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The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and the Center for Space Exploration and Technology Research (cSETR) is determined to develop a launch vehicle that is made completely of additive manufacturing materials, has the capability to transport a 100 lb payload to low earth orbit (LEO) as well as completing the design of a strucutral steel mobile launch stand that has the capability of withstanding the launch vehicle's static and dynamic loadings. The project will consist of carbon composite components to reduce weight while maintaining efficiency, strucutral steel components to resist extreme loadings and maintain strucutral shape, and lastly aluminum components to increase strucutral rigidity of minor and major components. This general design can provide a more affordable cost per launch starting at approximately 1.5 million dollars vs the standard 62 million dollars per launch we have available today in industry ( The purpose of this document is to outline the challenges and solutions of designing carbon composite, aluminum and strucutral steel components to meet required demands set by the launch vehicle team and UTEP cSETR.

Strucutral design is a vital strategy to determine the shape, dimensions and type of material to be used on any component after determining the loading enviorment, constraints and factors to be applied. With the help of CAD modeling software and basic knowledge of structural design, this paper will go in depth on the structural design and layout of the interstage component for the launch vehicle and the structural steel mobile launch stand that will provide support before and during the initial launch phase. Particularly, the preliminary design, material selection, application of loadings and structural analysis of each component of the interstage and mobile launch stand will be explored and examined to the highest degree to ensure they are able to survive the mission and help the launch vehicle team as well as UTEP cSETR achieve its goal.




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