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Master of Science


Manufacturing Engineering


Jainmei Zhang


This project deals with the experimentation which took place at a cable manufacturing company. The thesis describes and summarizes the various strategies and techniques that has been applied and practiced for scrap reduction. DMAIC and Six Sigma Technology has been proven very help full in order to reduce scrap to a major extent. DMAIC help to identify areas in process where extra expense exist, identify the biggest impact factor related production expenses, introduce appropriate measurement system, optimize process and reduce production cost and time. Many issues were detected by the production, such as a lack of a unified procedure for documenting scrap, as well as cable manufacturing concerns suggested by new and experienced operators. Another concern was how best to focus on insulated wire scraps, the reason for scraps and how to correct such things and prevention. The research task of accurately measuring the scrap by improving scrap logistic proved to be very successful in order to measure scrap accurately. A statistical approach has been taken to find the factors affecting the scrap.

The results indicate a precise way for scrap reduction. The results starts from the plant level scrap, in comparison with the scrap in previous months in this year.




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Anoop J. Randive