from grades 6 to 11

Villazana-Kretzer, Diana L (2008) Giardia lamblia: Genomic and molecular analyses of flippase

Wamalwa, Antony Munika (2008) Geophysical investigations of ground water flow associated with the Saratoga warm springs and the Tecopa hot springs near Death Valley California

Wanyan, Yaqi (2008) Expert system design guide for lower classification roads over high PI clays

Warmack, Michael (2008) The effectiveness of teacher certification programs as measured by student achievement and teacher attrition

Warrior, Shalina (2008) A paleomagnetic investigation of the Mojave-Sonora megashear hypothesis in north-central and northeastern Mexico

Wenglas, Gilberto Lara (2008) Quality evaluation of portland cement concrete at early age with Free -Free Resonant Column

White, George O. (2008) Relation-based strategic responses to volatile regulatory environments: Conceptual and empirical analyses of wholly owned foreign subsidiaries in Southeast Asia

Wildermuth, Jessica Leigh (2008) The application of Federal and Texas State sentence ranges in a Consider -the -Opposite paradigm: Can the magnitude of bias in sentencing decisions be reduced?

Witt, Kendra Elizabeth Marie (2008) Evaluation of a nutrition program targeting child care centers

Woocay, Arturo (2008) Groundwater hydrochemical facies, flowpaths and recharge determined by multivariate statistical, isotopic and chloride mass-balance methods

Wood, Odessa Lee (2008) An evaluation of the effectiveness of the reading strategy Sketch-to-Stretch on the 9th grade reading Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills test

Yerramothu, Madhu Kishore (2008) Stochastic Gaussian and non-Gaussian signal modeling

Yue, Hong (2008) Concept maps as assessment tools in mathematics: Comparison with clinical interviews

Zamorano, Debora Buchaim Regos (2008) Communicative feedback and its influence on leadership in a rural school setting

Zeiler, Cleat Philip (2008) Improving nuclear explosion detection using seismic and geomorphic data sets

Zubia, Raul Y (2008) Substrate oxidation and energy expenditure during and one hour after isocaloric exercise bouts of different intensity

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Abdelaziz Ali Ismael, Abdulaziz Mohamed (2007) Applications of remote sensing, GIS, and groundwater flow modeling in evaluating groundwater resources: Two case studies; East Nile Delta, Egypt and Gold Valley, California, USA

Acosta, Jaime Cesar (2007) Adding the ability to eavesdrop on opponent communications to an online game

Acosta Zapien, Carlos Eduardo (2007) A constraint-based approach to verification of programs with floating-point numbers

Agrawala, Gautam Kumar (2007) Regional ground water interpretation using multivariate statistical methods

Agut, Ioana Ecaterina (2007) Generalization and analogy in geometry

Al Bayyari, Yaffa (2007) A prosodic cue that invites back-channel responses in Arabic

Albertson, Mark C (2007) Cultivating Chicana/o images: Negotiating the cinematic mainstream for cultural survival

Albrechtsen, Justin Scott (2007) Are intuitive responses more accurate at detecting deception than deliberative responses?

Al-Dahwi, Zaineb (2007) Impairment of protective immunity to intestinal helminthiases

Al-Douri, Raed (2007) Lithospheric structure of the southwestern United States

Apodaca, Paula (2007) New transition metal complexes and their ring -opened polymers

Araiza, Roberto (2007) The use of interval-related expert knowledge in processing two-dimensional and three-dimensional data, with an emphasis on applications to geosciences and biosciences

Arora, Jitin (2007) AC-susceptibility studies of magnetic relaxation mechanisms in superparamagnetic nanoparticles

Arroyo, Itzia Zoraida (2007) Metal-mediated molecular materials at the nano- and mesoscale

Autry, Russell S (2007) Finding the perfect precinct: Identifying a perfect model fit of voters within the El Paso Independent School District

Averill, Matthew George (2007) A lithospheric investigation of the Southern Rio Grande Rift

Avila, Ricardo E (2007) Measurement and analysis of applied power, forces and material response in friction stir welding of aluminum alloy 6061

Azar, Melissa Diane (2007) Ethics and femininity: Emmanuel Levinas, William Shakespeare, and the other

Baquera, Micah Timothy (2007) Comparison of deformation microstructures in compression and ballistically tested tungsten single crystal rods

