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William . Robertson


This qualitative study analyzes the ways a professional development course entitled Sol y Agua helped teachers to acquire technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) and to implement technology in their classroom. This study also analyzes the experiences teachers had in the workshop and the recommendations they had to improve the workshop. TPACK is a framework which denotes that teachers have a deep understanding of how to represent content using technology, and that the technology is used effectively to teach the content knowledge. Technology is integrated as a component of the teacher content knowledge and the teaching topic, and not as an accessory of it or a simple addition to it. For TPACK integration, it is required that teachers understand pedagogy, content, and technology, not in isolated but in combination with each other.

This study uses the case study approach in order to explain how teachers perceive the Sol y Agua workshop through in-depth interviews, focus group interactions, and a survey that was used to evaluate teachers' experiences with the TPACK framework. The findings will impact the micro-level by giving the creators of Sol y Agua evidence to improve the workshop, as well as impact the macro-level by exposing TPACK elements that can be incorporated in future teacher professional development courses infused with technology.




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