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Master of Arts


Latin American and Border Studies


Sabiha Khan, Ph.D.


The documentary film titled "Working in the Shadows: The Impact of Wage Theft Among Undocumented Workers in El Paso, Texas" sheds light on the pervasive issue of wage theft experienced by undocumented workers in the region. Through personal testimonies, interviews with workers, legal experts, and government officials, the film delves into the challenges faced by undocumented workers who are vulnerable to exploitation due to their legal status.Undocumented workers in El Paso face a host of challenges, including unpaid wages, unsafe working conditions, and fear of retaliation if they assert their rights. The film highlights the critical role of community organizations, legal experts, and law enforcement in addressing wage theft and advocating for the rights of undocumented workers. Additionally, the documentary emphasizes the importance of extending legal protections to all workers, regardless of their immigration status. Wage theft not only takes a financial toll on undocumented workers but also has significant social and psychological repercussions. The film explores the stigma, stress, and anxiety experienced by workers, who are pushed deeper into poverty by unscrupulous employers. By amplifying the voices and struggles of undocumented workers, the film aims to educate the public about the pervasive problem of wage theft and inspire empathy and understanding among viewers. Ultimately, "Working in the Shadows" serves as a powerful educational tool that encourages viewers to act against wage theft and support the rights of undocumented workers in El Paso and beyond. By shedding light on this often-overlooked issue, the documentary strives to inspire change, promote social justice, and advocate for fair labor practices for all workers, regardless of their legal status.




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