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Educational Leadership and Administration


Arturo Olivarez


The advent of for-profit colleges to the higher education scene in the U.S. has challenged public community colleges on all levels; financial, academic, and consumerism. Research has shown that key performance indicators are more favorable at public community colleges than at for-profit colleges. Determining size and type of colleges, ethnicity and gender differences that contribute to total graduation rate of health Career and Technical Education (CTE) students will add to the limited research on the relationship between these constructs and provide information to prospective health CTE students about college enrollment. The study aims to examine institutional performance variables to assist any student interested in enrolling in either For-Profit Colleges (FPC) or Public Community Colleges (PCC). Institutional performance indicators included graduation and debt rate differences between these two types of colleges and across their different sizes. Tuition books and costs are considered as covariate for the study. Additionally, gender and ethnic graduation rates are also measured across types and size of the colleges. In this context, total graduation rate is measured as the overall health CTE completion of students within 150% of the published time for the program. Based on key performance indicators of 58 community and for-profit colleges in the state of Texas, findings from between- and within-subject designs multivariate statistical analyses indicated statistical difference on graduation rates and level of indebtedness between type and size of institutions including male and female graduation rates being statistically significant for same grouping variables. In addition, there were also ethnic graduation completion mean differences between and among several pairwise comparison groups. Recommendations for practical applications of this study and for future research will be discussed. Keywords: total graduation rate, level of indebtedness, ethnicity, gender, size and types of colleges, for-profit colleges, public community colleges, student services, tutoring, mentoring, advising, key performance indicators, CTE health




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