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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Carlos M. Chang-Albitres


The GIS Fiber Optics Asset Management System (GFOAMS) was developed for the City of El Paso, to manage the public fiber optics infrastructure. Using a map-driven interface, the GFOAMS is composed of three modules: inventory, documents, and images. Its interactive multilayer data structure contains information for Junction Boxes, Conduit Runs, and Cables for twelve fiber optic systems across the city. The fiber optics network stored in the GFOAMS connects city buildings and facilities such as police departments, fire departments, municipal courts, health administration building, public transportation facilities/Sun Metro, libraries and others. Applications of the GFOAMS include tools to easy access fiber optics detailed information, conduct proximity infrastructure buffer analysis, and generate what-if "smart maps" to support decision analysis. The GFOAMS is now fully implemented and has been used for organizing daily interventions, managing leasable fiber optics Conduits, and planning new fiber optics developments. Managing the fiber optics assets effectively for the City of El Paso is crucial to keep up with the new needs of broadband, and communications. This thesis covers the most relevant aspects of the developed GFOAMS framework, placing it in the asset management context and background and detailing usage possibilities and applications.




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Luis Fernando Quintana