Becerra-Davila, Fernando (2007) Perceptions and attitudes towards science and mathematics on the United States-Mexico border: The perspective of a group of middle school students and their parents

Becerra Lopez, Humberto Ruben (2007) Multi-criteria assessment of energy conversion systems by means of thermodynamic, economic and environmental parameters

Benson, Robert Andrew (2007) The role of economic neo-liberalism in the reconstruction of West Germany

Berns, Maria R (2007) Juegos entre ciervos y mariposas

Betancourt, Benjamin (2007) A fuzzy approach to automatic target recognition applied to bare and camouflaged synthetic aperture targets

Bhojwani, Shekhar (2007) Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modeling of the friction stir welding process

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Lara, Diana (2007) Cationic steroid antibiotics as potential chemotherapeutic agent against Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania major

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Liang, Shuwen (2007) Effect of diet and sex on changes in gene expression and behavioral responses to chronic stress

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Martinez, Alejandra (2007) Cuentos de Carencias Realidades y Sueños: A collection of stories

Martinez, Ernesto (2007) A distributed implementation of the SCIRun problem solving environment for Beowulf-class clusters

Martinez, Juanita Cruz (2007) The impact of mentoring and induction programs on teacher efficacy

Mata, Manuel (2007) The place of the overman in a democratic political regime

Mearns, Geraldine (2007) What are you doing for the rest of your life?: The role of communication in the retirement planning process of professionals in their fifties

Mejia Lara, Adrian Alberto (2007) Generation and isolation of recombinant DNase II enzyme

Melgoza, Lorraine (2007) The implementation of positive descriptive feedback based on daily assessment in a college developmental mathematics class

Mendoza, Timothy Shane (2007) Impact of social support, socio-economic status, and ethnicity on stress levels of parents who have children with autism

Meza, Fara Patricia (2007) Student thinking modes the case of solution sets and linear independence from first year linear algebra

Mitchell, Geralyn Stacy (2007) Margaret Bonds: A comparative study of four spirituals (1942–1967)

Mojica, Andrew Joseph (2007) Although my brain says I hate you, I will say I like you: Misreporting negative attitudes using idiosyncratic stimuli in a P300 paradigm

Molina, Angel Luis (2007) Economic growth in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez borderplex: Which causes which?

Monsivais, Jeannette Aileen (2007) Haciendo caras on the borderlands: The masks of Monteverde-Santa Elena's ecotourism industry

Montoya, Gabriela L (2007) Domestic violence against undocumented immigrant women of Hispanic origin

Morales, Trinidad (2007) The gender effect on occupational wages

Munoz Estrada, Vianett Berenice (2007) Characterization of n-type bismuth-tellurium-selenium and p-type bismuth-antimony-tellurium ternary like semiconductors fabricated by shock-waved (explosive) consolidation

Nadackal, Alexander Joseph (2007) Modeling complex manufacturing process activities using data mining: A rough set approach

Nelson, Josephine Day (2007) Dead Reckoning

Nzewunwah, Chima (2007) Channel dynamics and controls on planform changes along the Colorado and Pecos rivers

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Phillips, Timothy Duane (2007) An experimental investigation of a miniature hybrid swirl/jet injector

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Pruss, Nicole (2007) The impact of interpreters on the forensic interview

Quintero, Carlos A (2007) A hybrid optimization approach for solving parameter estimation problems

Ramirez, Carlos (2007) Meso-machining of miniature space system components

Refaei, Mohd N (2007) Synthesis and characterization of trans-2-(N-methyl-N-phenylamino) cyclohexanol for the fabrication of a novel high performance liquid chromatography column

Reyes, Jaime (2007) Quantifying the role of coarse aggregate strength on resistance to load in HMA

Rigoni, Mary Elizabeth (2007) Is it time for a revolutionary technique in the interrogation room? Empirically validating the influence of inquisitorial techniques on true and false confessions

Rodriguez, Denise (2007) Tobacco use and persistent smoking characteristics in a Hispanic sample

Rodriguez, Ivan (2007) Bayesian analysis for Cox's proportional hazard model with error effect and applications to Accelerated Life Testing data

Rodriguez, Ruben (2007) Low-cost trihalomethane reduction through air stripping

Rubio Pallares, Rene (2007) The construction of attitudinal scales to appraise values -embedded education

