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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Cesar J. Carrasco


Double layered parabolic dome structure, with opening in roof is analyzed for buckling under wind load. Domes with three different opening sizes are used and external wind load is applied from different directions without changing the position of the opening. Dead load and internal wind pressure is also applied. The dead load and internal wind pressure is kept constant. The internal wind pressure is applied as per the ASCE building requirement that is once in positive direction which is towards the surface and once in negative direction which is away from the surface. The data for this project was sent by company `GEOMETRICA'. A MATLAB program has be developed which is capable of converting this data to a .dat file which is input file for NASTRAN. NASTRAN is a processor which is used for simulations and generates result files. The results can be view using PATRAN which is a pre and post processor. The results obtained in different cases are compared. It can be seen that there is large variation in load carrying capacity of the dome and it can be concluded that the size and the position of the opening has effect on load carrying capacity of the dome.




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Anup Ramesh Marathe