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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Carlos M. Chang


The purpose of this Thesis is to develop a Guardrail Asset Management Framework and a Condition-Based Model to assist agencies in the development of guardrail preservation programs. Both of the guardrail asset management tools can be incorporated into an existing asset management program to assist agencies in utilizing guardrail inventory to forecast key asset management parameters such as the guardrail condition, funds necessary for maintenance and repair, backlogged funding, guardrail system value, and the guardrail sustainability ratio. Each of these parameters is described and determined for a case study involving six scenarios modeling funding and maintenance constraints that can arise in an asset management program.

The Guardrail Asset Management Framework is to be used as a guide, by state and local agencies, to determine key asset management objectives and practices that contribute to the use of the Condition-Based Model. The Condition-Based Model produces results that can be used to monitor the guardrail system. In monitoring the guardrail system, the agency can then adjust the asset management objectives and practices to better fit to the agency's goals and available resources. Utilizing the guardrail asset management tools can assist agencies in the development or advancement of their guardrail asset management and preservation programs.




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