Student experiences of learning portfolios in occupational therapy education. Occupational Therapy in Health Care,

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Karen P. Funk (2007) Student Experiences of Learning Portfolios in Occupational Therapy Education,Occupational Therapy In Health Care, 21:1-2, 175-184, DOI: 10.1080/J003v21n01_13


Learning portfolios are used extensively in general education; however, limited information is available regarding its usage and value in occupational therapy education. This article discusses the experiences of 30 senior-level occupational therapy students who used student-learning portfolios as a method of comprehensive learning within an upper extremity orthotics and prosthetics course. Results indicated that portfolios assisted students in structuring their learning environment, documented their learning journey, highlighted their achievements, and developed professional skills of organization, motivation, and higher-ordered thinking. Implications of this study lend support towards using student-learning portfolios as a teaching tool to facilitate more holistic and effective student-centered learning environments.