Aqueous Dispersion of One-Dimensional van der Waals Material Mo6S3I6with the Charge Type of the Hydrophobic Dispersant Tail

Sudong Chae, Sungkyunkwan University
Seungbae Oh, Sungkyunkwan University
Kyung Hwan Choi, Sungkyunkwan University
Jiho Jeon, Sungkyunkwan University
Zhixiang Liu, Sungkyunkwan University
Cong Wang, Sungkyunkwan University
Changmo Lim, Sungkyunkwan University


Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society. Aqueous dispersion of van der Waals bonded one-dimensional materials Mo6S3I6 with hydrophobic surfaces has been studied. The surface charge of the dispersed Mo6S3I6 is controlled from negative to positive by the charge type of dispersant tail (anionic, SDS and NaDDBS; cationic, CTAB; nonionic, Poloxamer 407), and through this, it is possible to deposit the dispersed Mo6S3I6 in nanosized by electrophoretic deposition at a desired position. When a flexible device was manufactured by transferring Mo6S3I6, it was confirmed that electrical conductivity can be measured in 40% of elongation and more than 1000 times cyclic test.