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Educational Leadership and Administration


Angus S. Mungal


The influence of military-trained educational leaders on education is a growing topic in educational research. Troops to Teachers and Teach for America contribute to former military service members transitioning to K-12 education. Military service members possess unique experiences and talents that make them attractive to local school districts. They contribute many experiences as employees: they follow the rules, are hardworking and loyal, and demonstrate leadership qualities. Other factors, not in direct relation to teaching include maturity, worldviews, experiences, self-reflection, ability to make a difference, and the diversity of military who want to teach.

The purpose of this qualitative research was to investigate the experiences of 18 military-trained educational leaders who transitioned from the classroom to administration. A grounded theory methodology was utilized to explain how each military-trained educational leader experienced transition. Online surveys as well as in-depth interviews were conducted as the method of data collection. Four findings emerged from how the participants expressed the transference of leadership skills from the military related to educational administration.

The findings of this study may be utilized to inform institutes of higher education about supports needed in regard to working with the veteran population. Former military service members can use this study to better prepare themselves in becoming teachers and educational administrators. School districts can also create supports for current and future military-trained educational leaders to build leadership capacity amongst its schools.




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