SynThesis And Characterization Of Organic-Inorganic Colorants

Venkata Aditya Kiran Adiraju, University of Texas at El Paso


New colorant materials have been found with the interaction of organic dyes and metal alkoxides. Changes in the hue are observed as indigo dye or thioindigo dyes are combined with the ASB (aluminum tri-secbutoxide), when compared to the original indigo or thioindigo dye, due to the binding and geometry change between dye and metal alkoxide. These dyes are combined with the ASB in two different methods of hydrolysis, namely in the air and in water. Similarly, when TTIP (Titanium tetraisopropoxide) is hydrolyzed using the sol gel process, along with the incorporation of thioindigo dye, hue changes were observed. X-ray diffraction of these colorants indicates that these dyes are absorbed on the surface of the inorganic compounds, which are produced from their respective organometallic precursors. Uv- Vis and IR spectrum studies showed that there is a binding mechanism involved between the organic dye and Al atom from the ASB and Ti atom from the TTIP.