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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing


Sylvia Aguilar-Zeleny


The Blazing World is a young adult fantasy novel that follows Michaela Muir. Michaela is a sixteen-year-old girl who is kidnapped, then magically transported to a world, the Blazing World, a place very different from her own. She finds animals that walk and talk like people and humans who look completely unlike any she's ever met. Michaela learns about the oppressive laws of the empire. Many who live in the Blazing World think she might be the girl from a long-ago prophecy, a girl who will take down the evil empire and rescue their world. Meanwhile, Michaela just wants to go home. Throughout her journey, Michaela collects a group of friends who join her in her quest. Fadrall, a talking polar bear becomes her guardian and protector. Fischer, a talking fox becomes her mentor. Niall, a green human, takes on the role of love interest, while Cavendish, a trouble-making female faun is Michaela's friend and sometimes bad influence. This is the first book in a duology. Michaela's story will continue in the second book where she will combat her greatest enemy, and make the ultimate decision between love and home.




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Available for download on Thursday, January 01, 2122