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Char Ullman


The Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Education (DESJE) program is one where as an educator, I was able to expand my knowledge on theories and practices which encourage the application of equitable and culturally responsive perspectives within the classroom and the curriculum being taught to students. The DESJE program enabled me to have the relevant knowledge necessary to formulate and enact actionable strategies within my own practice which authentically support my students of diverse backgrounds and encourage them to see themselves in the material that they are learning. I have long been an advocate for social justice issues, particularly those that revolve around the LGBTQ, Latino, and multilingual communities. When I was searching for programs that would help me advance my goals, the DESJE program described teaching all the concepts I had been interested in and more for me to be able to become a more active advocate capable of enacting actual, substantial change. In this paper I reflect on the concepts, theories, and practices that I have learned in my DESJE coursework between the months of August 2021 and December 2022, and how they have helped me to better implement equity and social justice in my own practice.




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