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Doctor of Philosophy


English Rhetoric and Composition


Kate Mangelsdorf


My dissertation "Cross-Cultural Composition 2.0: Mapping/Remapping Spaces of Students in First-Year College Composition Courses" examines the curricula, syllabi, course materials, pedagogy, and theories and practices of first-year composition courses. Having traced issues, I theorize cross-cultural composition 2.0 (CCC 2.0) in my dissertation, which is a construction of inclusive and democratic spaces in first-year composition courses. CCC 2.0 includes multicultural materials, Web 2.0 tools (wikis, facebook, blogs, MySpace, Google group/sites, Flickr, twitter, podcasting, and YouTube), critical pedagogy, students' prior academic and cultural literacies, and contemporary theories of composition studies. I incorporate these elements/theories to create spaces for varied student populations in first-year composition courses from a global and local perspective. Hence, my dissertation aims to encourage students to constantly engage in various dialogues in a non-threatening environment to prepare them as critical, philosophical, and analytical writers. In CCC 2.0, students not only develop cross-cultural-, intercultural-, and cross-rhetorical communication skills, but they also use Web 2.0 and language as tools to create multiple truths in their academic and professional writing. Consequently, my dissertation seeks to create spaces where students' cultural rhetorics, rhetorical modes, and rhetorical strategies are validated in first-year composition courses in the context of twenty-first century's globalized US academia.




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