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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing


Tim Z. Hernandez


Burning is a book of poetry about occult magic, the Catholic eye, the mind jewel, and the color of my skin under the summer sun. It is about my meditations in the shade under desert trees and the visions I had there about access, love, and social class. Burning is the flaming desire inside of me for success and recognition, and yet at the same time homage to the Zen Buddhist precepts of non-attachment and acceptance. It is my thirsting for the lost américa's touch somewhere between endless sands and yellow-painted concrete, about my parallel aspirations for poetic duende and alpha male status. Burning is about polarities, about changing and being changed by the fire, and about the vagueness of identity and progression. Burning is a dream haze brought on by cold lofts and the odor of spray paint drying. Burning is the sound of a young man laughing at himself for reaching out like Jesus in the desert when all he has around him is xeriscaping.




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Nicolas Cooper