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Master of Science


Computer Engineering


Sai M. Errapotu


The advancements in technology have enabled continuous integration of consumer electronicdevices and sensors to the Internet, creating Internet of Things (IoT) environments for various applications. IoT communication protocols play a significant role in these environments and greatly vary depending on the type of application. In this work, we consider communication protocols in Smart Home IoT and SCADA environments, focus on their security features, and investigate methods to enhance their security. Most of these communication protocols were designed to meet specific communication goals, where security was not a requirement or priority during design. However, due to a shift in the security threat landscape manufacturers had to prioritize security and functionality. Thereby, emerging the need to update existing protocols to support security features that offer strong encryption and authentication guarantees. In this work, we focus on communication security and possible enhancements in Industrial IoT, which are systems that control the nation's critical infrastructure. These systems operate using legacy Supervisory and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks for remote monitoring and controls, using legacy protocols such as Modbus and Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3). In this work, we address such challenges and develop resilient security mechanisms for DNP3 protocol-based communication, by integrating features such as Transport Layer Security and developing an intrusion detection system that identifies and alerts of malicious packets on the network as well as mitigating common cyber security attack vectors. Along with security in IIoT protocols, we have explored IoT protocols that evolved in smart homes to incorporate security features into their communication stacks and are being designed with security as a priority We have tested their leveled security features and possible adoption of such features in the SCADA landscape.




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