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Jules Simon


The objective of this Thesis is to open a conversation regarding the role of grammar in two areas of philosophy: interpretation and normative philosophy. The task is divided into three chapters, each of which focuses on one major issue. The first is a demonstration of the use of grammar in understanding and interpreting works of philosophy, namely those of Hegel and Marx. The second chapter is an interpretation of Franz Rosenzweig's renovated grammar as seen in The Star of Redemption. The last uses an analysis of grammar to challenge the role of empirical knowledge in community building. The last chapter is an application of the method discussed in chapters one and two. Still, its objective is to raise the fundamental question of this Thesis: is it morally beneficial to rely on an empirical approach to understanding community formation? My claim is that perhaps we should because it would be better, acknowledge that individuals stand for themselves and not as a representative of a category. If we premise our moral decision making with this in mind, which is actually to say, if we disregard what we think of others based on their contingent qualities, we might not be predisposed to act towards them in an immoral way.




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