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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering


Jack . Chessa

Second Advisor

Ahsan . Choudhuri


This Thesis will discuss the design, use, and maintenance of the Mobile Instrumentation and Control Interface Trailer (MICIT) housed at tRIAc HQ in Fabens, TX. The design of the MICIT, as it pertains to this Thesis, reflects the "as-built" configuration, which, in some cases, strays significantly from the original design. These design changes are noted in detail, as are the reasons for the changes. Appendix A contains a BOM complete with vendor information, part numbers, and prices where available. Appendix A is provided in an attempt to streamline the repair/replacement/expansion process for the components in the MICIT. Original AutoCAD schematics are available in the MICIT schematic library on the SVN.

As a continuation of the "future work" proposed in the original design Thesis (Chaparro 2017), the design intent behind each sub-assembly is outside the scope of this Thesis, but may be referenced in some sections. Design intent for new or largely altered sub-assemblies will be addressed. The LabVIEW, or software interface, side of the MICIT is outside the scope of this Thesis, as it was recently covered by another publication (Rojo, 2019)

Future work proposed in this publication includes compartmentalizing each sub-assembly and re-termination of system harnessing. Compartmentalization is intended to ease the burden of troubleshooting and verifying sub-assembly functionality. Re-termination is intended to ease the daily set-up and tear-down burden on research assistants, technicians, and laboratory personnel.




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Corey Garrett Hansen

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