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(From Preface) IT HAS BEEN MY CUSTOM to make an annual report to the Chancellor, cataloging our accomplishments for the year. This volume is a continuation of that tradition, expanded to co,•er lhc octennium and to contain somewhat more of reflection on the fonctions involved. ~I) thanks go to Clyde Wingfield for his help on the chapters 011 Students and on the Inter-American Institute; to ~Ii1ton Leech for reading h¥o drafts of the manuscript and offering countless suggestions for its improvement; to Dale Walker for information for the section on Bhutanese arc;hitccture; to John Sharp and Chester Christian for data on the Inter-American Institute; to Steele Jones for invaluable assistance in many ways; and to all of my colleagues at U.T. El Paso and in the Chancc1lor's Office among whom I have lived, labored, and learned with rarely a dull moment. Needless to say, the errors and expressed opinions are my own, and they should not be attributed to persons named above. Finally, I wish to express my deep appreciation to Chairman Frank C. Erwin, Jr., and to the other members of the Board of Regents for their permission to retire from administration to teaching at so early an age. I approach my new duties with a high heart. Hoover House El Paso June, i968 JOSEPII \ 1. RAY

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On Becoming a University Report on an Octennium