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Master of Fine Arts


English - Creative Writing


Andrea Cote Botero



First and foremost, I would like to thank Jonathan Taylor and Sarah Thompson for the wonderful job they did in providing me with feedback. I took into consideration all their comments. Their comments aligned with Dr. Powers, and I really took a deeper look into my Spanish/English translations on whether I should have them or not. I found a happy medium for all of it. I also went back and looked at the rest of the class’s comments and made sure that I did not miss any of the details that were pointed out to me the first time around. As far as modeling after any author, I tried to think about how Claudia Rankine spoke in Citizen when she wrote her prose, as well as Sara Uribe’s prose writing in Antigona Gonzales. Both have a very simple language style that comes across strong when making points. Also, they both rely on personal stories. In addition, I thought about Ilya Kaminski in Deaf Republic, for he added a prose and titling style that allowed me to be creative, as well as aware of using similes. Gabrielle’s sample of her “Creative Experiments – Kind of Performance Objects I’ve been,” was my inspiration for my own creative experiment that I wrote on page 29. As far as my writing went, I kind of understood what I wanted from the outset of my master’s in fine arts, and I wrote in that manner. The inspiring professors were J.D. Pluecker, Andrea Cote Botero, Sylvia Aguilar, Nelson Cardenas, and Tim Hernandez. I especially would like to thank my committee for all their help and encouragement which are as follows: UTEP Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Chair of Committee, Andrea Cote Botero; UTEP Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Sylvia Aguilar; and IU East Professor of English / Director and Advisor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Edwina Helton.




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