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Master of Fine Arts


English - Creative Writing


Daniel Chacon

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Jessica Powers


This thesis delves into the realm of young adult (YA) fantasy literature, exploring how its meta-narrative elements, fast-paced story beats, and relatable characters can facilitate the acquisition of healthy coping mechanisms among its readers. In the preface, I discuss the importance of providing YA audiences with narratives that not only entertain but also serve as tools for navigating the complexities of adolescence. Drawing upon psychological theories and literary analysis, I argue that meta-awareness in YA fantasy can offer readers a unique perspective on their own struggles and encourage them to develop resilience and coping skills.

The accompanying YA Fantasy story follows Raz, a character aware of his fictional existence, the Author's existence, and the reader's existence. After being created in the opening chapter, he is thrust into OC World, where he meets his new housemates. A group of highly intense OCs with their own problems and quirks that Raz can't wrap his head around. However, that's the least of his concerns, as the Author has a bet with him that they didn't bother to tell Raz about. Now Raz has to figure out the nature of the bet, survive this new crazy world and his housemates, all while hoping his own mental mindscape holds up.

By intertwining the theoretical framework presented in the preface with the narrative exploration of the YA fantasy story, this thesis aims to demonstrate the potential of literature to serve as a catalyst for personal growth and resilience in young readers as well as tell an engaging and fun story.




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