Identity Perspectives: Gilberto Quezada


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Identity Formation Interview


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Gilberto Quezada

Summary of Interview

For this assignment, I had the privilege of interviewing Gilberto Quezada 60, on gender identity and if it has ever affected him throughout his life. Mr. Quezada was born on a beautiful morning in Juarez Chihuahua on October 6, 1962, He mentioned at the beginning of our interview that he had never had any trouble identifying himself and his sexuality as cisgender. However, this was mainly because he had lived in a rather strict traditional household. This traditional household mainly consisted of the man providing financial security by working while the women would stay at home taking care of their children and their family. So, when it came to having an open mind about anything like for example, sports it was usually shut down or made fun of because it wasn’t common to think or speak freely.

As a result, when it came to his family home dynamic, he mentioned that he would only see his father once in a few weeks and mentioned throughout the interview that he was mainly influenced by his sisters. Topics such as gender identity and sexuality were usually subjects that were rarely talked about or even seen as taboo in the household. It was mentioned that people who had identified outside of cisgender identity were usually harassed by their community or were rather hidden and closeted to hide from the harassment of others for their own safety. So, if it ever came to him identifying outside of the gender norms, he would have kept it to himself or mentioned it to one of his sisters but never to the public. Furthermore, because of this, he mentioned that he's proud that people are now being more open about their sexual identities. As these topics were something that was once seen as hidden but rather now seen as something that should be normalized. He is slowly starting to learn that people are different, and we shouldn’t judge them for that, but rather try to understand where they’re coming from.

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