Sainoju Korremla, Shiva K (2007) Experimental investigation of steady state heat transfer phenomenon in Pontiac G6 vehicle exhaust system

Salaiz, Rebekah A (2007) The relationship of CAGE scores to predisposing factors, concurrent factors and potential consequences of alcohol consumption among high school students

Salamah, Salamah Ibrahim (2007) Generating linear temporal logic formulas for complex pattern -based specifications

Salgado Cardona, Andrea (2007) Sangre y Electricidad

Sanchez Escuer, Monica (2007) Manos

Schlitzkus, Jean Louise (2007) Tough angels: A rhetorical analysis of “Charlie's Angels” as contemporary action heroines

Sevilla, David (2007) Computerized method for finding the ideal patient-specific location to place an equivalent electric dipole to derive an estimation of the electrical activity of the heart

Shaw Noskin, Moira Pacifica Parvanih (2007) Religion, morality, mandates, and conflict: Exploring the Moral Mandate Effect as a predictor of religious conflict

Shelton, Jeffrey (2007) A dynamic modeling approach for applying managed lane strategies to freeway ramps

Shi, Ye (2007) Characterization and comparison of speciated atmospheric carbonaceous (soot) particulates and their polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contents in the context of the Paso del Norte airshed along the United States-Mexico border

Sirimulla, Suman (2007) Drug design, molecular modelling, and QSAR studies of antimalarial mefloquine and artemisinin derivatives

Sosa, Abimael (2007) Personnel tracking system using a Bluetooth-based epidemic protocol

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Soto, Manuel (2007) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle real-time guidance system via state-space heuristic search

Stoever, Colby Justin (2007) An exploration of the stereotype inconsistent memory advantage

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Susa, Kyle Joseph (2007) Examining the cross-race effect in face recognition from a temporal perspective

Tadesse, Ketsela (2007) Integrated geophysical data processing and interpretation of crustal structure in Ethiopia with emphasis on the Ogaden Basin and adjacent areas

Tai, Wai Yan Elsa (2007) A study of security threat modeling and its use in evaluation of the certificate authority client certificate authority system

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Tanner, John (2007) Participation in music education and student academic achievement at grade 10

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Torres, Oscar Valentin (2007) Examination of the rewarding effects of nicotine during the adolescent period of development

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Upadhyayula, Surya B (2007) Texture classification using rotationally blind feature sets from errors of signal approximations

Uribe, Arturo Reyes (2007) Conducting considerations for selected compositions by Grainger, Respighi, Reed and Hindemith

Valenzuela, Brian (2007) Assessment of energy efficiency in a passive solar housing development

Valenzuela, Jonathan A (2007) Study of plantar pressure distribution on a foot in a dynamic landing scenario, while subjected to contact with a Spira shoe sole, using finite element analysis

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Venegas, Jennifer (2007) Potential cultural predictors of heavy episodic drinking in Hispanic college students

Villegas, Yvette Marie (2007) The characterization and examination of geologic factors influencing the geomorphic development of playas within Fort Bliss, Texas and New Mexico

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Yousif, Naser (2007) Geochemistry of stream sediment from the state of Colorado using NURE data

Zavala, Ruth D (2007) Racial differences between smokers and non-smokers: The effect of smoking policies at work

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Adams, John F (2006) Paradise abused: How advertising manipulates Miltonic creation myth iconography

Adams, Luqman Ayodeji (2006) Sequence and mechanical stratigraphy: An integrated reservoir characterization of the Weber sandstone, western Colorado.

Adams, Mansurah Ibironke (2006) Preparation of polymeric models for dynamic simulation of aortic dissection

Agarwal, Deepak (2006) Bullwhip effect on short life cycle products: The impact of various forecasting methods and parameters

Agniparthi, Srinivas (2006) Solid-phase organic synthesis of 4-alkenyl-1-naphthols

Aguirre, Ana Luisa (2006) Microwave-assisted iridium catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition of resin bound dipropargylamine with various alkynes

Alba-Baena, Noe Gaudencio (2006) Mechanical behavior of shock-wave consolidated nano and micron-sized aluminum/silicon carbide and aluminum/aluminum oxide two-phase systems characterized by light and electron metallography

Allu, Ramakrishna Rao (2006) A high speed dynamic CMOS flash analog to digital converter

Alvarado, Cesar Alberto (2006) The role of coarse aggregate point and mass strength on resistance to load in HMA

