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Master of Science




Ahmed El-Gendy


Abstract:This thesis presents an investigation into the magnetic properties of high entropy alloy (HEA) samples, focusing primarily on compositions within the FeNiCoMn system and their gallium/chemically doped derivatives. High entropy alloys represent a promising class of materials with unique properties resulting from their complex composition and structural arrangements. The behavior of these alloys, particularly in their magnetic properties, remains an area of significant interest due to their potential applications in magnetic storage, sensing, and other technological domains. The study encompasses an examination of seven distinct HEA samples: FeNiCo, FeNiCoMn0.2, FeNiCoMn0.4, FeNiCoMn0.6, FeNiCoMn0.2Ga0.1, FeNiCoGa0.2, FeNiCoMn0.2Ga0.3. Furthermore, three samples of FeNiCoMn0.2 and three samples of FeNiCoMn0.2Ga0.1 are examined after undergoing chemical dopping using Fe, Ni, and Co. Through the combination of X-ray diffraction (XRD), vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM), and electron microscopy, the magnetic properties and microstructural characteristics of these samples are analyzed. The FeNiCoMn0.2-0.6 series, with varying manganese content, serves as a baseline for understanding the influence of composition on magnetic behavior. Subsequently, gallium (Ga) is introduced into the system, both independently and in conjunction with manganese, in the FeNiCoMn0.2Ga0.1-0.3 and FeNiCoGa0.2 samples, respectively. The effects of gallium incorporation on the magnetic properties are examined, shedding light on the diminished or enhanced magnetic properties of the sample. Introducing higher concentrations of Fe, Ni, and Co through the use of chemical doping is performed to further study how the samples magnetic properties can be influenced and/or modified to suit the desired need of the researcher.




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