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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems


Carlos M. Chang


Local government agencies have adopted project management practices to deliver public work projects. The agencies need to measure project management performance to ensure the consistency, control, and monitoring of the project delivery process. However, local government agencies have not adopted a systematic method to measure the organization's project-management performance. At present, there is a gap regarding methods to measure project management performance in delivering construction projects. This study aims to assist local government agencies in improving their project management processes by implementing a comprehensive methodology to assess project management's performance. This dissertation is organized into three major chapter-papers: the first chapter describes the assessment of the project management maturity level through the analysis of the knowledge areas involved in the project management process. The second chapter explains the development of a systematic approach to determine the project management performance level by assessing the agency's management process, capacity, and capability.Finally, the third chapter depicts a method to measure a local government agency's project-management performance using system dynamics. A case study is performed to demonstrate the method's applicability in three local government agencies: The City of Sunland Park, the County of El Paso, and the City of El Paso. The findings of this research study are expected to contribute towards the quality of public works by improving the project management practices in local government agencies.




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