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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing


Sylvia A. Zeleny


Heart of Golde is a female coming-of-age story centered around Jyn Taryn, who lost her mother and her early memories in a tragic car accident 15 years before the story begins. She struggles with feeling at "home" anywhere in the world. When she discovers her mother's name written in an old poetry book, her curiosities lead her to the home of Edward Golde, her father. While there, she is forced to come face to face with the past she never thought she would be able to remember. Room by room, memory by memory, Jyn puts the pieces of her past together, learning she is not so different from her father - consumed by grief & longing for a way back home. Heart of Golde explores what it means to come of age in the midst of unaddressed or suppressed traumas and how oneâ??s own identity is affected by the heavy burden of grief.




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176 p.

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Joely Bowman