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Master of Science


Manufacturing Engineering


Amit Joe Lopes


Smart manufacturing is fundamentally changing the industry so fast; for this reason, modern industrial processes must be intelligently and digitally automated. Digitalization of work instructions has taken an important role in improving the efficiency of industry and traditional manufacturing processes. TULIP is a frontline operations platform that allows users to digitize operations using friendly apps that operators can deploy in their daily shopfloor processes. This Industry 4.0 tool is important because it optimizes the development of processes by enabling IoT with the use of sensors, connectors, and machines to collect real-time production data. In this research, a manufacturing station equipped with a collaborative robot was chosen to digitize work instruction processes with the implementation of TULIP software to simulate a real manufacturing scenario. The approach consists in allowing operators/users to follow a guided program instruction that will reduce time and human error, as well as improve the way data is stored, analyzed, processed, collected, and interpreted. Two phases were developed in this study to compare the effectiveness of digitizing instructions in a manufacturing process. In the first Phase, the time that the user takes to perform an operation using manual guidance will be measured. Next, we will compare this with the time it takes to perform the same operation but with a detailed electronic work instructions app. This work instruction (WI) app also allows the user to send notifications whenever a defect is found during the operation. In the second Phase, the app collected the operator's defects as well as analytics that show the average process cycle time and the number of completions. With the implementation of digital work instructions, workers will have the advantage of having app-based platforms to create instructions for specific tasks to communicate easily and collect real-time data.




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Priscila Balanzar Almazan