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Doctor of Philosophy


Environmental Science and Engineering


Peter Golding


Technology, albeit exceedingly useful, has exponentially exacerbated the communications dilemma between the technical and the non-technical. Additionally, based on a current new understanding of the term environmental, it can no longer be fully defined by terms such as air, water, waste, or purification. Rather, the meaning of environmental has been globally transformed in several ways. The term environmental is encompassing an expansion of understanding and is further defined with words such as essence, perception, rapport and multi-dimensional spaces. This work, Environmental Dynamics: A Compendium of Rhetorical Application (EDC), provides a framework where communication can be enhanced in areas where communication is of utmost importance. It provides tools useful in the communications dilemma as it impacts the larger definition of environmental studies.

The EDC has three objectives: 1. Identify and examine various areas where communication is of utmost importance. 2. Address consideration factors which include situations that meet the expanded environmental definition - traditional or contemporary. 3. Present a framework of tools which can be used to promulgate a clear, concise mode of communication.

The EDC is primarily intended for those who work in technical fields. Due to the focused nature of research, written and verbal communication becomes collateral damage next to equations and formulas. Nonetheless, in an attempt to bridge the gap between communicating parties, the compendium utilizes three methodologies that aptly benefit general society as well. This bridge is necessary as the environmental topic is one that is today readily studied, not only by hard sciences, but by all disciplines. The definition of environmental has morphed since its inception with the interest created by Rachel Carsonâ??s Silent Spring. Thus, the compendium serves as another bridging tool to facilitate productive communication in the new environmental world.




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