Founded in 1894, the Woman’s Club is a “non-profit organization committed to providing an educational and cultural center for its members, preserving the integrity of its historic clubhouse, improving conditions and opportunities for women, and enhancing the quality of life in our community.” During the late nineteenth century the Woman’s Club, originally known as the Current Topics Club, was the only woman’s organization in El Paso. The group’s members were instrumental in establishing the first public school kindergarten in Texas as well as supporting pure food laws, city sanitation and beautification efforts, historic preservation of the San Jacinto Plaza, and many cultural events in El Paso.

This is a collection of interviews of past presidents reflecting on their year in office.

There is a Finding Aid that provides more information about the Club.

To learn about the Club's current activities visit their web page.


Submissions from 2011

1998 -- 1999: Lois Rayomein, Carolyn Breck

1999 -- 2000: Carolyn Breck, Judy Stone

2000 -- 2001: Carmen Silva, Carolyn Breck

2002 -- 2003: Bonnie Whalen, Carolyn Breck

2003 -- 2004: Judy Stone, Carolyn Breck

2004 -- 2005: Grace Mitchell, Carolyn Breck

2005 -- 2006: Patsy Parker, Carolyn Breck

2006 -- 2007: Harriet Dorgan, Carolyn Breck

2007 -- 2008: Lillian Crouch, Carolyn Breck

2008 -- 2009: Sue Noah, Carolyn Breck

2009 -- 2010: Mary Baquera, Carolyn Breck

2010 -- 2011: Mary Railey, Carolyn Breck