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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering


David Espalin


The use of hybrid additive manufacturing (AM) systems is a novel approach in the fabrication of multi-functional parts. 3D printed electronics are an example of multi-functional parts fabricated using the Foundry Multi3D System, a hybrid AM system. Previous research has demonstrated the capabilities of the system by manufacturing RF antennas and satellite panels with embedded electronics, to name a few. However, research to identify design clearances and establish a manufacturing process plan had not been performed. The purpose of this manuscript is to determine the correct clearances for foreign components to be inserted unto a partially printed substrate. Besides this main purpose, a general manufacturing process plan was also established for the purpose of inserting foreign components into a partially printed substrate. The paper, then, focuses on characterizing the effects of component cavities and inserted components (e.g. D-sub connector) on the part's overall tensile mechanical properties (e.g. tensile strength). The soldering method to create a solder joint between an embedded conductor and an inserted component is also evaluated. Because of the decrease in the part's tensile strength due to the designed cavity, a treatment (solvent welding or bonding) is introduced to enhance the interface between the plastic substrate and an inserted cap, which helps to shield the component and ease printing on top of the component. The results suggest using a clearance between 0.20-0.30 mm for foreign component insertion. The designed cavities for a part with an inserted D-sub connector and a cap (D-sub no treatment specimen) had negative effect on a part's overall strength by decreasing the tensile strength by 58.5%, when compared to a solid printed polycarbonate part. The treatment played a beneficial role by increasing the specimen's tensile strength by at least 10.4%.




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Leonardo Isaac Gutierrez Sierra