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Elizabeth Juarez

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My name is Elizabeth Juarez and I interviewed Sergio Juarez in Spanish. He is from Torreon, Coahuila born and raised. He is 69 years old. Sergio says in his time it was not common to discuss gender identity and sexuality openly. Therefore, how he grew up did not affect how he viewed his sexuality. He thought as usual that “he is a man and what is in front of him is women”. Sergio met somebody after the age of 18 who identified as homosexual. He says, “She was just an acquaintance from school” and

Sergio does not think or make him feel uncomfortable. Simply he recognizes he is an individual and she is an individual with choices and preferences. Sergio claims his gender role in society stemmed from birth when on his birth certificate they appointed Male and until this date, he is still a man. It was around the age of 8 or 9 that he first felt attracted to women. I suppose around the beginning stages of puberty. Sergio does not know what would have happened if he came out nor has he ever thought about it thoroughly. I asked him if he thought he would be accepted in his home had he come out, and he says he does not know if she would have accepted him. Sergio reflects back and says that after the age of 18 he became acquainted with people who were openly bisexual or homosexual and did not affect his own sexuality or bothered him. However, he did admit that he would make fun of them until he comprehended further that it was okay to be and to each own.

Sergio now admits that it is best to come out of the closet and be yourself to avoid misjudgments and bullying from people. He does not have any inconvenience with how people choose to express themselves nor does he belittle them. He lives his life and minds his own business. He thinks since we are living in a generation where it has become more open about sexual preferences that we will further develop into more or less 100% acceptance so it is okay now for people to accept what it has become. “Society accepts it already, since we are evolving it is okay to express yourself openly”. He does say however as a nation we still need to work on further developing acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community.

I did further ask if he thought children should know about gender identity and his response was, “a kid is a kid and it is a bit difficult for them to understand the difference between one gender and another. But in actuality in school, they are being taught about gender roles so I think they will learn in the best form”. I further asked if he had ever been hit on by a homosexual man, and he said yes indeed and he always declined the best way he could. At some point, he would feel uncomfortable if at a party or concert he was around the community however his best match was his confidence in his own sexuality. The difference between today’s time and his early times is the way sex is seen on tv. Now more openly than it ever was before, may take a role in how people choose to identify in their gender.

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