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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing


Andrea Cote-Botero


Del Arbolito Una Cuadra Al Lago (One Block Away From The Little Tree) is a an autoethnographic collection of bilingual/Spanglish short fiction, documentary prose, photography archive, and flash fiction. The work is rooted in my own Central American immigrant experience living in the United States and incorporates a variety of self-exploratory themes including the remnants of post-memory and transgenerational trauma, fractured cultural identity formation, geographical displacement, and the complexities of ideological ambiguities that result from crossing borders. The first half of the collection (Part I and II) is an immigration travelogue complimented with archival family photographs that trace fleeting childhood memories from the Nicaraguan post-war era to the journey into the United States. The second part of the work (Part III and IV) is designed as a witness testimony of the self and a "call to action" that utilizes a variety of auto-ethnographic writing styles including journaling, flash fiction, poetic prose, and letter correspondence. The overall aim of this work is to amplify Central American narratives that denounce recent anti-immigrant policies which have contributed to the ongoing cycles of discrimination of migrant populations in this present historical moment.




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169 p.

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Tania Romero