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Doctor of Philosophy


Teaching , Learning and Culture


Josefina Tinajero


This research explores transnational capitals affecting the educational experiences of populations of Latin American origin in the borderlands, using a qualitative methodology: testimonios. Several schools of thought, including Critical Pedagogy, Critical Race, Latina/o Critical, and Marxist theories direct this examination of heterogeneous educational experiences and outcomes in Latinx populations. This study concludes that the educational path of Latinx students is determined in part by different forms of tangible and intangible capitals, held by students and their families in their countries of origin, transferable across borders, and operating through intersectional systems of oppression. Using Marxist theoretical frameworks, including Bourdieuâ??s theory of cultural capital, this study identified economic, gender, cultural, linguistic, citizenship and transnational mobility capitals as factors affecting the experiences of Latin American populations. In the courses of analyzing the various forms of capital that allow the creation, maintenance, growth or conversion of other capitals, I contributed to various fields of social theory, through the formulation of an operational definition of race capital, not found in previous scholarship, following Bourdieu's steps to define cultural capital and Cedric Robinson's notion of racial capitalism. Additionally, this study found that certain intangible capital, associated to a finite individual's life and experiences, are transferable onto members of subsequent generations, even if they have an inverse relation to the capital owned by their parents, e. g. gender, citizenship and transnational mobility capitals. This study finds necessary to revise meritocratic distribution of financial and symbolic assets in educational process, when attempting to close inter and intra-ethnic socioeconomic gaps.




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