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Educational Administration.


Penelope Espinoza


In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began its effect on public school education. With online classes, students without remote access, and teachers with little to no experience in technology-based instruction, students, parents, and teachers were navigating the unknown. We have returned to campus, and routines are back in place, but education will never be the same. This autoethnography explores the first year of a teacher transitioning to an assistant principal on a small New Mexico elementary school campus as the education system recovers from the fallout of the pandemic. The purpose of this study is to use research as a reflective practitioner to examine my experiences, perceptions, and inferences as a new assistant principal working to close achievement gaps, build social-emotional bridges, and inspire the growth of a positive campus culture in a school navigating covid after effects. My experiences and perceptions reflect my growth and transition as a school leader, collected from journals, pre-pandemic coursework, and personal accounts of my first year. As a former classroom teacher, now assistant principal, and servant leader, I aim to help others first and then lead, applying this framework to self-reflections on how to bridge gaps, build culture, and ensure the success of teachers, staff, and students.




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