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Stacey Sowards


This Thesis critically examines how international students from African countries use digital text across disciplines in a four-year university in the United States. The goal of this study is to explore ways in which international students' challenges with digital text can be alleviated. Critical Consciousness Theory and Critical race theories are used as a theoretical framework which fosters a better understanding of international students' previous experience with digital text and the challenges faced when using digital text. Data collected through interviews indicate that international students' struggles with digital text are much more complex than the average student because they have little to no experience with digital text, lack of skills, training, and institutional support. This research emphasizes the need to take international students into consideration during the planning of syllables and the selection of content for pedagogy. It also stresses the need for institutions to take into account international students when planning orientations and training programs that teach how to effectively use technology in education. Finally, recommendations are given in the study to help international students excel in the way that they use digital text.




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