Alvarez, Veronica Maria (2006) The history, structure, and organization of Mexican drug cartels

Alvear, Christina Lynn (2006) Crossing country and county borders: The Cortez family's movement north from northern Mexico to south and central Texas, 1851–1901

Ammu, Skandamitra (2006) Deposition and characterization of cadmium telluride/cadmium telluride (111) growth by close-spaced sublimation (CSS)

Anderson, Clayton Daniel (2006) Mother-daughter cohesion and the daughter's ability to read as an incoming freshman

Apte, Nilesh S (2006) Mechanical characterization of a compression molded chopped-carbon-fiber and cyanate ester compound

Arrigucci, Annette Christine (2006) Testing the effect of training with synthetic speech on task performance with a mixed-human-and-synthetic-speech interface

Avila, Jose (2006) Finite element analysis of a convection-diffusion equation

Bhattacharyya, Sudeshna (2006) Third party deterrence as a strategy to prevent nuclear terrorism

Bubphamala, Teerada (2006) Ultra-thin oxide films as gas microsensors

Bugarin Cervantes, Alejandro (2006) Microwave-assisted solid-phase reactions of Dötz benzannulation of naphthoquinones and “click chemistry” of azide-acetylene cycloaddition-efficient formation of water disperse micelles

Candelaria, Donald M (2006) Experimental investigations on gas detection using QCM sensor array and phase locked loop

Castrejon Parga, Karen Yael (2006) The distribution of N electric charges in a linear wire

Castro, Miguel Angel (2006) Art for a dollar: A downtown store intervention

Cervera, Sarah N (2006) The Quaternary deformational history of the East Potrillo Mountains, Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Chavez, Angela Marie (2006) Comparative vertebral morphology in medium-sized North American artiodactyla

Chavez, Clarissa Jayne (2006) Do they see me as a person or just a woman? The effects of abstract or specific visual form on stereotyping

Chavez-Flores, David (2006) Commercial viable resolution of (S)-ibuprofen

Cone, Darren M (2006) Acoustic emission characterization of the microplastic mechanisms of ductile fracture in aluminum 6061

Connel-Ross, Brenda Kay (2006) Ekphrasis: Putting the art into language arts. Drawing on art and visual representation to teach writing

De La Torre, Monica T (2006) Measuring social problem solving in Spanish-dominant Hispanics using the Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R)

De Leon, MaryCruz (2006) Tolls and borderplex international bridge traffic

Del Pardo, Cecilia (2006) Derivation of stellar parameters and metallicity distributions using detailed spectroscopic analyses

Dillon, Kristian Eric (2006) Optimal position of the electric dipole model for the simulation of the standard twelve lead electrocardiogram and EASI lead systems

Drury, Alice L (2006) Constructivist theory in teaching the Holocaust through adolescent literature in middle school language arts

Dulla, Sunil (2006) Ultra-thin film oxide gas sensor nano technology

Duncan, Katy Ann (2006) Pond deposits examined as a stratigraphic control on migration and compartmentalization in eolian reservoirs

Dura, Lucia (2006) The UTEP student success project progress report and process narrative

Duran, Armando (2006) Marbles

Eastman, Joni S (2006) Homicide among intimate partners: Differences in gender, race, relationship type, and weapon use

Espejel-Garcia, Vanessa Veronica (2006) Magma dynamics inferred from feldspar zoning in post-caldera phonolites, Suswa Volcano, Kenya Rift, Africa

Estrada, Armando (2006) Assessing the effects of TNF-α on dendritic cells

Fahy, Anna Louise (2006) Borderland Chinese: Community identity and cultural change

Fernandez, Norma P (2006) How much information is too much? A comparison of decompositional and holistic strategies

Folger, Derek Scott (2006) Determining subsurface structure from microtremors using passive arrays: An alternative to active seismic surveys

Franco, Crystal Leigh (2006) Impact assessment of hydrogen sulfide emitted from a wastewater treatment plant using AERMOD air dispersion model and field data

French, Diana Caroline (2006) Gamma-ray characterization of the uranium-series intermediate daughters from soil samples at the Peña Blanca natural analog, Chihuahua, Mexico

Gabbert, Ann R (2006) Defining the boundaries of care: Local responses to global concerns in El Paso public health policy, 1881–1941

