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Doctor of Philosophy


English Rhetoric and Composition


Lucía Durá


I intend this multimodal dissertation to function as a hypertextual and intertextual documentation of theories, practices, examples, methods, digital, and multimodal techniques for re-writing and re-rhetoricizing the differently situated Global Souths from the ground-up. I acknowledge the Global South as not only those geographies previously known as the Third World but also those spaces and communities within the Global North undergoing various forms of colonial, racist, neoliberal, and heteropatriarchal exploitations. Transnational feminist solidarities put the intersectional analysis of gender construction at the heart of its bottom-up resistance against global capitalism, environmental injustice, corporate violence, and imperialism. My dissertation includes several examples from South Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and Turtle Island to demonstrate the vicious continuum between rhetorical violence and material violence and what the field and subfields of rhetoric and writing studies can do to turn the tables and build communities based on love, care, kindness, relationality, reciprocity, and dignity. While documenting the journey and effects of the digital archive and multimodal documentation system I am building through feminist design justice frameworks, I bring examples of community-led multimodal storytelling and archiving practices from the Global South to demonstrate that communities have always been practicing resistance writing in the most creative and radical ways with the available resources and all we need to do is humbly listen and learn. Furthermore, I list a range of open-access digital, multimodal, and computational tools and techniques employed by universities, institutions, and digital humanities projects for the communities, community members, researchers, students, and teachers with no to little institutional-infrastructural support for digital projects.




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