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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering


Yirong Lin


The silica hollow spheres have demonstrated excellent results in multiple applications such as light-weight composites, and optical applications as a glass coating. This material also exhibits excellent thermal, shock impact, and hydrophilic properties extremely useful for industrial applications. However, a controllable size of the particle is desired to further increase the number of applications of the silica hollow spheres.

This Thesis aims a method to fabricate silica hollow spheres in a single step with a controlled diameter size. A study was developed to demonstrate the particle size change when adjusting the molecular weight of the medium by using different alcohol solvents. A 70% and 58% size increase in the PS core and hollow sphere, respectively, were successfully obtained during this research work.

The fabricated silica hollow spheres are expected to be used as a photovoltaic cell coating due to their hydrophilic behavior. The material is expected to be easily printed via paste extrusion and exhibit high resistant mechanical and thermal properties.




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