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Doctor of Philosophy


Teaching , Learning and Culture


Timothy Cashman


Exploring the In-Home Experiences of African American Students Pursuing STEM Degrees is a Phenomenological Case study that examines the experiences of five African American students at a Historically Black College. This study explores the internal (within oneself) and external (interactions with parents and siblings) attributes of the in-home experiences; Focusing on how the internal and external experiences impacted African American studentsâ?? decisions to pursue STEM degrees. Data was collected over a period of nine months, notes were transcribed, and analyzed for themes. The themes that emerged were (1) Conflict Experienced Early on Improves Character Development. (2) Your Focus Influences Who You Become, (3) The Power of Parental Persuasion in Student Achievement, and (4) A Positive Mindset Creates a Positive Self-Image. Findings from this study reveal that while African American students experience barriers that contribute to the underrepresentation of African Americans in STEM, these barriers can be overcome. However, to overcome these barriers, students need a supportive home environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and patience. All of which contribute to a positive mindset that creates a positive self-image. Equally important is the awareness that conflict and focus play just as important a role in student's growth and development.




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