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COURI Symposium Abstracts, Spring 2011 (COURI Symposium Abstracts)

Interface: The International Journal of Rhetoric and Social Media

Published semi-annually under the auspices of the Rhetoric and Writing Studies (RWS) program of The University of Texas at El Paso, Interface: The International Journal of Rhetoric and Social Media aspires to generate scholarly discourse within the disciplinary framework of RWS for the academic study of social media. However, due to the relevance and ubiquity of digital social practices, the conversation encourages both contributions from and proffers applications, theoretical and practical, to a number of other fields, such as, sociology, communication, business, education, political science, and numerous other areas of the academy.

Interface offers a space for critical engagement wherein social media can be interrogated and problematized by scholars and graduate students around the globe. Additionally, Interface addresses the need for analytical discussion on current events, modern trends, and theoretical connections applied to pedagogies, subjectivities, ethics, social and cultural studies/criticism, visual rhetoric, political rhetoric, discourse, discourse communities, workplace and technological communication, Access, First-Year Composition, gaming, globalization, L2, literacies, and best practices/strategies.

The scholarship published in Interface is peer-reviewed.