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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering


Ahsan Choudhuri


With the current development of microsatellite technologies, an effort has been made to implement Green Propellant propulsion for low thrust requirement missions. UTEP Center for Space Exploration Technology and Research is developing component level technologies for use in small satellite technologies. This Dissertation is part of an ongoing effort to develop a 1 Newton AF-M315E Thruster that can be used in a small satellite. The Dissertation focuses on testing of a new catalyst for use in the AF-M315E thruster., The catalyst is composed of a silicon carbide substrate that has gone through a proprietary process to be embedded with iridium. The Dissertation summarizes the development of the thruster design, test history and modifications, test configuration and test results from the testing campaign. In addition, the Dissertation draws comparisons to the previously tested catalyst during 2019. The testing results assure that the new catalyst has comparable results from the previously tested catalyst, however and suggest future testing as part of the 1N thruster component development.




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