Date of Award


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Master of Science


Geological Sciences


Terry L. Pavlis

Second Advisor

Philip C. Goodell


Mineral discoveries are typically tangible on surface studies. Previous research describes mineral deposits of ferric and ferrous irons in the lithology, structures, and alluvial fans in the Apache Hills in southwest New Mexico. The research for this thesis combines and models four methods for validating and mapping the presence of Ferric and Ferrous Irons developed in weathered zones above mineral deposits. A beneficial steppingstone before exploration and discovery begins with extensive research. This study began with data acquisition and reviewing previous research and was essential for the project methods. The study combines four techniques: spectral geology (e.g., remote sensing and spectrometry), geographic information system (e.g., GIS software ArcMap 10.8 and ENVI 5.3), and geochemical data analysis (e.g., previous research and Act Labs trace element results). These methods were combined to create mineral maps for specific locations and represent an exploration method of collecting diverse data at minimum or no cost. This study concludes that satellite geospatial data, laboratory spectroradiometer, and geochemical results should be combined to conclude and validate the presence of ferric and ferrous irons in a research area.




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Sergio Gerardo Macias