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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Carlos Chang-Albitres


The purpose of this research is to discover a most suitable approach when the right of way acquisition process begins. As soon as it is known that the right of way acquisitions begin, speculations are made to parcels in order to increase the values of these parcel. Different types of speculations can be made, at a different phase of the right of way (ROW) acquisition process. The parcel cost can vary due to speculations according to the phase of the right of way acquisition process. To help assist the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on the right of way acquisition process, two computerized simulator tools were developed by the Texas A&M University and the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) in order to assist in this research. TAMSIM is a right of way simulator that provides with the acquisition costs and savings based on data from the Right of Way Information Systems (ROWIS). EROW is an optimization tool that uses the outputs from TAMSIM in order to provide with a more optimized alternative for the ROW acquisitions. TAMSIM and EROW were run and tested to provide a method of how to use these tools to obtain the most suitable early acquisition for right of way.




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Dora Oralia Francis