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Public Health


Oralia Loza


Migration has been associated with higher incidence and prevalence of illness among those who migrate when compared to the general population. One of the main concerns when referring to illness among migrant populations is HIV and other STDs. Due to several factors that present to migrant populations they have been found at higher risk for contracting these diseases. Lack of condom use has been found to be a risk factor amongst migrant populations. This study is a secondary data analysis of a previous study performed in California, Chihuahua, and Oaxaca, with Mixtec and Zapotec migrant populations. The purpose of this study was to assess the association of risk perception and attitudes towards condom use to actual condom use among this population by performing bivariate analysis. Among Mixtec and Zapotec men who migrate and have stable female partner (N=65), the proportion of participants who indicated they would use a condom if their partner suggested it, the proportion of those who believe that people who use condoms deserve respect, and the proportion of those who said that they would feel safe if their partner suggested using a condom were statistically significantly different by actual condom use (p-values<0.05).




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