Garcia, Samuel Adrian (2006) Gifted and talented in the visual arts, the identification, biases, and recommendations

Gautam, Bikash (2006) Linear programing system optimal dynamic traffic assignment evacuation modeling and network transformation using cell transmission model

Girde, Sacchidanand Ramkrishna (2006) The association of intestinal helminth infections with the risk for development of allergic/atopic diseases: A meta-analysis

Gonzalez, Betina (2006) Arte Menor: A novel

Gonzalez Delgado, Amir M (2006) GIS study of occurrence and distribution of endocrine disrupting chemicals in wastewater treatment plant and groundwater in El Paso

Gudipati, Srinivas (2006) Rate pressure product changes in concurrent weight bearing and mental tasks

Gutierrez, Christina (2006) Regulation of microtubule assembly by βγ subunits of G proteins

Hamblock, Julie Marie (2006) Understanding the composition, origin, and evolution of the continental crust: Case studies in the southern Rio Grande rift, New Mexico, United States of Americaand the Coast Plutonic Complex, British Columbia, Canada

Hammink, Julianne E (2006) Verb incorporation in Guaraní causative constructions

Hawley, Leslie R (2006) Black sheep effect among athletes: When does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?

Hedrick, Elisabeth (2006) Annie Dillard's “Holy the Firm”: A participation in “the mass of the world”

Hermosillo, Juan Daniel (2006) High-temperature phase transitions in cesium dihydrogen phosphate under ambient and high-pressure conditions: A synchrotron x-ray diffraction study

Herrera, Hugo Francisco Lopez (2006) Modeling complex dispersed energy and clean water systems for the United States/Mexico border

Hohnholt, David Lawrence (2006) Toward a just tax code

Hollingsed, Tasha Kaye (2006) Responsive behavior in tutorial spoken dialogues

Holloway, Keli Suzanne (2006) A social relations investigation of mock jurors' perceptions of influence

Holmes, Cindy Darlene (2006) The relationship of parental involvement on science learning

Hrdlicka, Gina M (2006) Estimation of hot mix asphalt concrete rutting potential from asphalt binder tests

Hutchison, William R (2006) Groundwater management in El Paso, Texas

Jalvi, Prashant (2006) Best bid identification in design-build contracting using game theory

Jin, Seoweon (2006) Principal differential analysis: Estimating coefficients and linearly independent solutions of a linear differential operator with covariates for functional data

Johnson, Christopher Jay (2006) The measurement of mindfulness

Kamees, Larry K (2006) Seasonal variation in movement and activity patterns of Crotalus willardi obscurus in the Animas Mountains, New Mexico

Knapp, Edward N (2006) Life and death on the Mississippi: 1999

Kowdley, Rajashekar (2006) Fault simulation and fault modeling by I(DDQ) testing

Lechuga, Adrian (2006) Simulated inertial position tracking using MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes for use in medical and surgical procedures

Lerma, Maricarmen (2006) Molecular volumes of amino acids and small peptides: Counting atoms versus topological indices

Lester, Cathe Connor (2006) Stereotype threat and math test performance of undergraduate females

Lorenz-Meyer, Vitus (2006) Planeten Wach Hund Netz instrumenting infrastructure for PlanetLab

Lozoya, Oswaldo Alonso (2006) Development and demonstration of a multiple material stereolithography system

Lucas, Jeffrey Kent (2006) Twentieth century Mexico through the eyes of Antonio Díaz Soto y Gama

Machado, Josue (2006) Assessment of the housing and infrastructure conditions in the El Paso County colonias

Mamidipally, Soujanya Kumar (2006) Speaking-rate adaptation for task-based spoken dialogue systems

Marquez Blanco, Miguel (2006) Borderplex migration analysis

Martinez, Fabiola (2006) Adiabatic shear bands associated with plug formation and penetration in impacted titanium-aluminum-vanadium targets: Formation, structure, and performance

Martinez, Israel (2006) Pressure-induced phase transition in zinc sulfide: An ab initio study

Martinez Perez, Carlos Oswaldo (2006) AES-XPS study of a-carbon:nitrogen thin film deposited by laser ablation

Martin, Phillip Allan (2006) The fall of Icarus: Charles Lindbergh and the campaign against the America First Committee

Mata, Adrian (2006) An examination of child maltreatment and witnessing of family violence as causative factors in delinquent behavior

