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Master of Arts


English Rhetoric and Composition


Lucia Dura


The graduate school application is a time consuming, yet important, process that can often be complicated for students. However, this process is made even more complicated for international students who often face extra steps and other obstacles when applying to graduate programs in the US. Following my own experience of applying to a master's program as an international student, I set out to further explore how international students experienced and navigated this process. This research project explored the graduate school application process through the experiences of international students that were shared in testimonios through platicas, or open and friendly conversations. International students shared their testimonios, or experiences, where they discussed any struggles or difficulties during their application process. The knowledge that was shared during the testimonios was then analyzed with a User Experience and Chicana Feminist perspective. Using these two approaches helped to shine a light on the experiences of international students, who are often marginalized, to be able to learn how to make the application process a more user-friendly process that can address their needs.




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