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Master of Arts


English Rhetoric and Composition


Lauren Rosenberg


This thesis provides an exploration of what Cholx literacies are and aims to prove that tattoos are a significant and restorative literacy practice within Cholx communities. Because this is a specific area in the field of literacies studies about which little is known, this study works towards establishing Cholx literacies as a viable and recognized form of literacy and opens the door to further research on the topic. Although there is so much that is yet to be learned about the specific literacy practices of Cholx community members, this study opens a conversation about normative and non-normative literacy practices and how, in the field of education, we can adjust our pedagogy to accommodate all types of learners from diverse backgrounds. There are many facets of Cholx literacies that are yet to be discussed, but this study focuses on a deep analysis of Cholx tattoos and their role in Cholx identity, community, and intrapersonal communication.

Keywords: Cholx, literacy, restorative literacies, communal literacy practice, tattoos




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Lauren Elizabeth Peña Uribarri