McQuien, Aida (2006) Conducting consideration for selected compositions by Bela Bartok, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Antonin Dvorak

Medina, Debra Erin (2006) Design and simulation of a position sensitive device with Gaussian response

Medina, Debra Erin (2006) Design and simulation of a position sensitive device with Gaussian response

Medina, Francisco (2006) Functional integrated layered manufacturing: Expanding horizons for stereolithography

Mendez, Jaime (2006) “Carnales”: An original one-act play

Miller, Amber Michelle (2006) Three Days in Seven Pines

Miller, Joseph G (2006) A morphologic analysis of quaternary cinder cones, Potrillo volcanic field, New Mexico

Minnie, Susan Lynn (2006) Women's relationships in the writings of Edith Wharton

Miranda, Osvaldo (2006) Price comparison of brand name prescription medications for the borderplex sister cities of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas

Mitchel, Marcia (2006) The demand for higher education at UTEP

Mora, Joel (2006) Characterization of indoor PM(2.5) associated with cooking activities in Paso Del Norte households

Moseley, Keitha Simone (2006) Alcohol use and the intercollegiate athlete: The influence of type of sport

Muehlbauer, Andreas (2006) The solidification of tin-bismuth alloys in a unidirectional magnetic field

Munguia, Teresita (2006) Organotin materials and their solid state properties, and, The utility of NADA in the synthesis of a new metallate synthon

Murguia-Garcia, Martha (2006) The relationship between pre -kindergarten program participation and academic achievement at grade three

Natividad, Rosa Maria Villescas (2006) Persistence in bilingual/ESL education and achievement in reading

Nimmakayala, Chandra Mouli (2006) Flexural strength of compression molded carbon fiber/cyanate ester composite material

Olgin, John Gilbert (2006) Determining surface gravities, microturbulences, and effective temperatures via spectroscopic analysis and spectral synthesis of Alpha Centauri A and B, the sun, and Arcturus

Olvera, Hector Alfonso (2006) Numerical simulations of a hydrogen release in the vicinity of a cubical building

Orona, Jesus Arturo (2006) The factor structure of the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory and prediction of alcohol consumption in a Hispanic college sample

Ortega-Corral, Noe (2006) Modeling and analysis of a manufacturing simulation process

Ortiz, Manuela (2006) Middle school students science curiosity on both sides of the El Paso/Juarez border

Ortiz, Monica Teresa (2006) Shared Latitudes

Overley, Kelly Scrivner (2006) Public university leaders as fundraisers

Palacios, Rebecca Lorena (2006) Relation of family history to stress reactions during appetitive and aversive challenges

Pasala, Maduri (2006) Effect oF chromium, nickel AND carbon on high temperature oxidation resistance of steels

Pizana, Carlos (2006) Solid-state flow, mechanical alloying, and melt-related phenomena for [001] single-crystal tungsten ballistic rod penetrators interacting with steel targets

Pologne, Moses (2006) Inflationary dynamics in small open economies

Ponevac, David (2006) Effects of line delay and noise on bystanders' perceptions of mobile phone conversations

Portillo, Ricardo Alberto (2006) Fine-grain dynamic adaptation of the Linux 2.6 virtual memory manager: A first step

Putrevu, Aditya (2006) Mechanisms and resistance to metal dusting in ferrous alloys

Ragler, Horace (2006) Federal Impact Aid Funds in Texas chools

Ramos, Melinda Jo (2006) Do pre-service teachers' beliefs and classroom practices towards mathematics change when they begin teaching?

Ranganathan Venkataramanan, Arun Prasad (2006) Redundant directional wavelet transforms for image processing

Redenius, Doreen Heep (2006) Personal trainers' leadership styles, motivational language and perceived quality of relationship between clients and trainers

Reyes Loya, Manuel Lorenzo (2006) Measuring the importance of oil related revenues in total fiscal income for Mexico

Reyes, Marisela (2006) Pastoral motifs in Tennyson's poetry: “Enoch Arden”

Rice, Christopher A (2006) The effects of three and five second maximal isometric contractions on upper body postactivation potentiation

Rivera Rivera, Nancy I (2006) Detection and characterization of dust source areas in the Chihuahuan Desert, southwestern North America

Rodriguez, Carlos Gabriel (2006) Como idiota enamorado: A novel

Rodriguez, Carlos Gabriel (2006) Como idiota enamorado

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