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Master of Fine Arts


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J D. Pluecker


My grandmother's death in 2007 came by surprise, as my first marriage was coming to a close. At the time I was living in the West and flew home to attend the funeral. Later, that summer, I flew home to Indiana again to attend the family auction of her personal effects. Perhaps it was the timing of it all, the overwhelming feeling of grief from her death and the dissolution of my marriage, but I found myself longing to recall everything about her - all of the memories on the farm, her funny little sayings, or the nasally way she'd sing her hymns. I wanted to bid on everything, including the plastic yellow cup with the creepy face of the Campbell Soup kid which she kept at the washbasin so the grandchildren could get a drink whenever we needed. In her death, I clung to her life. I realized I wanted more than anything to understand how what happened to me in the present sent me running to the past.




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