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Master of Science




Jose F. Espiritu


Model-Based Systems Engineering holds the promise of enhancing systems engineering tasks and product quality through better, more efficient exchange of data across tools, personnel, and departments, a higher quality of analysis resulting from greater access to cross-discipline data, better coordination between engineering activities and those of program management, and many other benefits. Yet, there is still no standardized method for achieving commonality of architecture vocabulary across projects, across, companies, across industries such that entities operating in the same domain produce products that speak the same technical language. Some specialized domains, such as the Department of Defense (DoD), have developed Architecture Frameworks (AF), such as the DoDAF, to establish a level of standardization through enforcement of a profile on the architecture development activities. Still, for other industries, there is no such standardization. Ontologies offer a possible solution to this problem by allowing domain interests to collaborate to construct a domain ontology that can then be transformed into a modeling profile to constrain architectural development activities to use a more common vocabulary. This Thesis examines the current state of the practice in industry towards developing a standard methodology for transforming such standardized domain ontologies into modeling profiles.




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