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IPED Technical Report: 2010-7


The Institute for Policy and Economic Development (IPED) at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) was contracted by Professional and Public Programs (P3), the continuing education division of UTEP, to conduct a study assessing the impact of the organization on the local community, as well as evaluate the programs offered by its Professional Training and Development (PT&D) and Community Enrichment (CE) departments. As a continuing education provider, P3 offers a variety of educational, professional and personal programs to the El Paso region’s traditional and non-traditional consumers of University resources including business, professional, and government entities, as well as to University students, alumnae, and other life-long learners. These programs are an asset to the community, providing both measurable and immeasurable benefits. Explicitly identifying and estimating these benefits is the goal of the present study.