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Doctor of Philosophy


Biological Sciences


William P. Mackay


The natural history of thirty-eight species of the genus Crematogaster in North America has been discussed and distribution of specimens mapped. A dichotomous key to the workers of these species has been developed. I hypothesized that the species richness is not as great as previously thought in North America. A taxonomic review of these species has been made with the following changes:

Crematogaster cerasi Fitch 1855 senior synonym of C. browni Buren1968.

C. coarctata Mayr 1870 senior synonym of C. californica Emery 1895, C. mormonum

Emery 1895 and C. colei Buren1968.

C. depilis Wheeler 1919 senior synonym of C. larreae Buren1968.

C. emeryana Creighton 1950 senior synonym of C. marioni Buren1968.

C. formosa Mayr 1870 senior synonym of C. formosa var. aterrima Wheeler 1909.

C. laeviuscula Mayr 1870 senior synonym of C. clara Mayr 1870, C. atkinsoni

Wheeler 1919, C. cedrosensis Wheeler 1934 and C. hespera Buren1968).

C. vermiculata Emery 1895 senior synonym of C. opunitae Buren 1968 and C. rossi Buren 1968.

C. missouriensis Emery 1895 is raised to species.

Due to a lack of worker material, the following taxa have not been included in this key to workers: C. nocturna Buren1968; C. quadrispinosa Roger 1863.




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